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Christmas is fast on our heels and I feel so unprepared this year. Time seems to have gotten away from me and I just know this will be the first year I scramble to pull it all together. We’ve already simplified things by agreeing to stay home and celebrate quietly on our own as a tiny family. This isn’t Aidan’s first Christmas but it will be the first one where he’ll be actively involved and hopefully excited.
My favourite part of Christmas is in the weeks of preparation; decorating the house, menu planning, taking time out to hand write letters and cards. Usually by now I have all the Christmas cards written and addressed, presents wrapped and waiting in the cupboard but I’ve just been too busy this year to be that organised. The hard part is deciding what to get the family, there are a lot of people to try and please with thoughtful gifts. I’m not one for quantity, I prefer quality, a gift that reflects their interests, is stylish and they know I went to a lot of trouble, a token to show my love. With only so many weeks to go, I could spend ages online and not get anywhere!
That’s where the Westfield Gift Finder comes in… Westfield’s new online browsing experience allows you to input search criteria such as gender, age, budget, etc and it will generate an array of gift suggestions for you. If you have time to waltz up and down the aisles looking at all the pretty things in the stores without a toddler at your ankles wiping his apricot fingers on the hem of your dress then by all means, go into a Westfield store and have a look around… Santa might even be there!

One of Westfield’s Experts have shared some great tips and this would have to be my favourite:

Let your guests help. Should a polite guest call in advance to ask if they can bring anything along, perhaps suggest they bring a dessert. Just in case your guest doesn’t go to as much trouble as you might have thought, it’s best to prepare you own as well. The upside is – a party can never have too many desserts!

Westfield has generously donated 1x $100 Westfield Gift Card to one Danimezza reader! To enter all you have to do is answer this question: What was the best or worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Also include your email address!!! The most creative and honest answer will win… just in time for Christmas!

Competition closes midday 12th November. Top three posts will be selected by me and sent to Nuffnang for further judging. Winner has 48 hrs from winner announcement to claim prize, otherwise will be redrawn. For further Terms & Conditions see HERE


  1. 1

    katie_kins says

    Best Christmas gift ever was my engagement ring from my lovely (now) husband. Christmas eve 2007 was also our 18month anniversary so
    we went for a picnic by the lake and he proposed!

    Nothing can really top that for me, but I don't mind- I'm too busy planning our little girl's first ever Christmas this year! A gift voucher would help more than you'd believe!

  2. 2

    carly says

    Earrings from the newest Aunty who just got married earlier that year {that refused to pay for me to be at their wedding as I wasn't my stepdad's child – yet paid for my mum, sister + stepdad}.

    My ears are no longer pierced.

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    An electric toothbrush …. from my now inlaws …. With handmade labels on the box that said "whiz-bang" and "super cool". This was my first Christmas with them. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or book an appointment to the dentist asap!

    Love your blog btw!!

  4. 4

    Anonymous says

    My present was supposed to arrive before Christmas Day. Well the day passed and no sign of it, nothing on Boxing Day – waiting, waiting, waiting… In the end I had to wait until December 30 for it.

    His name is Will and he will be 2 years old this year and is the best Christmas present I've ever received!!


  5. 5

    Anonymous says

    When we first started living together, my boyfriend and I lived the next suburb away from his Nan (who can be very difficult and exhausting a lot of the time). We used to check on her and take her out once a month as the rest of the family was 2 hours away. Our first Christmas together, Nan gave money to everyone with a note saying buy yourself a treat, and well I recieved 3 tea towels she had never used and 2 crocheted coat hangers. My boyfriends family all had a quiet chuckle, because she used to drive me mad all the time, ringing me at work, asking for haircuts at a moments notice, etc etc. That present was the best though as my own grandmothers passed many years ago and it was such a grandma present. The boyfriend and I had a rough trot and while his family disapproved of my decision to travel, Nan asked on the quiet for postcards and an Irish tea towel! Oh and now she gives out chocolates for Xmas except we always get something extra!
    Nell —

  6. 6

    Tara says

    As a kid i remember my sister and I would wait with baited breath to see what my Aunt had sent us over from the UK. It was always a laugh for us! After our Santa sacks, this was the first pressie we'd open. We'd rip open the paper, pull them out and laugh our heads off for ages. Then we'd try them on, get the obligitary photo ask mum and dad, "what are we going to do with them?".
    We did feel horrible at laughing about them as she always spent a fortune on us, but she was sending us embroidered and shirred "sunday best" little girl dresses until i was about 13. Not the trendiest of fashions in the 90s!! not cool.
    These were always my worst presents. Year in, year out.

    She's much better now : )

  7. 8

    Shelley says

    Oh ment to add that the best present i have ever received was from the same boyfriend a few Christmas' later and it was a gorgeous solid gold bracelet id had my eye on for over a year. Even though we are not together anymore its something i still treasure and will pass on to my daughter one day.

  8. 9

    Paula says

    The best present I ever got for Christmas was from my fiancee (now husband)last year. We had been on holiday in the Philippines about 9 months earlier and had seen one of those portrait artists in a mall there. We thought he was pretty talented from the work we could see and my fiancee suggested I get my portrait done. I'm kind of a shy person and didn't want to sit there and have him draw me in front of other people so I declined and that was that. Or so I thought!! My Christmas present that year was an amazingly accurate pencil portrait of me by the same artist. My fiancee had put an ad up online that someone living in Manila answered. He sent that person a photo of me, and they took it to the portrait artist who drew me from the photo. The portrait was then framed and sent to my fiancee in time to give it to me for Christmas!!
    I was totally blown away by not only the portrait, but all the planning that had gone
    into getting it. I felt very special! :-)

  9. 12

    Anna says

    My husband drives me nuts every year. He is all for surprises, and I like to write lists and get excited about receiving the things on that list! Makes life very difficult. If I don't tell him what I want, he won't know what to get… yet if I give him suggestions, he "can't" get those things because then they won't be a surprise!

    Worst Christmas present ever – an ironing board. It was our first Christmas together, and he is lucky it wasn't our last!

    Best Christmas present ever – the giggles and excitement that comes from my 3 little ones when they wake up on Christmas morning and discover their presents. I've been spoilt rotten over the years by some of the loveliest material things (jewellery, clothing, spa vouchers, holidays), but those little faces are more precious than anything else!

    reesgirl (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. 13

    Talia says

    BEST: I got the most beautiful star of david necklace last Christmas encrusted with diamonds! Lovely!

    WORST: One year I gave my husband a huge list of presents I wanted and he gave me NOTHING on the list. He wanted to suprise me, but it was frustrating because I actually wanted the things he didn't get!

    Also, this is my worst Christmas pressent EVER: My husband gave me a boxing kangaroo t-shirt as a WEDDING PRESSENT. I nearly died of embarassement when I opened it. It was so strange and unexpected.

  11. 17

    Danimezza says

    as selected by Nuffnang, Westfield & myself

    Anonymous said…

    An electric toothbrush …. from my now inlaws …. With handmade labels on the box that said "whiz-bang" and "super cool". This was my first Christmas with them. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or book an appointment to the dentist asap!

    Love your blog btw!!

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