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Even though the attendance levels were at an extremely depressing low (I blame the short notice) and Carly (from here, here and here) and I were the only ones there, we still had an awesome time. I’d spoken a couple of weeks prior with the franchise owner of San Churro Chocolateria in Parramatta and arranged for a few freebies and tastings so I felt really bad for him about the number of bloggers present so promised I would organise another in February… are you keen?
The atmosphere was really lovely for small gatherings, I was really proud of my choice… and I think I know where I’m going to celebrate my birthday next year! We were shown to a lovely big table and Carly and I blog hopped on the laptop while we were waiting for our goodies. We were there for just over three hours chatting, the time just flew by.
Carly and I getting our chocolate on! I had a deliciously rich and creamy “Iced Chocolate” and Carly had a “Cookie Cha Cha”, apparently even better than it sounds. The first time Carly and I spoke on the phone went for over two hours so when you put us at a big table with a laptop and continue to bring us gourmet goodies… it’s going to take a lot to get us to shut up. In the end I had to declare it was time to go home as I hadn’t seen Aidan all day. 
Oh and this is the little truffle I smuggled back home to give Steve to say thanks for being an awesome Daddy whilst I was talking about codes and layouts and all that other stuff that makes his eyes glaze over. It was nice though as we sat at the table surrounded by tasty treats that we kept receiving emails and tweets from people who wished they could attend. I’m not put off from hosting another meet, I just think I’ll plan a few months ahead next time.
San Churro were lovely and gave us a Fondue for Two with warming milk chocolate that was so smooth and rich. The plate came with banana, strawberries, gooey brownie pieces, marshmallow, pretzels, chopped nuts, honey popcorn and sweet doughy churros. The Tasting Plate came with dark velvet milk chocolate, vanilla bean Ice cream, strawberries, brownies, marshmallows, choc covered pretzels, churros and two little gorgeous truffles. Carly looked as though she was going to kill me if I took one more photo, stopping her from attacking the plates.
At the end of the day, even though it didn’t go as I’d planned, I had a really great time and would do it again, exactly the same way, in a heart beat. Thank you San Churro and Nuffnang for helping me organise the event and a huge thank you to Carly for teaching me code and helping me eat everything on the plates x


  1. 1

    Corrie says

    oh yum I would love to come but parramatta is just too far for me and works out to be 2 hours in the car but oh it all looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. 2

    Melissa *Suger Coat It* says


    Wishing I lived remotely near Parramatta. I often drive to Brisbane (2.5hours) to go to stuff but Google maps says 14 hours (one way). Soooo. Maybe another time. :oP

    and Carly! I LOVE Carly.

  3. 4

    Ellieboo says

    I will try and get there next time – but I am a little shy, so you will have to hold my hand :) Looks sooooo yummy.

    Amanda, from Ellieboo

  4. 7

    Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song says

    I need someone to sponser me a flight :P So jealous though, it's killing a chocolholic like me to look at those photos!

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