Dainty Silver

A few weeks ago I was browsing Made It randomly as I do, just looking for inspiration and I came across LoveStamp. I was instantly drawn to the typography necklaces, being a huge Sex & The City fan I’d always secretly longed for one of my own so I wrote to Jo and asked for a quote. When she realised what I wanted and why, she seemed just as excited as me. Less than two weeks later I found a pretty little parcel sitting on my doorstep… and Jo didn’t want a cent for it!
I was beyond excited as I opened the lovely packaging to find this sweet little treasure. It was exactly how I dreamed it would be… yep, I commissioned a “Danimezza” necklace. I’ve just started to attend blogging meets in and around Sydney (I’m even hosting one myself in Parramatta this Sunday!) so I thought wearing the necklace would be cute, quirky and just a little bit vain haha. It would also help people remember  the name of my blog and would work well as an icebreaker, don’t you think?
I wasn’t paid anything for this post, I didn’t even ask for a discount, so to thank LoveStamp for being so super-duper lovely I wanted to showcase a few of my other favourite pieces which may just just help you cross a few things off your Christmas shopping list… sing it with me: “blog karma”
As an extra special treat for my lovely readers, LoveStamp is offering 10% off any orders placed before the end of November! All you have to do is use the code: “danimezza” at the checkout for it to apply… how sweet is that!
My necklace is stunning, shiny and so very delicate. I wouldn’t dare wear it around Aidan, I’d be too scared of him grabbing it and snapping the chain (which is the perfect length by the way), although I did dance around the house in my PJs wearing it once it arrived, which he thought was hilarious. I really didn’t want to take it off when I went to bed that night.

“Danimezza” is more than just my blog to me, it’s as if the name is the representation of me coming into my own, following my dreams and passions and really owning who I am, here, right now in the present… and sharing it with the world. I feel so lucky to have found this path and to be surrounded by so many lovely people. Thanks again Jo, I wear it with pride x


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    BOB & MABEL says

    Your necklace looks amazing, Jo is so clever. I also really love the leather cuff, a great b'day idea for hubby.

  2. 3

    BOB & MABEL says

    Your necklace looks amazing, Jo is so clever. I also really love the leather cuff, a great b'day idea for hubby.

  3. 8

    Melissa says

    Oh wow! How beautiful. I can't wear silver, but I'm off for a look, I'd love to get something pretty for my niece.


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