Golly Gosh!

Last Friday I put the finishing touches to some photography sessions I’d had the privilege to capture, two of which were weddings, packaged them up and sent them to the clients. I was a nervous wreck all weekend, worrying myself silly about scary, imaginary scenarios where they absolutely despised the images and never ever wanted to speak to me again. By Monday afternoon I felt physically ill. They were big jobs that would either build me up or break me and I was downright petrified. 
I’d been digging my heels in about the launch of my business, I was completely afraid that people would reject my work or be ridiculed by my photographic peers for thinking I had what it takes. I’ve always had this overwhelming desire for people to like me, I love to be liked…

So all that aside… I got a lovely surprise, a gorgeous bunch of flowers delivered to my door from two very happy newly weds. As it turns out they LOVE all of the images and tiny details and moments that I captured. phew. I suddenly feel like maybe my timing was right, maybe I couldn’t have launched my business as successfully back then as I am now. Maybe the planets are starting to align and maybe, just maybe, I’m believing in myself just a little more too x


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    toushka says

    awww yay. flowers are always awesome and it sounds like these came at just the right time. Congrats on a job well done!

  2. 4

    suburp says

    that's great, congratulations. next time, you'll be more confident and maybe make even better photos because you know now that your style is very welcome, apparently. :)
    do you have a flickr account ? (not for other peoples wedding photos so much .. but for other stuff? or elsewhere.)

  3. 5

    Danimezza says

    suburp – I have a new photoblog in the making. Just waiting on a few client releases (and time :P) before I publish them. I do have a flickr account but it hasn't been updated in years.

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