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Aidan has found his independence so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately, giving him plenty of room to do his own thing and explore. The last week or so has been really hot during the day and I know the coming summer is going to be a sweaty one.
Today I dragged Aidan’s highchair outside and we had a lazy afternoon tea of watermelon and strawberries. I stripped him off so he could get all messy and covered in juice. The perfect cool treat after a hot day full of adventure.
When Aidan was younger he loved frozen pureed watermelon. I’d put it in a mesh sack and he’s gnaw at it for ages, it was really soothing for his teeth too. I’ve bought some icey pole molds and I make my own fruity blends for Aidan to munch on, Pineapple and Raspberry is a favourite. I’ll be sure to post recipes in the future for you to try with your little ones or even just as a healthy treat for yourself.
If icey poles don’t take your fancy then maybe you need something else to keep you cool during summer… Panasonic have just launched new range of air cons with Eco Patrol Sensors which  adjusts the power to match the activity in the room reducing power consumption by up to 10%. Panasonic also has a nifty E-Ion Air Purifying System which detects levels of dirt in the air and catches more than 99% of household dust, virus or bacteria. The 2010 Panasonic Air Conditioners have a mild dry cooling feature which keeps the air moisture while maintaining the set temperature so the air is less dry… not to mention it’s pretty slick looking!
Panasonic is giving one lucky reader from the participating blogs, the chance to win a brand new air conditioner + installation, just in time for summer! Panasonic also have a FREE iPhone/iPad App (that you can download right now) that helps you choose the best system to suit your requirements,  has a local store locator and other gadget goodies so have a play now, submit your answer to the following question and then cross your fingers and toes!
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment (include your email) answering this question: What is the most bizarre thing you have ever done to keep cool?

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  1. 2

    Mummahh says

    Does skinny dipping with the kids count…?
    (they were little of course) it was when we lived in sydney out west it was so hot one night, we threw huge ice cubes in the pool as it was like bath water. the kids had no clothes on and dared mummy to take of her bikini, so i did for a little over 5 minutes! they thought it was hilarious! me not so much! i covered up quick smart.

    mummah {at} yahoo {dot} com

    ps love the pics of your little man, i used to sit my kids outside in their high chair on summer nights eating icy poles.

  2. 3

    Jussie says

    We often freeze massive loads of Ice! Even brought loads of ice from the servo and threw it all into our In-ground Pool!! So we're talking Massive loads of ICE. We clean the freezer and throw the freezer Ice at each other and then jump in the pool. we live in north QLD so often we Put ice on everyone :D

  3. 4

    Amy says

    Last summer when I was heavily pregnant, we pulled out our blow up pool, got a tarp, and filled it up with water in our lounge room! I think I sat in it for about five hours, including a nice, long, cool nap!

    amyl dot johnson at hotmail dot com

  4. 5

    Victoria {Victoria's Secrets} says

    He is so cute eating watermelon.
    When I was little my mum use to let little towels with cold water place them in the freezer then put it on our head so we could fall asleep.

  5. 6

    Jogirl says

    um, okay this may be slightly illegal..but last summer we were sooooooooooooo hot and all sooooooooooooo cranky that we just had to do my husband reminded me about some friends of ours who's house had just settled in a sale but the new owners were not moving in until a week or so later…so we went up to their place, snuck in the back yard and spent the rest of the day quietly getting cool whilst having a couple of nice cold beers from the esky! Naughty I know, nice yes!

  6. 7

    Kylie says

    What great photos of your little man with his watermelon:)

    When we first moved to Darwin I thought I was going to go mad. Completly with the heat and it was not long before I found out that it did not take link to 'GO TROPO'

    I recall being so hot and thinking – "wonder if I like the top of my hands if that will keep me cooler" Like the kangaroo's do – dont think it did – but kept me amused for a while and I stopped thinking of the heat:)

  7. 8

    Anonymous says

    Similiar to Victoria's. When we lived in Brisbane I used to soak a whole towel in tepid water (cold was too cold), wring it out and then go to bed with it on me! It was the only way to actually get to sleep. I was naked, of course, and had another couple of towels under me. My husband used to think I was nuts but I woke up refreshed without that headachy feeling!

    Now I just put the a/c on!!!


  8. 9

    Sarah says

    I've slept on the bathroom floor to try and escape the heat when I was pregnant, the tiles were nice and cool. Only lasted about an hour because it was so uncomfortable. Ended up wetting towels and using them to wrap myself. Oh how I would love an air conditioner in our bedroom!!

  9. 10

    Talia says

    I once covered my body in small, wet, face washers to try to keep cool. It was mildly successful but not enough to warrant the discomfort of having to stay so still!!

  10. 11

    Emily says

    Well, the most bizarre thing I have done to keep cool, is put my quilt and pillow in the box freezer! They would come out nice and cold…It worked great for about ten minutes, then I had to repeat the process! ha ha

    Great comp. Good luck everyone! :D

  11. 12

    carly says

    oh. so many.

    i get down to a bikini or go nekkid in summer. though have to stay confined to the bedroom as it would just be scary if the boyfriend's dad walked in!

    when my sister was younger we used to put up a tarp over the clothesline and put the pool underneath and just lay there.

    when i was working this time last year, i would randomly hose the children… and myself. the children thought it was hilarious and always wanted to get a hold of the hose when it was their turn to hose me.

    but my favourite is that when i first moved to sydney, the boyfriend and i used to pull our mattress out to the loungeroom and sleep in our undies. mind you morning when everyone was awake was a little embarrassing. xx

    i love those pictures by the way. too cute. x

  12. 14

    Melissa @Suger Coat It says

    I put on wet clothes. It sounds silly but even if they are a little damp it cools the body temp down. Crazy but effective.

    How cute is Aidan in this photo!? Love.

  13. 15

    Belinda says

    It was really hot, Miss L and I slept down stairs and we prayed for rain.
    I kid you not. I had just fallen a sleep and woke suddenly saturated, sat up and it was raining so heavy it leaked through and we were completely flooded.
    Other than late we've all put our swimmers on and jumped in the bath then drive around in the airconditioner car.

  14. 16

    Anonymous says

    Do you remember that stinking hot New Years Day a few years back?

    I worked at a food chain at the time,and it got to 50 degrees in the kitchen. So as the manager, I allowed my staff to take coolroom and freezer breaks.

    I went and bought spray bottles, and each staff member would spray themselves down and jump into the freezer or coolroom (their choice), while sipping on cooled water.

    Honestly the best thing I have ever done to cool down!

    Lia Wrigley

    • 17


      Great !the French version is binalrlit, full of interesting techniques.Laurent also released some SketchUp classes on DVD (French sound track) that worth the money too, look for it on Elephorm’s website.

  15. 19

    Capricorn Link says

    When I was living at my mums as a kid I would freeze facewashers and sit in an empty bath reading…the bathroom usually ended up being the coolest place in the house, so I would put frozen washcloths all over my body and lie in the bath. Looked pretty weird but at least I was cooler than the others!

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