Christmas at Our Place

So… um, I wasn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Sure, I was still giving, donating and appreciating my family’s good health and fortune but I wasn’t as into as I’ve been in previous years. I usually go over the top with decorations, planning the menu weeks or even months in advance, even personalising my gift wrap… but this year, I just wasn’t into it. The gifts were limited and simple, we had a tiny tree, nachos for lunch and had a roast lamb for dinner. 
I think because it was just us three and we weren’t entertaining I didn’t bother and ultimately I disappointed myself. I’ve sworn never again to drop the “Christmas Ball” because even though the day was lovely, I still had a little gloomy cloud over my head because of it. I should have spent more time making it magical… lesson learnt.
My favourite moment from the day was waking up at 8am and watching this little dude come down the hallway with the most excited look on his face. Seeing him clutch his “hoot” made it even more special, I’d kept that sucker a secret for months.
This is “hoot” from the Giggle & Hoot ABC show for those who don’t know. I had to order him back in August. Aidan also go the book, DVD and CD. So… much for avoiding TV merchandise, oh well, we all love it.
Steve and I don’t go overboard with gifts. We buy each other one small $10-20 gift each which is a surprise and then request something big, around $100 that we really want. Steve got an esky he’s been wanting and I just put mine towards the sapphire ring I have on layby. We got Aidan a few things but the rest were sent to us from friends and family.
I bought Aidan a trike, it was $19 and as you can see it rocks his world. As soon as he saw it he jumped on it and scooted about the house. It lives outside now and he loves racing around the back yard going “vroom vroom“.
He was also given lots of new books from his Aunty Stephie. I think Steve and I have read them all a million times. The kid seriously loves his books. He treats them all so well and never tears the pages.
I have a confession… I love Lego. Whilst Aidan may be too little for the real stuff, he’s not too young for Duplo. He has a few pieces now and it’s brilliant, I have to stop myself from buying too much. I can see us both in a few years surrounded by the stuff, building cities and making up our own car designs.
Just watching him play from afar makes me smile. He’s such an independent little dude, happy to play on his own but when he’s playing with others he still shares. I feel so blessed to watch him grow up.
When my grandparents came to visit the other week they brought with them a very large, handmade, wooden truck. It belonged to friends of theirs who’s grandchildren had all grown up and they had no one to pass it on to. It’s gorgeous but I have taken the tray off because Aidan tries to ride it like a skateboard. Instead he sits on the back of the truck and pushes along with his feet. So far he has a wooden train, truck, car, a pick up truck and even a plane… but more on that later.
Steve and I bought this plane when I was pregnant. Yep, pregnant. It’s been sitting in the cupboard just waiting for us to give it to him. He loves pressing the button to make noise and making it “zoom zoom”. Steve deals with aircraft and Hawaii so we thought it was pretty special.
We also stocked up on puzzles. I got these from BigW and they’re great, I like that the image is also underneath and I especially love the little rack that came with it to keep it organised. They’re kept on the coffee table so he can play with them alone or with us. There are a few themes: farm, safari, transport, numbers and the alphabet. If you know a little person it’s a great gift, Aidan loves making the associated sounds.
Steve got Aidan a $20 digital camera, not me… Steve did. The photo quality is terrible but he loves it. He’s constantly snapping away and when I got my camera out he’d do the same. I set up a special, simple little blog to post Aidan’s photos on. It’s not really for anyone else but me, I love to look at them but if you’re interested here’s the address: I figure it’s a blog address he can grow into lol.
It was a very simple Christmas, we spent most of the day outside playing in the sunshine and just enjoying each others company. I forgot to buy snacks, didn’t set the table for dinner and spent the whole meal with the laptop open nutting out the finer details for all our travel plans next year with Steve. It was probably the most laid back Christmas I’ve ever had. We didn’t have to travel anywhere, I didn’t have to cook for lots of people and there was no pressure. 
How was your Christmas Day?


  1. 1

    Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song says

    What a lovely little Christmas you had together. Aidan looks like he's having an absolute ball xx

  2. 2

    Katie says

    I love it!We need to have a quiet christmas I think. I didnt get the snacks out of the fridge because we were too busy with presents!
    P.S. I love wooden toys they last so much longer in our house and they are much nicer to look at. Imagine how big our boys will be next christmas, they will be so much more into it! xx

  3. 3

    Shell says

    I felt a bit the same this Christmas, I didnt get into it as much as other years. I think it was the first trimester of pregnancy getting the better of me! We had a quiet day at home as well with just a couple of visitors. I wrote about it on my blog. Gorgeous pics you have taken!

  4. 5

    Nessa says

    laid back holidays are my favorite… this year was a bit too hectic for me – but fun none the less. love the shots Aiden took – so cute.

  5. 6

    Lori-lee says

    I've felt the same this Christmas and so have many other people that I know. Just lacked the spirit the season required then felt a little disappointed.

    Next year!!! next year!! lol

  6. 7

    suburp says

    some years it's good to do the whole traditional circus and some years you just have to pick and chose what feels right for you. sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, all in all.
    i blogged about mine (a little, more about the headlice really) but the whole 'christmas magic' and 'spirit' wasn't permanent for many reasons.
    sometimes we expect a bit much of it too.
    after all, you can feel some love and peace at any day of the year..

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