Curbside Cool

Steve and I were driving home the other day and I just happened to glace out the window down a side street and saw this out on the curb along with a lot of other faded broken outdoor toys. Like a possessed woman, I made Steve do an emergency U-Turn and shoved this sucker into the back of the car. I might be mistaken but I’m pretty sure Steve slunk into the drivers seat slightly and may have covered his face with one hand.
It was covered in cobwebs, spiders and ants… to put it plainly is was gross. Slightly waterlogged and filled with sand, nothing sugar soap and elbow grease couldn’t fix. One of the stove knobs is missing but that’s not a big deal either. Aidan insisted on helping me clean it so I put him in charge of the hose, to say I got a little wet is an understatement.
 As you can see it was all worth it. There was only so much jiff and elbow grease could do so there are still dark patches, sun damage and scratches but really, who cares. We gave it to Aidan on Christmas morning, he thinks it’s brilliant and we have a grand old time playing house together so that’s all that matters. The little pot I got months ago at the op shop fits perfectly, you wouldn’t believe how much that made me smile.
I still can’t believe this was on the curb. It didn’t take much effort to make it nice again and people on eBay would have still paid a lot of money. The fridge door is stashed away for now, I need go to Bunnings and get a rod of dowel to replace the hinge as the little connection bit snapped off during the vigorous cleaning process! The plus side is the dish rack fits in it now. I also bought little play kitchen utensils from IKEA which live above the stove, Aidan loves the whisk.
I repainted the stove top in acrylic paint and painted the knobs with nail polish because the plastic was so deteriorated little bits would flake off when you touched it, worked like a charm. I originally painted the knobs lime green but when I decided to use nail polish the clear varnish made it look skanky so I used the only other colour I had… hot pink!
I bought the fruit basket from IKEA, I really really like it. I’d been looking online for felt food and a lot of it is understandably expensive because it’s handcrafted. This fruit basket has watermelon, banana, orange, apple, kiwi and grapes. I wanted the vegetable basket too but they’d sold out, bummer. Aidan loves to “peel” the banana and gets Steve to eat the watermelon like Cookie Monster, it’s hilarious.
 I also got the IKEA breakfast tray. It has bacon, egg, pancakes, sausages, cheese, lettuce, salami, tomato, white as well as rye bread, not to mention an adorable chopping board and knife. I want to get Aidan a felt roast chicken, a fish, veges and some desserts next… I see an addiction starting.
Several weeks ago I stumbled across this play set at Aldi. I loved that it wasn’t a tea set and that it wasn’t pink and covered in flowers. It’s a very sensible and colourful kitchen set, I like how the dish rack keeps it all organised too. Aidan pours us drinks and we all smack our lips and go “ahhh” every time we have a sip, kinda like a beer commercial, it’s quite funny.
 It didn’t make sense to keep it in his room as he likes to work in his kitchen when we cook in ours. I also dragged out his table and chairs set which is where he now has his snacks during the day, slowly transitioning from the high chair. He takes out the plates and cups and forks and sets the table, it’s fricken adorable! I’ll be sure to take photos when he has his little mates over for tea.


  1. 1

    Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song says

    It looks amazing! You're such a clever possum. Maybe I should get you to pick some stuff up for Carter from Ikea next time you're there!

  2. 2

    Zoe says

    I have been looking at the little stage 2 kitchens on eBay for a while and seriously are not cheap!

    I had those felt foods on the kids Xmas list but never made the 2 hour trip.. :(

  3. 5

    daisy says

    you did a great job! and well done to give this toy a second life. i like the look and price of the Ikea playfood too. I love seeing people's play kitchen set ups. ohdeedoh feature them regularly, some are just too damn cute! setting one up myself is on my 'to do' list and like you i really want to recycle or buy second hand or make one myself.

  4. 7

    Tab says

    Thats great! I love the Aldi set too, its quite perfect. We can't even have a real cuppa with Addie around without doing the "ahhhh" thing – or else she does it for us. Its a rule :) Good job on the kitchen in general.

  5. 8

    Danielle says

    Love it. I bet Aidan does too. I often see things on the side of the road but their often too big or my husband refuses to stop.

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