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Yesterday I did a few things to perk myself up a bit. I’ve been working a lot but it seems that as soon as the money comes in, it goes straight back out again. It’s left me slightly frustrated. I usually get my hair done every two months and the odd pedicure, it’s what Steve and I worked out together and even managed to keep the routine after having Aidan. Steve said I shouldn’t feel like I had to sacrifice something that made me feel so happy. Gosh my guy is thoughtful… but he’s also the same guy that coined the term “Wild Woman Hair” which is how it gets when it’s not looked after, seriously the only thing I can do with it at the moment is chuck it in a ponytail and slap a headband on… shameful.
Lately though, I’ve been spending all my earning as well as my budgeted “beauty” amount, pouring it all into the business. Paperwork, accounting, new gear, extra cards and batteries, storage, insurance… it all packs a punch but I know it will be worth it. As my mentor said “You have to invest in yourself“. I couldn’t find any truer words, no matter what you do. It’s been five months since I’ve had my hair cut and two months since it’s been dyed and you can really tell… well I can. My feet were also a hot mess so I just haven’t been inspired to show off my outfits because fashionably speaking, I haven’t felt that fabulous.
I bought a brand new Family Calendar from Kikki-K the other day and it came in a huge bag, you know, so big it would be great for shipping stuff to the op shop… so that’s exactly what I did! Yesterday I dropped all my plans, turned off the internet and sent Steve and Aidan off on a walk. I ripped apart my wardrobe, something I’d been meaning to do for weeks, if not months. It was like detoxing and I honestly feel so refreshed. Two thirds of my wardrobe is gone, half of that is going to charity and the other half are going on eBay, if you’re interested you can find all my wares here – daniellemezza147. **I’ll be updating the ebay page over the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled.** After cleaning out my closet I felt inspired to throw together an outfit and head out to get a much deserved mani-pedi and even share these photos with you although I despise my hair… do you feel loved?
I’m wearing my new maxi dress that I got for $24.50 at Crossroads, I love it and get so many compliments. It’s soft flowy cotton fabric and awesome bust ruffle make my day, the peacock feather pattern and colours couldn’t be better suited to me either. The cardi (circa 2008) is a very old favourite from Millers and the beautiful bag (was $69.95) is a new purchase from Forever New… it’s my stand in camera bag until my ‘real’ one arrives. For a little bling I’m wearing my silver cuff from City Chic (circa 2009) it’s the only bangle I own as most don’t fit over my man-hands and I’m sporting a funky silver bow necklace from Lovisa that’s been getting a good work out lately… oh and my Havaianas, the only appropriate footwear when getting a pedicure.
Because I’m such a weirdo I took my great big camera with me to the nail salon. I politely asked the lady if she would mind me taking a photo of her painting my nails, a wicked colour called “Do you Lilac it?” by OPI. She only spoke about five words of English and trying to explain that I was a blogger wasn’t translating well. She nodded and said yes anyway and all the girls started giggling and chatting excitedly to one another. When she did my manicure one nail was crooked and in all seriousness we had a conversation similar to this:
Sorry if that’s like the millionth time I’ve made you watch that clip but it makes me laugh ever. single. time because it’s sooooo true.
Because we’re coming to the very end of 2010 I want to gift two of my lovely readers with necklaces. Yep, I’m giving away two of these lovely silver bow necklaces. Just a little thank you for sticking with me, hopefully you’re enjoying the ride! This necklace is divine, I wear mine all the time. The strap is made of soft jersey and you can wear it long or short and you can easily change it to suit your outfit,  replace the strap with gorgeous ribbon or adorn your favourite chain.

To enter all you have to do is be a follower of my blog, like my facebook page and leave a comment (please include email address) answering the following question:

What makes you feel good?
The TWO winners will win 1x Silver Bow Necklace each. Winners will be drawn via on Friday 7th of January 2011 at noon AEDT. Giveaway open to International and Australian Readers!!! This giveaway is self funded and in no way sponsored by Lovisa… I just fricken love this necklace and had to share it with you guys!


  1. 1

    Danielle says

    Oh drat! I was reading all thecway through hoping you were giving away that lovelybhandbag.

    I had noticed your hair of late :p love the outfit, thatcdress is fabulous.

  2. 5

    naoise.x. says

    i love that handbag i have one similar but mines blush & is more of a tote.
    & i love that clip of miss Johnson.
    lmao. its so true.

    I have "neysh days" i don't do it often but it's when i go and do everything….so I'll go do my hair, nails, shopping, stop at an overpriced cafe for lunch & coffee and take my sweet ass time doing it all too!!!
    It sounds selfish i guess but as i said i don't do it often, it makes me feel great and im in a fantastic mood for weeks after so everyone wins lol.
    actually now i know what im doing tomorrow….

  3. 6

    Melissa *Suger Coat It* says

    Loving the outfit. I missed the outfit posts. And I'm with Danielle, can I have the bag, pleeeease!?

    What makes me feel good? A new outfit and a trip to the hairdressers {otherwise known as my cousin's house – she's the best}.

    Failing that {prepare yourself for this one} a nice long walk or a work out at the gym!

  4. 7

    Anonymous says

    i love the dresss A LOT!! And the colours really suit you! and 'do you lilac it' is one of my fav o.p.i colours AND i LOVE YOUR BLOG- its one of my favs. xox

  5. 8

    Julie says

    You look lovely in that dress! It really suits you.

    What makes me feel good is smiling and when someone smiles back at me. It's always an instant feel good lift.

  6. 10

    LisyLou says

    I Love the dress, you look gorgeous. I alwasy feel good after a great haircut and colour or after a nice long walk

  7. 11

    Ella says

    What makes me feel good? Just taking care of myself generally – good food, plenty of sleep, a visit to the hairdressers & a hot stone massage. I feel pretty good after a long walk with the dog too.

  8. 12

    Becky says

    Love that dress on you – I tried that same on one in Crossroads while looking for an outfit for Oprah, I just couldn't pull it off.
    I have never had a manicure or pedicure. I dream of the day I can even go and have my hair cut!
    Currently, the the that makes me feel good is a sleep in – BLISS!!

  9. 14

    Ms. Ten says

    Just liked you on FB but I already follow you.

    I don't get manicures or pedicures but I like having my face waxed! It doesn't hurt to have my eyebrows or wherever else done – I think it is relaxing, actually, and I feel like I look much better afterward. I tried threading once and definitely didn't find the experience as enjoyable.

    musicishername at gmail dot com

    • 16


      (above) would work well in a city setting with yoellw cabs in the background or just on a simple cobblestone street in Hoboken. I’m so happy I found this designer and hopefully one of her dresses will help inspire you

  10. 17

    Fiona says

    What makes me feel good? Hmmmm…

    Well, I don't care if I haven't shaved my legs in forever (and unlike Mrs. Ten, waxing has never made me feel that good!). I don't necessarily feel bad if my hair needs a good semi and cut and if my nails are all broken or if I need a good mani. What does make me feel good is finding other people that think in similar ways to me, or who challenge the way I think and feel with their own unique opinions. Who have had the same kind of struggles and triumphs as I've had, who can enlighten me about struggles and triumphs I haven't experienced and who accept me for who I actually am, rather than who I'm 'supposed' to be or who others would like me to be.

    I've found these people in the last six months actually, IRL and online in the blogging community and I am continuously surprised, humbled and grateful for all the people that have come into my life. THAT makes me feel good. :)


    gypsy_grrrl at hotmail dot com

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