Somebodies Junk…

… is always somebody’s treasure. I thought I’d share a few pieces from my op shop bounty I’ve sourced over the last couple of weeks. Op shopping has become time out for me, and Aidan. When we’re having an off day I’ll pop him into the pram and we’ll go for a walk to check out the goodies. Aidan always finds books… I love that.
I love coloured retro glass like this, the colours make me happy and make the house glow. I also love old jars so it’s win-win. Steve doesn’t quite get it but always loves the price tag, $2ea.
As you can see it’s a good thing because I tend to find them everywhere. The others live in my kitchen and I think the newbies will be joining them.
If you’ve seen my dressing table you’ll know I love little cut glass bowls, especially if they have lids. This little cutie lives on my computer desk and has small foil covered chocolate balls in it. Treats are so much more fun now. It cost me $1.
Now these I’m proud of, I’ve never seen salad servers more beautiful. The art deco detailing and clear crystal handles really compliment my china cabinet collection… hmm, I really should show you guys that sometime. They were $5.
Imaging me grinning from ear to ear when I found these babies, they’re metal pencil sharpeners from the 70’s! There was a whole bag of them for only $1 each but I just wanted these two. They’re about 1.5″ and sit on my desk and make me smile.
What have you found at the Op Shop lately?


  1. 5

    Corrine/Frock And Roll says

    What marvellous finds! I LOVE op-shopping but haven't been in forever, I need to get my butt into a second-hand store soon!

  2. 6

    Danimezza says

    The middle of January is the best time. Every clears out their houses to make room for all the new stuff they bought at Xmas lol. New years is the best time for a clean slate. Also usually a few buyers remorse boxing day sale finds too lol

  3. 7

    Cathy says

    I love op-shopping! My other half REALLY doesn't get it, but the little finds make me happy.

    My recent find is a lovely round 60s mirror with a white plastic rim. If that makes any sense. Paired with a similarly retro desk of drawers that I got on ebay for $10 (score!) I've created a lovely lady-corner in the bedroom.

  4. 10

    Zoe says

    Oouuh.. I do love coloured glass! I take after my nan with that. Her house is full of it!

    I don't get to the opp shop nearly enough as I would like.. I should make more of an effort considering there nearly 10 on the Island!

  5. 12

    Bethwyn says

    Those pencil sharpeners are actually from the 80's or 90's. They were actually sold at Woolies (not much else in Katherine back then!) for a couple bucks each. We had quite a big collection when I was a kid, Mum used to bring them home often. I remember the camera one, not sure if we had the phone but I do remember we had a globe. I'd completely forgotten about them until I saw your pic! Ah, memories!

  6. 13

    Danimezza says

    Cathy – that sounds like something out of Real Living magazine… right up my alley!

    Michelle – SCORE! We usually just get books and the odd wooden toy.

    Zoe – I sold a lot of my blue glass collection when we had Aidan but I still kept a few pieces, I love it and I probably would love your nanna too :)

  7. 14

    Danimezza says

    Talia – Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don't. It was really hard to part with some things I found for the swap ;)

    Bethwyn – My bad, The telephone isn't a sharpener, just a figurine and was made in 1976. The Camera is a sharpener and isn't dated. Cool to know how old it is, thanks :D

  8. 15

    Melissa *Suger Coat It* says

    Beautiful photos lovely. And great finds of course. But was enthralled with the photos. Bugger the op shops when you can take photos like that.

  9. 16

    Anonymous says

    I went to the "clothes line" next to the local train station, $2 day over the week. I got lots of tops, a dress and in "The Barn" They have amazing old classic books, i bought about 12 for $1 each from 1801-1908 leather stamped covers and the pictures inside have the tissue paper between each page,

    charlie :)

  10. 18

    Brittonie W says

    Oh I do love Op shops! I used to do volunteer work in St Vincent De Paul and you couldn't imagine all the treasures that used to come in!

    The pencil sharpeners are a real find, and the glass jars are gorgeous! The colors!<3

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