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I’ve been working a lot lately, gearing up for the next few months of craziness, trying to be as prepared as possible. I try not to work when Aidan’s awake, I like our time together to be proactive, to learn new things and go to new places but there are some days when laundry beckons as does my inbox and I’m a boring mumma… one of those days was today. Steve had a long list of outside duties to accomplish and it was too hot and too dangerous for Aidan to join him, none of our friends were available for a play date and Aidan was crazy bored and driving us up the wall. So, I put everything on hold, checked local movie times and took Aidan to go and see Tangled and this post is my entry to win $500 thanks to Disney and Nuffnang… just call me “mumma the multi-tasker“.
I packed a few snacks (screw candy bar prices), our sippy cups and Aidan’s snuggly blanket and we were off. Ok, actually it took a lot longer than that. Aidan had to put his shoes on and I wasn’t allowed to help, it took an extra 10 minutes before we were out the door. He’s determined to show me that he can do everything better on his own. It was frustrating but still made me pretty proud. He also has to walk everywhere, under no circumstances are we to carry him. Thankfully he still gets in the stroller and trolleys but who knows how long that will last. Once we’d arrived at the cinema and waited for what felt like 10 years for him to make it up the entrance stairs, I paid for my ticket and we were seated just as the movie started… phew. What takes me 10 minutes, takes a Aidan 45 minutes but he did it on his own.
We were seated right up the back and had a whole row to ourselves so I set Aidan up in his own seat  with everything he needed but Aidan had other ideas. He insisted on sitting on my lap, actually he kind of laid on me like a recliner with his snuggly draped over his lap for added comfort. He nibbled on a biscuit and sipped on his water and didn’t make a single peep for the whole movie. It really was a day for showing off his big boy skills.
 I’d taken Aidan to see Toy Story 3 when it came out and he was brilliant through that as well but it had been several months since we’d been and I wasn’t sure if he could handle sitting still for so long, I was bracing myself for one of Aidan’s classic meltdowns. Once we were settled and started watching we both just zoned out and enjoyed ourselves, he clapped at all the happy parts (yes, my son is a movie-clapper *blush*) and held my hand during the action scenes. It really was a lovely movie, the lantern scene is permanently embedded in my brain and left me so inspired… I may or may not have cried. As the credits rolled and the music played Aidan got off my lap and started clapping, dancing and singing, all the patrons leaving the cinema stopped and clapped along to his dancing and smiled, it was really lovely.
Even though Aidan and I have days where it feels like a never ending headbutting battle, there are those special moments that take my breath away and I’m thankful that my son is so headstrong and independent. I know there are going to be a lot more instances where I think “mumma knows best” and he will want to do it his way but to be quite honest, I’d be happy if he proved me wrong.
NOTE: Tangled is a lovely movie and I’d happily let Aidan watch it again. There were no real scary parts at all and Aidan was enthralled. If you have littlies and it’s too hot to play outside, take them… you’ll enjoy it too :)


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    Ellieboo says

    OOOOH thanks for review – I am taking my little one to see this on Wednesday. Ellie is 3 and a half and this is her first time at the cinema – not sure why it took me so long to get her there. Probably her inability to sit still for more than 3 minutes at a time.

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    Danimezza says

    Ellieboo – I'm sure Ellie will love it :D Have fun!

    Cate – Safe-n-Sound Meridian Convertible, cost a pretty penny but he's had it since we've bought him home from hospital and he'll never need another car seat or booster, he'll just go from this to sitting in the car normally. Worth it I thought, great reviews too.

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      Think SC should give barbeacking a rest until we realize how many have been infected by that straight porn chick? I think they could go back to condoms for a while, at least until the holiday season. Meanwhile, by so doing they could also garner more attractive models.

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    Ms. Ten says

    While I think many people are very understanding when a kiddo has a meltdown, it is certainly a delight to see a little guy in public having fun and enjoying himself! Aiden is such a cutie, I'm sure his antics made a lot of people's day.

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    Emily says

    It's those special little things that make you so proud! And I love it when people play along with the kid's when you are out and about! :D
    I am going to take the boys to see this movie in the next few days. Thanks for the review! xx

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    we flew because it would be a 19 hour drive. it was the fist time the kids had flown but i think they hanledd it quite well. it was so worth it we went to disney world and they loved it! dumbo was a hit!

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