Embrace Your Body

I’ve been debating this post for well over a week now but I’m determined to do it… mainly for myself. I’ve been looking for swimmers for the last couple of months. I’ve stalked plus size forums and blogs for recommendations but nothing really seemed like me and the pieces that did were usually over $200 and I just don’t have that kind of money to part with at the moment so like most frugal ladies I checked out eBay and found a gem… one I want to share it with you, in all my cellulite filled glory. Brace yourself because I haven’t edited my ass, removed dimples or trimmed my arm fat. Honestly, all I’ve done is alter the exposure a little. I wanted to keep it raw, to keep it real.
Steve took the photos and Aidan acted as “Stylist” for the shoot… actually I think he wanted to run away with my new $17.50 sequin heart tote from Target, he likes shiny things. The sarong is one I’ve had for years and years so I have no idea where it came from and the earrings were a steal, $3 from Equip and I also got them in blue. The bangle is my old favourite from City Chic and as usual I’m wearing my awesome “Danimezza” necklace. The swimsuit (MrK) was $26.50 BNWT including postage on eBay.
I remember when I was skinny (way back when) I’d never dare wear a bikini, always opting for the one piece and boardshorts and even tshirts as well for some unknown reason. Funny how the body I was ashamed of then, is the body I’m now trying to reclaim. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate my body, it’s the social shaming that makes me squeemish, that those who aren’t in my shoes think it’s ok to sneer, to talk me down so they can talk themselves up… I’m allowed to wear a swimsuit and feel good wearing it, just as much as the next person. So I’m going to be brave and bare all to internet to make my point…
 Nervous much?
I like that this suit sits high up my back as it feels more supportive and sure, my girls aren’t exactly up where I’d like them to be but that’s what my boobs look like, having the halterneck gave a bit of extra support too. This isn’t exactly something I’d wear to take Aidan to swimming lessons I’d wear my Speedo ones for that, this is more of a leisure piece. I did consider a last minute spray tan before taking these photos but I hate fake tan and the whole point was to be real, to be me… plus I like sleeping on white linen too much.
This isn’t about fat activism, this isn’t about chubby love, it’s not even a self loathing post… it’s just pictures of me in a swimsuit with a simple message: It’s summer, you should wear a swimsuit and feel good in it too, no matter your shape or size of your bank account
I’d love to hear your comments (please be kind) but what I’d love even more is for you to toddle off back to your blog and upload photos of you in a swimsuit and share with your readers, I’ve even added a Linky so when you’re done you can share it here. The Linky will be open for the next couple of weeks if you have to talk yourself into it like I did but trust me it’s worth it, by the end of it I felt completely empowered.

Embrace Summer ~ Embrace Your Body


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    carly says

    you go girl! im not a summer lover mainly due the sun and the burn that occurs. but you totally rock your swimmers! you look fab x

    i dont own swimmers. the pair i loved the elastic went a little ick and i havent found a pair ive loved since. maybe with my other 55$ left on my myer card i might visit miss shop for a new pair.

  2. 4

    Miss M says

    Wow…Good on your for being so brave! I could never do this…you are an inspiration! Im so glad you are happy in your skin, that is something I wish I could be…

  3. 5

    Tina ~ tina gray dot me says

    You look gorgeous! :) I love the swimsuit, especially the halter neck. I've had the same suit for a couple of years. An update is LONG overdue.

  4. 6

    meaghan says

    Dani – You are beyond inspiration. I am a similar size to you (after losing 15kg and Im still going!) and I really take my hat off to you for having the courage to do what you are doing for other women. (Because I know I am too damn self concious to)
    We are going on a holiday to the beach soon and I have just brought a new swim suit the other week and wasnt sure whether I could get away with wearing boy leg shorts with my halter neck tankini top.
    But thanks to your encouragement – I will be! :) :)

  5. 7

    Anonymous says

    Awesome post!!
    I am probably one of the few who couldn't care less about size or shape, or what someone else is wearing. If u have the confidence flaunt it!!!

  6. 8

    Melissa *Suger Coat It* says

    Woooot woo. Love that suit.it looks even better on than in the flat eBay shots.
    I don't think I'm this brave. Will keep you posted.

  7. 11

    BuBbles says

    You go girl! My swimsuit is very similar in style and has a high back too. I only wish it makes my waist look as small as yours!


  8. 12

    Sophie {Red Dust Love} says

    You are AMAZING! You have a huge heart and are simply sooooo courageous! This will not only give you the boost you deserve but also boost the attiude of other women not happy about their bodies and for that I thank you! You sould absolutey love your body as it gave bith to that beautiful little man of yours! Thank you for such an inspirational post!!! xo
    P.S. I think you look hot in that swimsuit! Love the back of it and think you add a rather old school pin up feel to it! :)

  9. 13

    Shelley says

    You look gorgeous! I think im going to have to get myself a one piece as ive only got a tankini and its very nannaish (not sure if thats a word, lol). You look hot!!

    • 14


      Thanks for writing, Peggy and thakns for the Jalie tip! I just checked it out and plan to order it. The McCall’s is a great pattern but the bodice and length are very short can’t wait to see your dress!

  10. 16

    Becky says

    You look amazing. I love this idea, I love that you're putting it out there. So inspirationsal! I don't have any swimmers, I haven't for many, MANY years. Maybe this is the year to embrace my curves and get one.

  11. 17

    Cherie says

    Hubba Hubba YES … you look gorgeous and what a fabulous bargain find!!! Well Done :) When I first started reading your post I was going to suggest TS! No way, you don't need TS Darling, you look sensational. Sorry no pics of this ex Bondi girl since 1960s.

  12. 18

    Anonymous says

    You are so gorgeous! You look lovely and have a wonderful curvy shape… you just glow from within! You an inspirational woman! Go Danni!

  13. 19

    Danimezza says

    Holy Cow, what an enormous response! Thank you all so much. I'm going to attempt to respond to everyone :)

    Teer – The plan was to stand in Aidan's paddling pool with inflatable toys but he woke up from his nap early and we just winged it :P

    Naoise – Thanks lovely, don't forget to link up if you post about it :)

    Carly – When we go to Bondi we can shop for a new pair ;) benefit, bikinis and bondi oh my!

  14. 20

    Danimezza says

    Miss M – i did consider titling the post "Call me Courageous" lol I believe it's something you work on… I know I am.

    Tina – Hit the shops and show me what you've got!

    Meahgan – Oh YAY!!! Enjoy your trip you lucky duck!

  15. 21

    Danimezza says

    Nelldb – To "flaunt it" is one of my favourite things :)

    Lissa/Suger – No peer pressure I swear :P

    Sharnee – aww thanks x

  16. 23

    Danimezza says

    yELLE – Thanks doll x

    Bubbles – If you're interested my stats are now on the "Fashion" page under my header… just to keep it all real. Thanks for the post love x

    Sophie – Aww thank you, so touched x We should totally hang out in our swimmers on your new deck and dance in the rain with the kids :)

  17. 24

    Danimezza says

    Shelley – All my swimsuits prior to this one have either come from Speedo or Millers… hardly sexy which is why I went on the hunt.

    Emily – Thank you xxx

    Becky – RUN, don't walk, you need a pair pronto :)

  18. 25

    Danimezza says

    Cherie – hehehe "hubba hubba" awesome, thank you! If you have a photo of you in the 60s in a swimsuit, blog about it and link up lovely x The only rule is to be in a swimsuit ;)

    Nadine – Thank you so much, my head might explode soon lol.

    Victoria – And I you x

  19. 26

    Lexi:: PottyMouthMama says

    Aye carumba, you are one foxy mama. I love the halter, and it is a really beautiful swimsuit. Suits you so well, you look awesome. AND I love that it was a real steal. I hate looking for swimsuits because a) the changerooms are so unforgiving, and b) swimsuits are always so expensive. You did well beautiful lady. xxx

  20. 27

    Miss Ruby says

    What a fabulous inspiration you are for women of ALL sizes who may suffer from some kind of body "discomfort".

    I am the first to admit that I don't like my body, I have about 50kg to lose before I'll feel comfortable with it or in baring all in a bathing suit but I APPLAUD you for sharing this today.

    Our thighs and arms we have in common and I'm not sure I'll ever have thin legs – which is fine BUT I'd kill for your tummy, your shape is so womanly and you absolutely ROCK that bathing suit!


    • 30


      dani (Author) December 7, 2012 at 8:21 am Hi Blanca!! You can absolutely use the piutrce on your FB page, but please provide some sort of link back to this post if you do! Thank you for asking before using it

    • 31


      Don’t give up o RTW knock offs just yet. I thought your top was the store bgohut one and I was going to suggest pinching out the pleats too. Why not give it one more go?

  21. 32

    Wendy Sice says

    After watching a lot of How to Look Good Naked, I am more aware at how wearing the right clothes is what makes us look good, and you have that knack! You just have so much style and confidence, I am envious! Thanks for your inspiration! xx

  22. 34

    Amy xxoo says

    You, my dear, are totally awesome! At a size 14 a year after having my son – and having been a size 10 before that – i feel decidely ( and comparatively ) fat and , and am trying to lose weight. But, for today at least, i am going to be confident in my bigger boobs and softer tummy, thanks to your example!

  23. 36

    Leigh says

    What a great eBay bargain…You look totes awesome!

    I haven't been game to get a bathing suit let alone go outside the house in one in..wow 12yrs I think. You have inspired me..I must go shopping! Posting it on my blog, not sure I am that game yet :P

  24. 37

    Amy says

    I love them, what a flattering costume! I think the fuschia pink wraps works so well with it- and the gorgeous little toddler at your feet distracts from whatever anyone might find 'wrong' (although they are crazy, you look great in this!).

  25. 38

    Adalita says

    Dani you look awesome! I love everything you have done!
    Seem as you were brave I thought I better grab my iPhone and post a current pic of me.

  26. 39

    Cathy says

    That is a beautiful costume – you look amazing in it!

    Cheers to you for being so brave. I'm not sure I can do the same, but I do appreciate you hugely for doing this!

  27. 40

    Danimezza says

    Lexi – You know I love a good bargain! I actually went to the shops this morning and got a halter swim top for $10 and another with a pretty print for $20 from BeMe!

    Miss Ruby – As you can imagine from the stats on my "Fashion Page" I have 50 odd kgs to loose as well but I see no reason why I can't do it with grace and style :D Thank you so much for commenting x

    Desiree – Thank you, I definitely had my brace face on to begin with.

  28. 41

    Danimezza says

    Lynette – I hope I've "inspired" you to put your togs on :)

    Wendy – Confidence is something I'm working on, thank you for the lovely comment.

    Telle – *Mwah* right back at ya

  29. 42

    Danimezza says

    Amy – Try and remember everyday x

    Katie – lol thanks :D

    Leigh – Yeah a total steal, couldn't believe it which is why I had to share it… be sure to share yours!

  30. 43

    Danimezza says

    Amy – He's a constant distraction lol.

    Adalita – AWESOME, thanks for linking up… off to leave a comment on your blog!

    Cathy – I definitely had to put my "brave hat" on when I clicked publish but I've been walking on air ever since, everyone have been so lovely and supportive x

  31. 45

    Corrie says

    dani…I love this post! I just love it and that pose where you throw your head back is hilarious! it shows you love life and are going to live it to the full!

    the photos are amazing and I know this takes huge bravery! you are definitely inspiring. you make us all feel good about who we are and remind us that we should do it too!

    could I do it? nooooooooo way!

  32. 46

    Julie says

    Great togs!!! You look wonderful in them, I love the halter neck, maybe thats what I should be looking for.

  33. 49

    Anonymous says

    It takes guts to do what you've done here and I admire you for that. Plus, you look smoking in your swimmers! Go Girl!

  34. 50

    Anonymous says

    I just saw this link on City Chic's facebook page! You look absolutely beautiful! I haven't worn, well even owned a pair of togs since I have gotten big. It's funny how even back when I was 19 and weighed only 49kgs, I still wouldn't wear togs without a singlet and boardshorts over top. Guess it goes to prove that confidence doesn't discriminate in sizes. I only hope to have the confidence to do what you have. I am 32 now, so hopefully will be brave enough to buy my first pair of togs in over 10 years soon…

  35. 51

    Anonymous says

    Great minds (and bodies) think alike. I just bought the exact pair on ebay for the same price. They haven't arrived yet but I hope they look as good on me!

  36. 52

    LD says

    i think you look beautiful! i need to get my hands on a plus size swimsuit too, and black is the best option!!! :)

  37. 53

    michelle says

    Wow you look so amazing I would never have the guts to do it being a big girl myself all my life…. I never ever have found swimmers I feel comfortable in but these look so flattering.. Be proud of yourself for being so brave xx

  38. 55

    Anonymous says

    you look absolutely beautiful!
    i wish i had the guts to wear my swimsuit without board shorts. still working up the confidence for that one.

    keep doing your thing, you are gorgeous and i adore your curvalicious body!!!

  39. 56

    Anonymous says

    You GO girl! You look fantastic, don't let anyone tell you anything else (okay, you're right, any positive and encouraging adjectives are acceptable!)
    Given that I have had three friends, all of whom have kids about your child's age, post recently on Facebook about how they were so busy worrying about their kids, they got burnt, PLEASE remember to slip, slop, slap! That way you can really enjoy your new swimsuit!

    • 57


      Thank you, Valerie and I hope you are safely back in Australia!I wore the top the day after I made it and it woekrd very well as it. I doubt I’ll make it again but I will eventually try RTW knock offs. Good to hear from you!

  40. 58

    Nessa says

    you look amazing … and the boobs are gorgeous! I am going to look for a halter – I am going to need the help after breastfeeding for a year.

  41. 60

    Carly Costello says

    You voluptuous beauty! Its people like you that make me even more comforable about my body. After having two children and literally have put on around 25+ kilograms since I met my husband I feel frumpy which inturn has made me grumpy, sluggish, and horrible about my body.
    I have tryed attending the gym 3-4 times a week, do roller derby but cant shed some weight and just feel so miserable.
    I must say every day I look in the mirror I am discusted by what I see and wish I was how I used to be.
    The other day I had to buy a swimsuit and like you have difficultys and thought that it would cost me an arm and a leg after searching around 5 stores. After walking around the shops for 3 hours Best and Less was a winner with a tankenee costing $35 and very flattering, except I still had to wear shorts even though my hubby thinks my legs look great.
    Now after reading your article I think all larger woman should embrace themselves and remember we are the way we are, and we are just more to love :)
    And I totally think that City Chic should consider swimmers at summer, or any time during the year cause there clothes are just devine for larger woman!!

  42. 61

    parisiennebeauty says

    Good on you! Taaadaaaa for sure, you absolutely look gorgeous! I think more women need to embrace themselves and stop thinking they need to be a six 4!

    All through primary school I was uncomfortable with my body, but through perseverance and support I managed to lose 15 kilos and now for my final year at high school I am able to be in a bikini (with boardies of course!) and actually look okay! Self confidence can go a long way and I congratulate you for sharing your body with the world, that is very courageous!

    My mum is currently on the lookout for bathers perhaps she will love these! She has let her lack of confidence stop her swimming even when it's been 45C!

    I looked forward to following and tweeting with you, just followed! @parisiennebeaut

  43. 62

    massielita says

    Amazing, inspiring and beautiful. I saw this through City Chic's FB page and just had to come over and comment.

  44. 66

    Anonymous says

    Good on you!! Im a togs, boardy AND tee girl, I like to hide but I am always envious of cuddlier people that love what they have and are comfortable in their skins. You look beautiful!Hope you felt great doing this, You should xxxx

  45. 67

    CakiePlz says

    What a heart warming blog to read just after beginning my own blogging journey – with one of my main goals to drop 30kg. You are beautiful.

  46. 68

    suburp says

    wow. YOU.are.awesome.
    i'm not good with summer or beaches and pools (more for my skin than for my bod) but i'll have to get into it to teach my son this year, and your message is definitively coming through here! :)

  47. 69

    Danimezza says

    Kathryn – I see many more pairs in my future :D

    Corrie – That's my favourite too :P You can't take life too seriously all the time!

    Julie – Can't hurt to try a pair on :)

  48. 70

    Danimezza says

    Breathe Gently – Thank you, not to bad yourself ;)

    Anon – I just winged it.

    Anon – Plenty of guts to go around :)

    Jessica Focks – Please don't promote your ebay listings on the blog :)

  49. 71

    Danimezza says

    Anon – I loved this: "confidence doesn't discriminate in sizes"

    Anon – Hahaha awesome, wonder how many they've sold lol

    LD – I want bright and bold prints that don't make me look like a nanna but black is good too.

    Michelle – It took awhile for me to feel comfortable but now it doesn't phase me at all.

  50. 72

    Danimezza says

    Beyond Sizes – Wow all the way from Sweden, Hello :)

    Anon – I stopped wearing boardshorts awhile ago, I actually feel more comfortable without.

    Deb – Oh I'm all about the sunscreen, I burn so easily.

    Nessa – Thank you but I think the word you're looking for is "huge" lol gotta love a halter.

  51. 73

    Danimezza says

    Kelly – I'm sure you'd look fantastic :)

    Carly – Roller Derby… JEALOUS!!! I tried to get a pair from B&L but they'd sold out in my size. CC does have swimmers but they're not available online, only in selected stores. Thank you for sharing your story x

    parisiennebeaut – Thank you for sharing your story too, don't let stress get to you this year, enjoy every moment.

    Massielita – Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment.

    Maz – You are too x

    Mrs Woog – Flaunt it sista!

  52. 74

    Lori-lee says

    well done!!

    You wear your weight really well and I'm convinced 50% of that is attitude and a confident smile (the other 50% being that the weight is distributed in the right spots!!)

    But more importantly you've reminded me that too often we women tell ourselves we're too big (small, pale, ugly, uneven, flat-chested, etc) to 'allow' ourselves to do something but there is more danger in hiding away, hating your body and refusing to be active and engaged with your friends and family than there is danger in somebody seeing a wobble!!!

  53. 76

    Lou says

    Hi there I have just found your blog, love it, you look FANTASTIC!!! You have given me the confidence to get out and wear my swimmers THANKYOU..

  54. 77

    Titapumpkin says

    wow… you´re so inspired!!!! I'm from Costa Rica, I love your blog!! I'm plus size too!! chears!!

  55. 79

    Jamie says

    I love the pictures, you are beautiful! And you do not look nervous at all! Flaunt them curves!!! Adore your blog and to see a Real Women! x


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