It arrived!!! While Shootsac had a pretty good deal on over the holidays I snapped up one of my very own. I didn’t get a fancy cover as there were none that really “spoke” to me but they release new ones every few months or so. It’s not an everyday bag, well not while I only have just the one lens! Now I just have to pick which camera bag I’m going to buy, the Kelly Boy or the Juju
Oh and for those who aren’t following me on facebook you might have missed out on some info about my gorgeous new couch for the studio… but more on that later :)


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    naoise.x. says

    i love that couch… =]
    i was so jealous when i saw it on fb lol.
    I like the juju more- it looks more like a hand bag, were as the other looks like a camera bag..
    plus-dark brown leather looks great with more. =]

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