What has Danimezza done?


  • Didn’t get any sleep at all, spent night packing.
  • Left for Airport scarily early.
  • Miss my flight check in by 1 minute… ONE MINUTE!!!
  • Hung about Airport waiting for next flight.
  • Bought not one but TWO brilliant pairs of sunnies from Witchery for under $100.
  • Sit next to a CEO from an assisting company to Vodafone on flight to Melbourne.
  • Berate him for crappy coverage and service.
  • Arrive and jump in an $80 cab to do City Chic store visits.
  • Discover Kate Hill, a gorgeous bag and accessory shop.
  • Wishing I had enough money to actually buy fancy stuff at Chadstone.
  • Eat a slice of the best ham, cheese and pineapple pizza. EVER.
  • Drive with Head Office team to hotel in CBD.
  • Check in and get a free room upgrade.
  • King size bed, office, lounge and bathroom. sweet.
  • Head to Burke Street City Chic Store and take photos.
  • Models arrive.
  • Head back to my room to edit.
  • Head down to watch the runway rehearsals.
  • Take lots and lots of photos, experiment with flash.
  • Models ate all the pizza. None left for me.
  • Everyone says goodnight and I go to coles to get dinner on my own.
  • Hang out in room and edit and edit and email and email.
  • Get to sleep at 2am.
  • Wake up extra early and sit on couch to edit some more.
  • Fall asleep on couch.
  • Woken by phone call to remind me I was meant to be somewhere.
  • Chuck on jeans, T and cardi and run out the door.
  • No hair and make up done for fashion week… classy.
  • Appologise til I turn blue in the face.
  • Bit blurry, lots of rushing and we head to Fed Square.
  • Take a few set up shots, forget to sneak peak in goodie bags. damn.
  • Brow now permanently furrowed from stress.
  • Find my perfect position.
  • Stupid woman with video camera stands right in front of me.
  • Find second favourite position and guard it with my life.
  • Show starts, heart races.
  • I put the camera to my face and stress leaves me.
  • In the zone baby!
  • I’m smiling and muttering things like “yeah, perfect“, “love it“.
  • Shows over and everyone is smiling and clapping.
  • I’ve got my head burrowed in my laptop.
  • Uploading and editing right then and there.
  • Reminded of how much I love my bamboo tablet back home.
  • So many people to say hi to, so little time.
  • Eat worst burger ever with Teer, Hayley and Nicole.
  • Have best convo with Teer, Hayley and Nicole.
  • Nicole gives me a necklace. Bless her.
  • Race to Burke Street to get ready for Cosmo Styling Session.
  • Laptop dying.
  • Sit on floor, ironically under shapewear, whilst laptop charges.
  • More editing, more uploading.
  • Fan introduces herself and sits down with me for a chat.
  • I want to hug her, so awesome.
  • Tells me how much she loves Changeroom Confessions.
  • Stress is now totally worthwhile.
  • Charlotte from Cosmo does her thing and I take photos.
  • I get Teer to film it on my iPhone.
  • My shoulder hurts.
  • Find a appreciative note about me, was left in my handbag.
  • Can’t help smiling.
  • Session over and models want to look at my pictures.
  • YAY, they like them :D
  • Edit, resize and upload more photos.
  • Teer and I go back to my hotel room.
  • She listens to my incessant rambling as I edit and email.
  • I’m unable to choose an outfit.
  • I’m an hour late but party is just starting.
  • Spend the whole time taking photos, hardly get to chat to anyone.
  • I don’t even drink.
  • Drag US model winners and VIP customers off for mini photo session.
  • My head explodes, photos kick ass!
  • Appologise to Teer for neglecting her.
  • She’s happy and drinking free cocktails.
  • Everyone heads off elsewhere to party further.
  • I say goodnight and head back to my room to edit and write.
  • Call Hello Owl to check in.
  • I stop in at a little retro diner for a steak sandwich at 10:30pm for dinner.
  • Feel like a loser.
  • Stay up watching reruns, editing and getting schedule sorted.
  • Ask reception for late checkout at 2pm and I get it free of charge!
  • Fall asleep at 3am.
  • Wake up at 10:30, have a shower and pack my bag.
  • Answer emails, search for content, read blogs like normal.
  • Edit. Edit. Edit.
  • Arrange time to meet up with Sharnee.
  • She’s worried her hair doesn’t look nice enough.
  • I send her an embarrassing pic of me to make her feel better.
  • Lose track of time whilst writing.
  • I have 15 minutes to check out and meet Sharnee.
  • I get to reception on time but lady tries to overcharge me for wifi.
  • As usual I meet Sharnee 15 minutes late.
  • We eat Nandos and bond.
  • We say our goodbyes and I head over to Burke St again.
  • I promised the staff I’d come back and take a picture of them.
  • Say goodbye and I’m off to the airport early.
  • Sit on a cramped bus to the airport.
  • Wonder: why doesn’t Melbourne have trains… so stupid.
  • Arrive at airport hours early, transferred to earlier flight.
  • All flights delayed.
  • Arrive in Sydney at 9pm, 2hrs late.
  • Remind myself to always compliment cabbies on car air freshener.
  • They are always nicer when you do that.
  • Arrive at Kirketon Hotel.
  • Burlesque Dancers are in the bar next door.
  • I’m too tired to watch something sexy.
  • I walk to coles to buy fruit, bottled water and biscuits.
  • Buy a small pizza for dinner at midnight.
  • I unpack absolutely everything. I hate living out of a suitcase.
  • Stay up watching Channel [v] and editing and emailing.
  • Get heartburn, stupid pizza.
  • Fall asleep around 2am.
  • Wake up at 7am.
  • Send off emails and reply to facebook and twitter messages.
  • Do my make up and put on a pretty outfit.
  • Leave at 8:30 to get to hair salon for product review.
  • Arrive 15 minutes late.
  • Seriously, what is wrong with me!!!
  • Get back to the Kirketon at 2pm
  • Edit. Edit. Edit.
  • Ate half a packet of tim tams.
  • Got dressed for GSK/Wanderlust Party
  • Steve drives into the city to drop off my new flash reflector.
  • Make out with him a little in the car to say thank you.
  • He drops me off in the city and drives back home.
  • Instantly recognise Christie.
  • I wander about taking photos.
  • Drop my brand new flash reflector, it was fine.
  • Dropped it again almost instantly and it broke.
  • Nervously chat to a few people.
  • Freak out about how many people know about Danimezza.com.
  • Kerri says I have “The face a Botticelli Angel“.
  • Kerri, SqiggleMum and I discuss first world issues: curls and frizz.
  • Pissed I missed out on both the back and the foot rubs on offer.
  • Grab our huge heavy goodie bags and head to Nuffnang Party.
  • While waiting for the bus we leave our free yoga mats in the park.
  • I also leave a toothbrush and some toothpaste.
  • Finally we arrive at the Soho Bar.
  • Bar Tab is almost drained.
  • I quickly order a Long Island Iced Tea.
  • Mmmm… delish!
  • Awesome to finally meet Lynda and Kruppy from Nuffnang.
  • Bar is loud and quickly fills with dudes and “dip-shits”.
  • Dipped in fake tan and bleach, Shit me to tears = Dip-Shit
  • They blatantly steal our uber cool glowstick bracelets.
  • Feel totally in the zone with my Nuffnang peeps.
  • Take lots of photos.
  • More people get excited about meeting me, totally weird.
  • Nicole Avery and I are the last to leave.
  • Kruppy walks me to my hotel by 11pm.
  • I shower and put my clothes out for tomorrow morning.
  • Blow dry and iron my hair like a crazy person. Stupid rain.
  • Ate remaining tim tams.
  • Edit. Edit. Edit.
  • Set my alarm for 7am and order a wake up call for 7:30.
  • Fall asleep around 2am
  • Wake up at 7am
  • Check email.
  • Get dressed and do make up.
  • Check facebook and twitter messages.
  • Out the door by 8:30, decide to walk to Bayview Hotel
  • Arrive at Aussie Blogger Conference at 9:05… still late *slaps forehead*
  • Thankfully by some miracle, I’m seated next to lovely Liz.
  • Love that everyone in the room is multi-media-multi-tasking.
  • Decide to upload images during conference.
  • Hand out business cards like I’m my own pimp.
  • Everyone loves my “DO YOU READ ME – danimezza.com” TShirt.
  • Briefly imagine selling them but dismiss it as I hate the post office.
  • btw: my Cardigan is from Target and was 20% off.
  • Squealed and hugged V from Nuffnang.
  • Wished the whole time Dani was with me.
  • Missed morning tea as I was cornered with Nuffnang questions.
  • Decide Nuffnang should employ me… or buy me drinks afterwards.
  • Laugh at everyone tweeting about Mark Pollard.
  • I bet his google rank has increased since Saturday.
  • Including google image search…
  • Break for lunch and I’m cornered again.
  • Don’t worry, I secretly love it.
  • Desperately try to match first names to blog banner images.
  • I have yummy lasagne for lunch.
  • Off to SEO session with SassySEO and Nuffnang.
  • Firmly believe EVERYONE should have attended. Critical stuff.
  • Named and shamed for contacting Nuffnang almost everyday.
  • Head back down to main room and catch the end of Lori’s story.
  • I tear up.
  • Fell in love with Edenland.
  • Was pissed I didn’t win the iPad but glad someone deserving did.
  • Handed out more cards like a woman possessed.
  • Liz won a Mop and Moet.
  • She gave me the Moet!!!
  • Took photos of Liz, Leigh and Laura on their mops.
  • Said goodbye and carted overflowing goodie bag into a cab.
  • Got to Kirketon and blow dried and straightened hair.
  • Stupid rain.
  • Changed a million times then headed back to Bayview Hotel.
  • Dinner and Dance awaited.
  • Caught up with Dani on my walk there, felt weird without her.
  • Food wasn’t that great.
  • Champagne was awesome.
  • Took a million photos.
  • Gave Mrs Woog her new catch phrase on the dance floor:
  • Getting Woogy wid it, na na na na nana na
  • Decide Nikki and I will become best buddies pronto
  • We go all mushy over my changeroom confessions fan video.
  • We talk about changing the world.
  • Christie wants me to blog more about Aidan.
  • Squiggle has the most awesome shoes.
  • People start calling it a night and I leave to party on with Nuffnang.
  • Toushka, Lori, Emma, V, Lynda, David, Kruppy and I do Kings Cross.
  • **What happens with Nuffnang stays with Nuffnang**
  • Lynda and I seedily walk back towards my hotel at 3-4am
  • I see her safely into a taxi
  • I send Hubby a drunk text and pass out.
  • **ouch**
  • I wake up at 10:30 and thank god I arranged check out for 12pm.
  • Quickly pack all my crap and haze out with my laptop.
  • Edit. Email. Facebook. yada yada.
  • I check out and wait for Steve to pull up out the front.
  • Aidan gets so excited, like he’ll bounce out of his car seat.
  • I sit with him in the backseat all the way home.
  • All three of us can’t stop giggling.
  • I missed my boys so much.
  • Once home all I can think about is red cordial.
  • I edit and schedule some more.
  • Do dishes, laundry and unpack my suitcase.
  • Play with Aidan all afternoon.
  • Had a nap.
  • Steve made dinner.
  • Hug and kiss Aidan like there is no tomorrow.
  • Tuck him into bed then have a shower.
  • Play with Steve all night long and tell him all my stories.
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.


  1. 3

    •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• says

    Gosh what a busy woman you are Dani, love your photos. Great photos and wrap of the ABC.
    Aidan is adorable btw.

  2. 6

    Lynda says

    Hahahah I almost died laughing at that photo of Mrs Woog getting down with Glowless! Excellent haha.

    "What happens with Nuffnang stays with Nuffnang" hahaha, love it! So true. I think it was pushing 4am when I got into the cab cause it wasn't until just before 5 when V and I passed out… and then of course, Kruppy thought it would be hilarious to order our room a 6am wake up call! I COULD HAVE KILLED HIM! I can't repeat what I said to the wake up call lady but it began with f and ended in off.

    Was great hanging out with you, the mums sure know how to rock it hard core! xx

  3. 7

    Natalie Mulford says

    Wow! Sounds like a tiring but awesome time! I so wish I could have made it to the Aussie Blogger conference!

    "Make out with him a little in the car to say thank you" – BEST LINE EVER!

  4. 8

    Melissa *Suger Coat It* says

    Excellent wrap up!! Sigh. Wish I could've been there. Now wearing sad face. Looks like FUN! When you need an assistant I expect to be employed immediately.

  5. 10

    Teer Wayde says

    No time to think honey!! You are a machine, I'm pressed your head is still working after this last week.

    I'm very laid back i'm sure you noticed so I was completely happy just cruising along with you for the day. I'm glad I got to spend the time with you.

    Now take some time off! Sleep and do mummy like stuff!

  6. 11

    Liz says

    It was lovely sitting next to you. (And getting to see some of the work flow for your amazing photos!)

    I can't believe you were still awake at the end of it – I would have crashed after the first day! My hat goes off to you.

  7. 12

    sharnee says

    All I got out of this was that Sharnee has excellent hair and that chicken is bonding food.

    Just kidding, this post is great!!!

    I could not have kept up this pace, well done you!

  8. 13

    Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song says

    Haha, no wonder you were phasing in and out when I was talking to you on Sunday!

    Will definitely have to try and save up and go next year. Is the conference in Melbourne then?

  9. 14

    PlanningQueen says

    What an amazing week you had. Love your photos, have seen them on a few posts around the place – congratulations on capturing the conference so well.

    • 16


      Hello there~ how long have you joined nufanfng? I’ve only started few weeks ago, but my earning is 0. would you tell me why and if there’s anything that i did wrongly? :(thank you~! ^-^

  10. 17

    Anonymous says

    Woah! You packed a lot into that week!

    So has your vision for the blog changed since going to the seminars?

    That last video is so sweet!


  11. 21

    Miss C says

    Exhausted just reading about your week…..sounded fun though… On a side note bought the sequined jacket from city chic after seeing it on here….so nice!!!

  12. 22

    Em says

    holy crapola!!! that is the busiest, most entertaining piece of writing i have ever read.. lol.. so muc happening.. can't believe you didn't collapse.. i would have!! go you!! :)
    Oh 0 and i know – so stupid Melbourne doesn't have a train to the airport.. it would make things SO much easier if they did!! dammit!

  13. 23

    The Merry Traveller says

    That is one very cute skirt, definitely want to wear it! Well it looks like a very fulfilling schedule and you are disciplined. I don't think I can just sleep for 5 hours if the hotel bed is comfy!

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