Ewww Sushi and Old Stuff!

Going up to Brisbane the other week was really lovely. I got to hang out with Dani and her beautiful girls. We spent our days op shopping, eating all different kinds of foods and spent many, many hours talking about blogging… as bloggers tend to do.
 Dani has been banging on at me for years to try sushi as her whole family adores the stuff. 
 Poor Jos waited patiently for me to take the photo… I didn’t dare make her wait too long.
 I started with something simple, tempura prawns and rice. I could eat them all the time.
 Next I moved onto something that resembled sushi a bit more, chicken and rice none the less.
 I also had my first dumpling, a pork one that melted in my mouth and made me crave more.
 Sushi is serious business in the Hello Owl household and with Dani’s husband Luigi currently going through chemo and unable to touch the stuff it was a rare treat. Personally I think she used my “sushi virgin” status to get away with eating it without him.
 So, do I like sushi? Well the answer is yes! I only experienced “softcore sushi” as I like to call it. No eel, no eggs, no “raw” anything really but I enjoyed it and I’m actually quite excited about introducing it to Steve and Aidan.
 Dani ordered something off the menu, I think it was a “Tiger Roll”, you can tell just by looking at her face how much she loves it. I bet she’s reading this right now and her tummy grumbles!
 Apparently Jos (a passionate lover of food since the day she was born) believed that dessert can be eaten at any stage of the meal. Personally I like her way of thinking. She also gave me a complete run down of how to eat at sushi train, how to stack the plates and organise your rubbish.
 I want to frame this picture.
 Rather than just share photos of ourselves shoving food in our faces I thought I might show you two things I wouldn’t even consider going near purely for the fear of it’s texture, not so much taste.
 I’m imagining swallowing a giant orange’s pulp but it’s fish flavoured?
 This looked really good, the prawns are so pretty and bright but kind of basic.
 Something I wish I had room left in my stomach to try… next time.
Our rubbish sorted, our plates stacked and our tummies full… so we rolled home on a sushi high.
Once home we unloaded our op shop bargains and played with our treasures. I lusted after so many things but my already overloaded suitcase couldn’t accomodate many more trinkets. I did manage to find two original, almost mint condition glomesh pieces, a wallet {$3} I adore and a kisslock purse {$20} which is absolutely lust-worthy and beyond perfect. My biggest steal was the briefcase {$7} it’s an Oroton that’s never been used and just perfect.
Dani also took me to a garage sale where I picked up this delightful musical jewellery box. It’s ruby red with gold painted features and has an aqua lining that’s just so beautiful. The poor ballerina snapped off long ago but the lullaby still plays like a charm. I’ve needed that weekend away for so long, for Dani and I to hang out in person, not just on skype/facebook/twitter or chatter on the phone. We needed to hug.

Do you like Sushi?


  1. 2

    Amy xxoo says

    I love me some sushi – California rolls or tuna and avocado are lovely, but my local sushi places makes a cajun chicken roll which is the bomb! And an Oroton briefcase for $7? What a bargain!

  2. 5

    Anonymous says

    I LOVE sushi and other Japanese food too. I don't do the non cooked stuff but I do like the cooked Eel rolls.


  3. 6

    Natalie Mulford says

    I like, as you call it "softcore sushi". I love cooked tuna sushi & pumpkin sushi. Om nom nom. I grew up snacking on seaweed as my brother used to eat it as a snack, so I tend to like most of the 'cooked' filled sushi.

  4. 8

    Belinda says

    I love sushi and have had terrible cravings for it but decent sushi restaurants are few and far between where I live :-( every time I come back to Aus, I cannot walk past a sushi place without stopping in for a few dishes LOL

  5. 9

    Becky says

    The smell of the seaweed isn't gross but it isn't pleasant either. I find it kind of puts me off when I'm trying to eat it. And even if I have a piece of chicken sushi it tastes like ocean? I'm also a texture person. I like crunchy. Not cold & squishy.
    However, my husband loves sushi, so I got creative & made some for him at home. Chicken, cucumber (or capsicum) & a cube of philly cream cheese…….DELICIOUS!!

  6. 10

    Kakka says

    Love sushi and sushimi and pretty much anything Japanese. Before trying the raw food I was a little what??? But once I had sushimi – there was not stopping me. Oh and miso soup – it is the best and really good for you.

  7. 12

    Melissa says

    Like you, I'm a soft-core sushi girl. But I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    I'm far too chicken to eat the 'real' stuff though.

  8. 13

    Alex says

    Love it – but lately I've been making my own so right now I'm sick to death of the stuff!

    Give me a week and I'll be back to swilling soy sauce and wasabi by the litre!

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