Nuffnang Melbourne Blog Meet

 Saturday 16th April 2011 – The Emerald Peacock
Hosted by Danimezza & Hello Events

Attendees: Back Row: Kelly, Sharnee, Prue, Calvin, KirstieDanimezza. Second Row: Mands, Shy Lady,  Nicole, Rhi, Emma, Karin Front Row: Emily, Carly, Emma’s Beau, Cintia

Photographs by Me & Luke

Taken by Luke
On Saturday a few bloggers got together at a little place called The Emerald Peacock and despite a few people not meeting their ridiculously high dress code (event planning lesson learnt) it was a really fun night.
 I’d also like to personally thank NAB for not paying people and severely cutting down the number of attendees. Thanks, that was super nice of you! The people who did come were true gems, I wish there were more hours in the night to get to know everyone a little better, you know, in person.
Nuffnang were brilliant and shelled out for pizza, I think in total we polished off about 12 of those bad  boys. They were sooooo good!
 Me & Rhi
Carly & Rekorderlig – Taken by Luke
Ahhhhh the sweet nectar of the gods… Rekorderlig. Introduced to me by the lovely Teer the night before and swiftly became mine and everyone else favourite choice of beverage.
 Me, Emily & Emma
We had something to eat, something to drink and then it was photo booth time! Here are a few of my favourites for obvious reasons!
 Emily, Me & Rhi
 Sharnee, Carly & Prue
 Kirstie & Me
 Me & Emily
 Sharnee, Me & Prue
I wore these boots, these tights, this dress, this necklace, these bracelets and this ring.
 Me & Kirstie
Luke, our photographer for the evening and partner of the lovely Nicole. He wanted me to stress that he’s not a professional photographer, he just loves to take photographs. We welcome everyone to apply as event photographers at our numerous Hello Blogger Events across Australia. I know how hard it is to get opportunities to get social exposure, gain experience and add to your portfolio. Just email us at
Taken by Luke
You all remember the lucky Liz who won the $50 Lindt Cafe Gift Voucher for her sensational blog post about the event… Well, Angie Baxter whom I adore and admire has graciously granted me permission to give away a Love Your Camera Workshop placement valued at $280.00 for one lucky blogger!!!
 Angie inspired me through her courses and now one of you lucky Melbourne Blog Event Attendees will get to experience the same thing but for FREE! Angie hosts workshops all over the country. If you’re keen to fully understand and appreciate your DLSR camera I promise you’ll never want to use the Auto Setting again! 
So get blogging, you have until the 30th of April. Once you’ve posted it, head over to the Hello Blogger Events facebook page and share you link, too easy! Feel free to use (and link appropriately) photos from the event which will be uploaded shortly to the Hello Events Flickr account.


  1. 2

    lillipilli says

    Aw – I'm so sad I couldn't be there. We had tickets to BB King that night. Next time though, definitely

  2. 3

    Em says

    had an awesome night & met some new truly awesome people. Was great to see you Dani.. miss you guys so much xx

  3. 5

    Nicole says

    I'm so glad I went, even if I did wake up with a little bit of a hang over, it was a really good night.


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