Aidan Loves Pigs

Aidan loves all the TV shows (Peppa Pig is awesome, just saying) , books and songs about pigs. He used to be crazy about ducks but now he has pig fever. This does not exclude is love for his very special pig, his piggy bank. Piggy is filled with “More” as Aidan calls it, a loose translation is “Money”. He isn’t even two yet and he’s already clued on that he needs “More” to survive.
At first it was a fun game to work on his motor skills and now he can bank away 5c pieces like a pro. Now he actually pays for things with money, it’s really cute. Usually I say we’re going to the op shop and he can buy a toy if he likes, we’ll take out 50c and he takes his time deciding on one thing he can afford and hands over the money. The op shop ladies go ga-ga over it.
Piggy has a special place in the lounge room, conveniently right next to Steve’s wallet. Aidan’s been known to run up to the nearest adult (including the electrician who came to fix the dishwasher), thrust piggy in the air and proclaim “More!”… gotta give the kid props for being trying! We don’t use money as a reward yet, it’s more about what those strange metal things are and what you use them for. As he gets older we’ll explain value and earning but for now it’s just so damn cute watching him plonk each shiny coin into piggy’s swollen belly.


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    Amy xxoo says

    Aww… my Flynn has a 'platty-bank " ( yep, given to us when he opened his bank account at the CBA ) and one of his favourite games is tro have us open the bottom, tip the money out, and let him put it all back in.
    And one of his favourite shows? " Olivia ". Pigs are cool!

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    Katie says

    Hahaha I'm reading with my shadow firmly attatched to me and he just had a fit at all the piggy pictures : ) He's still snorting! Might be the age but were big on pigs here as well, lucky they are cute! x

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    Anonymous says

    Lovely post. I'm very happy to see an everyday post again. I used to read you religiously, but your recent posts have left me a little disappointed. You're awesome at what you do, please keep it up! :)

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    Anonymous says

    Just be careful that your kids don't swallow any coins! It can be very dangerous and usually means an operation to remove them. They can do a lot of damage to the digestive tract!

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    Em says

    good ol Defcredit… oh the memories… learning about the importance young is great! He's gonna be a little saver in no time! Great work Dani xxxx

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