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A few weeks ago I was innocently reading the Sunday paper and saw that Jamie Coombes, Leading Make up artist for Dior and professional to the stars (Kate Moss!) was in Australia and would be doing a very limited number of appointments for a one hour, one-on-one consultation.
I tried my luck and was put on the wait-list and then by some lucky star I got in on a cancelation. I bought him a pretty pink tulip as a gift and we chatted about my bone structure, colours that would suit me and what I hoped to get out of my session.
Jamie was really lovely, friendly and attentive. I asked if I could take some pictures and the awesome staff happily took them for me whilst I was “educated”. I told him I was after the perfect base because they don’t call it the foundation for nothing, if you get that wrong it all goes wrong no matter how good you are at applying liquid eyeliner. Since my consultation with Jamie I’ve had so many compliments on my make up (I’m not kidding) that I would highly recommend seeking out a pro and getting lessons.

Jamie showed me a trick that I will be passing down through the generations. I’m serious. Excuse the nostrils but it was important to get as up close as possible to show you what he’s doing. He’s using a short small brush and applying mascara (in a dabbing motion to add volume) to the base of my top lashes, working from the outer corner inwards. 

See, it looks like I’m wearing eyeliner but I’m not. It looks like I have mascara all over my lashes but I don’t, it’s just at the base. The best part is it’s so easy to do it yourself and hardly takes anytime at all but makes such a huge difference. Go and try it right now!

… ok so you’re back and thanking me for never needing to wear messy false eyelashes again because your eyes totally pop now! Want more lessons but live too far away from a department store? Well, you can watch more look videos (like I did, twice) for lots of great tips and know-how. Afraid of make up, try Jamie’s Nude Look like I did, oh and his british accent is even cuter in person just so you know.

Jamie also picked out my perfect shade of everyday-wear lip colour… first go! “Feline” – Dior Addict in case you were wondering. None of “try this one…hmm actually no, how about this one…” the kind of service I usually get at the counter. Jamie knew what he was doing instinctively. I really like it because it’s a blend of gloss and lipstick, I’ve since gone back and bought two more different colours”Arty” and “Show”. I’m not a lipstick person usually as I find them quite hard and waxy on my lips but I just love this one.
He applied a shimmery ivory eyeshadow to really brighten up my eyes.
 I loved how he applied mascara, he used a tissue to protect my pretty lids and bent the brush within the tube to take on my lashes at and angle for maximum application. He used Iconic first to add length and definition then let it dry. He advised against using the zigzag method as it can cause clumping, just long strokes straight up is enough.
 Once dry he applied Blackout in the same way to add volume to my fine lashes.
 I was so amazed at the result… I couldn’t stop staring at myself.
A few finishing touches and Jamie was done and I was, as you can see, very happy. We were having so much fun, chatting and laughing that we lost track of time and my appointment went over. He was wonderful, told me not to worry about it and to go and get my nails painted in the luxe Dior shade “Bond Street” on the house. I was so excited by it I forgot to get the staff to take a happy-snap of us together, so all I got was this quick iPhone photo instead.
I enjoyed my make up lesson with Jamie Coombes and feel like I learnt a lot from it and I really do recommend you watch the videos, I’ve found them so helpful for learning how to achieve stunning new looks. Knowing I’m applying it properly makes me feel more confident, especially in social situations. I’d been saving up to buy some “grown up” make up for awhile and I’m glad I invested in quality because it really does make a difference. Below is a photo of my Dior stash so far and unlike the cheaper products I use every single thing on this table. Dior is releasing their new range at the end of the month and I can’t wait to test it all out.

Diorskin Forever 020 SPF25 Extreme Wear Light Beige / Diorskin Forever 020 SPF25 Extreme Wear  Compact / Diorblush 639 Sunkissed Cinnamon / Diorskin Crystal Nude 001 Invisible / Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum 80ml / Diorshow Blackout Volume Mascara / Dior Addict 872 “Arty” / Dior Addict 778 “Show” / Dior Addict 624 “Feline” ~ Sample Sizes: J’adore parfum 5ml / Diorskin Airflash Foundation / Diorshow Blackout Volume MascaraDior Capture Totale One Essential Serum 5ml / Purse.

What’s your favourite make up product?


  1. 1

    Adalita says

    Oh how special! I love how the make up artists can do everything so much better than you can! I can never emulate what they do at home it comes out wrong!

  2. 2

    Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song says

    I'm a sucker for someone doing my makeup, I love it! :P My fave makeup item is definitely eyeliner, I feel naked without it!

  3. 4

    Tracy says

    I love being made up. I really should invest in someone teaching me how to put my makeup on properly! My fave makeup item is mascara – after I had my daughter as long as I had mascara and lip gloss on I felt like I was put together. Even if I did smell like baby spew, had unbrushed hair and only had an hour of sleep.

  4. 5

    Amy says

    I can't leave the house without makeup – I even frighten myself if I look in the mirror and I don't have any on. Thanks for sharing your tips and some video links. I think your post may just have been the motivation I needed to book in for a proper lesson :)

  5. 6

    Anonymous says

    Is Dior make up expensive? I could click on the links but I can't be arsed!!

    I am not trying to start anything but where was Aidan when you were doing this?


  6. 9

    Danimezza says

    Adalita – Took a bit of practice but worth it.

    Rhi – The make up from your birthday party was awesome.

    Kerri – I expect to see pics :)

    Tracey – Totally get you. Mine was lip stain and mascara, felt like a new woman even if I was dead tired.

    Amy – DO IT

    Michelle – Grandma was visiting and looked after him.

    Rah – Try it :)

    MrsB – Long awaited, trust me! I feel very grown up.

  7. 10

    Natalie Mulford says

    I need to invest in some better quality make up, but it's more towards the bottom of my list atm. Your stash is incredible! It's super fun having someone do your make up for you, it's one thing I miss from Beauty School!

  8. 11

    Louisa says

    Thanks so much for this tip – I gave it a go last night and was really impressed by how good it looked and how easy it was to do. Thanks so much for this! I hardly ever wear make up and this tip gave me a lot of confidence in the way I did my eyes last night. Thanks!

  9. 12

    Being Me says

    Great post, thank you for the indepth photos and explanation. Have tried it and it looks really good (for someone with invisible eyelashes unless I make an effort ;)

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