Famous Magazine + Sensodyne Event

I was invited to attend a very hot event for FAMOUS Magazine and Sensodyne at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst on Wednesday night and I’m so glad I was able to go. This photo was snapped by the event photographer so I have a full outfit photo to show you. I’m wearing a gorgeous peacock blue velvet dress which was on the City Chic runway at LMFF earlier this year as well as my uber cool Kelly Moore “Libby” Camera Bag, both gifts from the designers.
An hour before the doors opened to the registered public, a handful of bloggers got the opportunity to hear what the FAMOUS “Insiders” (all successful professional Australian women) had to say. 
Meet the Iso-Active Social Stylists: Suhana Lye & Milly Gattegno from The Faders / Kellie Potts – Restauranteur / Karla Macmang – Make Up Artist / Brooke Daniels – Fashion Designer
We heard their tips and tricks on everything from fashion, food, romance, make up as well as the best tunes and the hottest clubs.
 Once all the gossiping was over The Faders jumped up for a great night of pumping tunes, they did a terrific set. If I was wasn’t busy taking photos and meeting lots of new people I would have been out on the floor dancing for sure.
 The Victoria Room is so beautiful, I really loved the mood lighting and the atmosphere it created. I made a mental note to plan a small get together there for my birthday in July… wanna come?
It’s filled with beautiful settees, ornate lamps, polished hardwood tables and beautiful rugs. The space was big enough to house 300 people but I can imagine how intimate it would be with all the furniture (apparently 2 truckloads of furniture were taken away for the event) back in coupled with the privacy of the beaded curtains… divine!
I’d like to introduce you to Rohan and Christina from Hair Romance who I met for the the first time and I have to say they totally made my night! I can see myself attending a lot of parties in the future with these two beautiful people.
After a bit of mingling, a lot of giggles and a few glasses of champagne the music changed, the lights dimmed… I look up and guess what I see!
 How was that for entertainment! It was unexpected and I was totally impressed.
Everyone got back into the swing of it after the show. I ran into a some friends and grabbed a few freebies from the stands set up around the venue. We sipped on cocktails, nibbled on the softest lamb chops and gobbled up gelato in sweet little cones.
There were so many flavours thanks to Gelatissimo and each one was dipped in different coloured chocolate. I can’t tell you which one is my favourite because I loved them all!
Larissa and I were out to try and get our hands on as many different flavours as possible… I’m guessing from this picture she won!
Set up around the venue were little stalls all catering for several different personal needs. There were the guys from MYCURL who were giving everyone little hair makeovers and showing them how to use their special curling product… you could say I’m still waiting in line for that one, I never got my chance!
The girls from Dermalogica were there to assess our skin and give us all a prescription for better skin health. I missed out on getting this done too as the line was so long but they were lovely enough to give me a sample pack for me to try at home.
Karla and her assistant did their thing at the Gorgeous Cosmetics section making everyone beautiful… whoops, I mean gorgeous! She was lovely and gave me a few Eye Shimmers in the shade “Suede” which matches every type of skin tone and eye colour to give away to you, my lovely readers so stay tuned for more info at the end of the post.
One thing I was determined not to miss out on was a mini manicure by the awesome girls at ORLY. We were all seated in little booths with champagne while we were painted and pampered. Thanks to Christina for taking this photo for me and to Rohan for keeping my glass topped up.

 I chose a beautiful glossy grey shade and as she was applying it I asked her what it was called and she said “Mirror Mirror”… I let out a big tipsy laugh, even my nail polish is vain!

 I was having such an amazing time, happily chatting with so many people then I realised it was time to go home which was just as well because I was almost the last person to leave… but not without my goodie bag!
 After a race to the train station I made it just in time to catch the last train home so I put my feet up and went through my stash of goodies and flicked through the photos on my camera. I was pretty miffed my iPhone battery was almost dead meaning no facebook or tweetdeck… shock horror!
 Realising I hadn’t taken any photos of myself I decided to take some silly self portraits with everyone staring at me on the train because that’s how I roll.
 This is the bracelet I bought last week at Fashion Weekend from PeepToe, $89 down to $29! It’s sublime and I got a lot of comments on it.
 There was no guarantee that the press photo taken at the event would be published so whilst waiting for my connecting train sometime after midnight I set up the camera and took a few outfit photos for you all.
 I wore the Velvet Damn You Alexis Dress thanks to City Chic. I was apprehensive about this dress because I wasn’t sure if it’s shape was something I could pull off plus it was a bit shorter than what I’m used to. I’m happy to report it’s now one of my favourites. I wouldn’t wear it without leggings but however I was comfortable taking my jacket off and threw my “HUGE arms” hang ups to the wind.
Jacket – City Chic
Dress – City Chic
Leggings – Damn You Alexis
Boots – City Chic
Necklace – Lovisa
Ring – City Chic
Bracelet – PeepToe
 After a few photos, a walk back up to the kiosk for a 1am hot chocolate and a tasty donut I was finally on my way home. As nice as the cocktails and champagne were I don’t think I’ll catch the train in again, I’ll definitely be driving into the city from now on.
Would you like a sweet treat too? Simply comment below for your chance to win one of three Gorgeous Eye Shimmer pots in “Suede” valued at $25 each! 
Thanks again to all the sponsors and for the very special invitation to attend, I had an excellent time and ripped into my Sensodyne toothpaste giftpack as soon as I got home… hehehe Steve knew nothing of my sneaky midnight treats!


  1. 3

    LumpsandBumps says

    That blue looks fab on you :)
    And looks like a great night, I've been to the Victoria Room and it's divine.

  2. 4

    Amy xxoo says

    Three things:
    1) That dress looks uber-cute on you
    2) That dove grey nail polish is very chic – i think i need some
    3 Was the tumbler/acrobat from Cirque Du Soleil? Because i have my tickets to see them in July and i cant wait!

  3. 5

    DanniiBeauty says

    What a fantastic event! It looks amazing. I love the dress your wearing, the colour is gorgeous and it looks great with the leggings.

    Ohhh the Orly nailpolish looked great!

  4. 7

    Anide says

    You are beyond fabulous!! Those train pics were my favourite! I want your leather jacket…and your doughnut :D You're inspiring me to go out and take pictures!

  5. 8

    Norlin says

    Wished I could've been there! Looked like you had a fabulous time. And you look great in that dress!!

  6. 9

    Loz says

    Your knack of taking a photo to capture a 'mood' is brilliant! I felt like I was in the room! Looks like an amazing venue :)

    am now craving donuts….

    Great post x

  7. 11

    Tracy says

    That last photo… I'm craving doughnuts right now. I love your photos, like someone said previously, I feel like I was in the room with you. You look stunning, that dress looks amazing on you. Love the train fashion shoot shots x

  8. 12

    Bexstar says

    You know when I first saw the blue velvet dress on CC website I really wasn't feeling it. But it totally looks wicked on you!

    You own everything you wear with your confidence Dani & that's what makes the clothes work for you.
    You inspire me to do the same. Thank you!


  9. 13

    Allison says

    Ooohh, that acrobat was fit!!! (There aren't many men who can pull off a top that finishes above the nipples!)

    That velvet dress is a beauty too! I never much liked velvet as a clothing fabric but I think I might have changed my mind! :-)

  10. 14

    Clare says

    Gorgeous pics – looks like a great night!
    I am loving grey nail polish too and just bought a Sally Hansen one called Wet Cement (looks nicer than it sounds)!

  11. 16

    Megs says

    You are becoming quite the little girl about town! Good on you, wish I had some of that excitement and glamour in my life, maybe the eye shadow will help!

  12. 19

    Christie - Childhood 101 says

    Green with envy.. you get to do so many cool things! And I love that dress. And the nail colour. And…. and…. and….

  13. 20

    Houda says

    Envious too!!! :-) I have always been a little apprehensive about velvet on my curves, but that dress looks smashing on you!!! I think I NEED that dress now!!!

    Love the nails too!

  14. 21

    Defy says

    WOW! Those shots are amazing! That is the BEST photo of a Speedball I have ever seen!!! I really need to take these for my profile (if it's cool with you). You've got an amazing eye!

    • 24


      OK OK I needed a good laugh and dose of YOU after that brdagie to St Pete for the b- ball thing. You dunked this one girl! Soooooooooo funny! I am laughing out loud and the family is dying to know why! Sorry guys . only something a mother could love! PS As your personal trainer (friend aside this is my serious assessment!) this will happen less and less as you work on that flexibility!

  15. 25

    Defy says

    Let me know if you have your Birthday Drinks at Vic Rooms on a Sunday evening and I'll try to be available to do an aerials routine for you!
    Click my name to go to my page. ;)

  16. 27

    Danimezza says


    Please still feel free to comment on the post and my awesome outfit :P

  17. 28


    I watch it all the time. Yes some of their traditions are over the top to me. But as one male on the show poentid out, some of our traditions are over the top to them. For them we are the sluts and weirdos. They don’t have sex outside of marriage. When your married your married to only that person. If a female is seen with a bunch of boys alone, she is labeled a slut. As for the dresses, well who doesn’t want to fell like a princess on her wedding day? Though the dress with the lights were a bit overboard. But she loved it, so tah hell with what others think. Its her wedding day!!Then there is also the other side of the show. How would you guys like to have your wedding reception at an animal shelter, just because your a traveler. There was a 12 year old boy who watched as his parent’s mobile home was knocked down by bulldozers, because of who they were. Maybe you should open your eyes, and watch with an open mind.


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