About a month ago I was lucky enough to snuggle up on the couch with Gok Wan. Ok, so maybe we didn’t snuggle (after all I’m not really his type) but we did turn a 15 minute interview into almost an hour long chat-fest… and we were sitting on the couch together.
Gok was kind enough to give me a signed copy of his book “Through Thick and Thin” to give away to a very lucky Danimezza reader. All I asked you to do to go in the draw was to be kind to yourself and blog about your favourite body part.
To be honest I was quite disappointed by how small the number of entrants were. I thought the competition was quite easy and would make brilliant content for your blogs. I thought it would be a nice self esteem exercise, to remind yourself that you’re beautiful and amazing. I thought that the resulting positive comments for your readers would boost you up like I know mine does. I thought wrong.
When I was speaking with Gok he described it as a constant up hill struggle, that what we were both trying to achieve was going against years of brainwashing, of self hatred. We just had to keep on going, reaching out to everyone but realising the message may only sink in for one. I don’t have multiple TV shows and I definitely don’t have the kind of reach that Gok has but I do have a little blog which helped me personally so why not use it to try and inspire others.
It took a lot longer for me to decide who should win the prize than I thought it would. All the posts were so beautiful and real, I wish I had a book for every single one of you. In the end a decision had to be made and the winner is: FAMILY NEMO. Thank you to everyone who entered, continue to be proud of who you are x


  1. 1

    Ames says

    Congrats!! Beautiful heels are definitely had to have, a body part and trait definitely to be proud of!

  2. 3

    Miss Nemo says

    I can't believe it! I won! I never win anything.

    Way to go heels!
    Thanks Dani – will definitely have to have a blog about this! :))

  3. 7

    Allison says

    Congrats to the winner!!
    Just wanted to say that I would have entered if I had my own blog, but I don't.
    Possibly a lot of your readers also don't blog themselves either and that's why there weren't many entries??
    Just a thought :)

  4. 8

    Lori-lee says

    It's a shame more people didn't enter.

    I don't know who he is so it's not a prize that interests me.

  5. 9

    TatumW says

    Thanks for running a great comp Dani! I was surprised that there weren't more entrants too…because it was a great blogging topic and I really enjoyed putting mine together, irrespective of whether there was a prize up for grabs or not :) Loved that you asked us to be a bit thoughtful with out entry rather than the ever easy comment only!
    Tatum xx

  6. 11

    Anonymous says

    Hey i just wanted to mirror those comments by Allison. I am also an avid reader of your blog and have been for years (I emailed you aaaaaages ago once about my fertility journe when you were going through a difficult phase) and anyway i also was extremely excited to enter because i love love love Gok Wan and would love his book but was dissapointed to find that i needed a Blog address etc to enter. Maybe in future if you want more people to enter the comps could be open to all of your followers leaving a simple comment about their favourite body part and then the winner is picked at random?


  7. 13

    Amy xxoo says

    Somehow i missed this post – well done Nemo! I was also a little suprised that there werent more entries – its not like you were asking us to get nude and for such an awesome prize a blog post was relatively little effort….

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