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Back in March Steve and I took Aidan on a caravaning trip. We planned a brilliant route, packed everything we needed and headed off to visit friends and family. I was even presumptuous enough to assume that our trip would be so magical with a toddler that I arranged a five day guest post slot over at Childhood101 so I could share all my jewels of first-hand knowledge. Although we thought we’d taken everything into account, one thing we didn’t plan on was us all catching the flu. Two days into our 14 day trip and I was ready to turn the car around and head back home. Instead we only lasted 6 days, speeding through our destinations and arriving home disheartened and miserable.
As you can imagine when I sat down to write the guest posts they just weren’t flowing because to be completely honest I didn’t have that great a time. My writing wasn’t coming from a proud, happy or event tormented place, it was all just a bit blah. I was sick and sleeping one sheet of tarp away from the bitterly cold nights and on top of that I had to also look after Steve who apparently had a chronic man-cold, oh and lets not forget about the terribly snotty toddler. Fun wasn’t on the agenda… survival was!
Don’t get me wrong the caravan was perfect, just not perfect for toddlers because absolutely everything is at their level. This includes the microwave, stove, oven and fridge. We hired a Jayco Swan Campertrailer which was like an expandable apartment on wheels. We all squished in together on one queen sized bed with doonas piled high and Aidan doing the starfish in the middle. Not exactly a romantic time for Mum and Dad.

We travelled from Sydney to Hay on the first day as we were parking the van at Hello Owl’s Nan & Pop’s place. From there we headed to Mildura to finally meet Rhi and help her celebrate her 30th birthday. The next morning we left early for Moe to visit the in-laws and after two nights there we sped of home, stopping overnight at Merimbula before finally reaching our own comfy beds which we quickly jumped into after slathering our chests with vapour rub and humming “soft kitty” to ourselves.

Obviously there were good parts, some great parts even but when Steve and I look back on the majority of the memories we created, well most were pretty crappy. For our first big family driving holiday it didn’t go well but we’re not completely discouraged. Aidan likes the car, looking out the windows, singing aloud, reading books and napping, even after 10hrs of driving he was still pretty good, grumbly but good. We’ll be doing it again, after all Aidan will be 2.5 years old and that will make a world of difference… right?

What’s the best/worst holiday you’ve ever been on?

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  1. 1

    Leigh says

    Voted for you ages ago of course….good luck!

    Loved the video, looks like you still managed to have a bit of fun in between all the man flu.

  2. 2

    stink-bomb says

    LMAO @ "soft kitty" that song can cure anything :-P

    LOVE the vid, pity everyone got sick. we stayed in a caravan on holiday when i was younger and it was great, in fact i mentioned to Guv the other day about staying in one next time we go on holiday.

    i have a Q re the car, is it yours? how do you find it? we're looking at a new car and already having a Kia we're contemplating another.

    i hope you win!


    p.s. i voted awhile ago too!

  3. 3

    Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song says

    Aw, I felt so sorry for you when I saw you were all sick! So special to me that you traveled all that way just for my birthday. Big kisses xx

  4. 4

    Danielle says

    Hehe. Love it, some people are hotel people and others camping. Sometimes as much as we want to be one of the two were not

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