Choo Choo

Before I left with Aidan for Townsville the Hawkesbury Show came to town and I took Aidan by myself.
One thing I was really looking forward to was taking Aidan on his first show ride. He LOVED it.
He didn’t like getting off.
At all!
He rode that little train 4 times and each time he went around the smile got bigger and wider.
I told Steve he had to go with us next year, he’ll be progressing up to the tea cups for sure!
Check out the video, Aidan’s watched it a million times.

It took a lot to drag him away from the train.
He did NOT want to get off.
Luckily Aidan enjoyed the emergency Chuppa Chupp I packed in my purse.
Suddenly everything was right in the world again and we both headed home for a nice long nap.


  1. 2

    Christie - Childhood 101 says

    I remember Immy's first show and she loved a little ride which was a row of mini Mack trucks. Your photos as always are divine :)

  2. 3

    Anonymous says

    Loved the rope seat belt!!!

    He looks so grown up now, especially in the last photo!


  3. 4

    Amy xxoo says

    Your son may just be the 2nd cutest boy in the world ( my Flynn being the 1st of course)!
    We had the Dubbo Show on here last weekend and i took Flynn on the ferris wheel, thinking he'd love to look at and see the people and wave to daddy… nope. He look scraed the first loop around and by the top of the second one he started crying and screamin " I want Daddy! ".
    Epic. Show. Fail

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