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It feels like a million years ago that I was sitting in this chair but it was only back in March. I’d been researching hair straightening methods and options for months and I was determined to do something about my unruly locks. The team at Pierre Haddad Sydney, Guava Latino Hair Treatment and Wella decided it was time to work their magic.
After a hair and scalp consultation I was ushered over to the most luxurious wash basin I have ever had the pleasure of sitting on. It reclines just like a dentists chair and you want to know the best part… it massages!!!
After one of the most relaxing shampoo’s it was time for a quick finger blow dry before the treatment application process began. 
This is how my hair looks when it dries naturally. Steve calls it my “Wild Woman Hair” and I call it a hot mess. It was time to say goodbye to the wild unkempt woman and embrace the glamorous diva within.
My hair was sectioned into parts and the treatment was pasted on with a dye brush and then combed through for even coverage. There was no tugging or pulling, it was all quite relaxing. I’d read a lot of reviews online about other brands and not all of them were great, even as I was reading a magazine at the salon there was an article warning readers of the toxins released from differing brands and I was glad that as I sat there, it wasn’t something I needed to be concerned about.
The room was huge with a large open roof with lots of ventilation. There were fans and face masks for my comfort if I chose to use them but I chose not too. At one point I actually had to ask when it was going to start getting smelly as I couldn’t smell a thing! Not one single crinkle of the nose or water of the eye. I was impressed as I’m usually quite sensitive to chemical smells.
Even when the treatment was being dried into my hair with the blowdryer and steam was rising, I wasn’t irritated and neither was my stylist. Pierre came in to check up on me to see how it was all going and if I was enjoying myself. He gave me a sneak peek at the new products for the Guava Latino straightening line that he’s in the process of creating and a bit about his history and why he loves his job and the industry. I love it when people share their passions.
The team at Pierre Haddad were brilliant and really took care of me. They even serve alcohol if you’re into booze and blow waves, great before a night out. The girls couldn’t stop pawing at my camera and everyone had a go at using it, that’s how I got most of the photos, total gems like this one.
I arrived at the salon at 9:30, the process started at 10:00 and after getting my new glossy locks and messing about taking photos of everything in sight I was out the door at 1pm which I thought was pretty good timing considering my usual cut/colour/treatment session lasts for 3-4hrs… don’t judge me, I love chatting with my hairdresser Lou.
Who wouldn’t be thrilled with results like this! I’d had a colour and cut a week before and the treatment did slightly lighten my hair but I only saw that as a positive thing, my hair looked and most importantly felt, youthful and healthy. 
I couldn’t stop touching my hair, it felt amazing which of course made me feel beautiful. All I had to do was keep my hair dry for 3 days and use the special shampoo and conditioner they provided for me. I was told with my hair type it should last around 6-8 weeks and then I should consider booking in again for a repeat treatment which would then make the treatment last about 4 months. The price differs on application, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. The quote for mine would have worked out to be $300, the equivalent of 2x cut/colours and that included the shampoo and conditioner which still hasn’t run out.
This post has been a long time coming because I didn’t feel comfortable telling you guys to try something without really trialling it throughly. I’m happy to report that it’s been 4 months and I’ve still got great manageable hair! It’s not straight anymore but it’s MANAGEABLE and still glossy. My hair got some of it’s kink back around the 8-10 week mark but I didn’t mind it as it looks more like a glamourous version of the natural me (no frizz). It now only takes 5-10 minutes to blow dry it where as before it took 20 minutes. I can go out in drizzly rain and not end up with hair resembling a troll doll. Basically it rocks!
I have to give a big shout out to my Stylist Sue,  she was so lovely, approachable and knew her stuff. She suggested a few different hair styles I could try as well as colours that would match my skin tone. I felt really well looked after and she would definitely be one of the reasons I’d go back.
One quick photo with Pierre and after a lot of hugs and thank you’s I was off for an full-on weekend with all my blogging buddies. I wasn’t paid to review their services, I merely enquired through their website and they invited me along to try it out and share my results with you guys, good or bad. They believed in their product and now I know why first hand. I can’t count the amount of people I’ve recommended the treatment to because now I believe in it too. When my sister-in-law came to visit she loved my results so much that she went in and had it done too. My hairdresser Lou is even considering offering the Guava Latino Hair Treatment at his salon as he’s seen the before/after and noticed the difference it’s made not just to the look of my hair but also it’s health… if that’s not a solid recommendation I don’t know what is!
If you have any questions at all about the process please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly (I love emails) as I’m more than happy to answer them. If you’d like to talk to the team at the  Pierre Haddad salon directly for more detailed information or to ask for a quote just call (02) 9264 1115


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    Kerri Sackville says

    I LOVED this post!!! It is like porn for hair!!! Your hair was (is?) amazing and I do recall feeling exceedingly jealous. Now I am contemplating having a curl free few months, just for fun. Hm…… xxxx

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