I must be dreaming

I’m pumped, it’s been an awesome day! Aidan slept really well last night and we had a really nice relaxing day together then Steve came home early from work and I packed my bags to leave… not for good, just for the weekend. Hello Blogger Events is hosting a dinner on the Gold Coast and a few of my blogging besties and I are pimping it out hardcore at a lush apartment at Q1 overnight, I’ve been working on my swagger. I’ve packed way too many clothes for just two days but I don’t care. My boys drove me to the airport and along the way I took these silly photos on my iphone and checked my facebook and realised I’d won a FREAKING HOLIDAY!!!
Thanks to Travelscene American Express our little family will be jetting off to Daydream Island for a long weekend!!! It’s so crazy I still can’t quite wrap my mind around the whole thing and I’m sure Steve wont be convinced until we’re actually there and even then it might take a few beers for it to sink in. HUGE shout out to Lynda for letting me know about the competition and prompting me to enter. Aidan and I had a lot of fun that day making the collage for our entry. He did all the sticky-taping and picked out all the bits and pieces to put on it and he did lots of colouring. I think it took about 2 hours in between morning tea and lunch, oh and Sesame Street. I’m just waiting on an email to confirm dates and details but I know it will be soon… such a crazy day!


  1. 1

    Amy xxoo says

    Wah – how exciting! I've only ever won small things and they always make me feel excited… i dont know how i'd react if i won something as big as a holiday!

  2. 5

    Kel says

    Congrats on the holiday – considering how busy you are I think it's a fabulously timed win – some relaxation and quality time :) Yay for you!! :D

  3. 8

    Anonymous says

    I must be getting old and cynical, you're last few posts seem so materialistic and vaguely annoying.

    I will be alright after a good lie down!


  4. 9

    Talitha says

    ooh congrats! I am so jealous! Daydream Island will be beautiful :)

    Hope you get heaps of pics to share with us!

    Talitha xx

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