My Kelly Moore Libby Camera Bag

Last year I bought invested in a fancy camera, a Nikon D700 and thanks have to be given to a mentor of mine Caspix for helping me to get over myself and my fears. For sitting on the phone with me for hours as I poured my heart out (essentially to a complete stranger) about my fears to commit to a very expensieve piece of equipment and the fear of my work not being valued as worth the financial risk.
To cut a long story short, as you know I did buy the camera and it was definitely worth the risk and now I have no hesitation at all in flinging hard earned cash on new gear. All this gear needed to be kept safe, not only at home but most importantly when I was out on a job or worse still… within arms reach of Aidan! I was on the hunt of bags, yep plural. I bought a shootsac on sale and I also chose a rolling suitcase style, I just haven’t bought it yet. What I really needed was a carry-all and that’s when I found Kelly Moore Bags.
I’d looked at her site a million times, accessed and reaccessed whether the bag I’d initially chosen (Juju) was right for me but I just couldn’t seem to bring myself to click the BUY button. Then the night I decided I would take the plunge a notice came up saying that a new bag called Libby was being released in a few weeks and as soon as I saw it… it was love at first sight. I emailed Kelly, we got to talking and what-do-you-know, she sent me out a bag as a gift as soon as it arrived from the manufacturers, before it was even made available to the public!
I hoped it would arrive in time for LO’real Melbourne Fashion Festival back in March but it arrived a few days later thanks to customs. It seriously could have kicked all those other boring black camera bags to the curb with it’s slick style. I chose the colour grey as it’s neutral and so far has gone with every outfit I own. I’ve had it for a few months now and really been giving it a run for it’s money because I had to, it’s not cheap and I wanted to show you guys that I honestly believe it’s worth it. Buying a bag online can be tricky and something I found most daunting so if you have any questions at all please leave a comment and I’ll answer each one.
This is Libby straight out of the box. She came in a big cloth bag just like a designer handbag should with a sweet little note from Kelly and promotional material showcasing her range of designs. All the handles, straps and tags were all protected and the metal logo plate had scratch protection sticker. You could tell a lot of effort went in to making sure the bag arrived safely and in pristine condition. I found the colour was exactly the same as depicted on the website which isn’t always the case when buying things online. The zippers were sturdy and the stitching, well I couldn’t find one single fault.
Inside the bag it’s lined with a purple silk-touch fabric and comes with a tonne of inserts and velcro for dividing sections which means that for each bag or each occasion it can be customised to suit your needs. It has a special section that fits my 15″ MacBook Pro with room for a 17″ but if you don’t need it you can take that out too. I’m pretty rough with my bags and haul a lot of stuff including personal items and the interior structure still looks exactly the same, even the fabric looks brand new. I don’t even use all the dividers so I put them on the floor of the bag for added shock absorbency.
When I traveled up to Brisbane in April I took along my new bag with all my gear tucked safely inside. It’s the perfect size for carry-on but after a little scare I’ve learnt to inform the air stewardess not to shove it around to make it fit in the overhead compartment, that it contained valuable photographic equipment. After all how was she to know, there aren’t that many camera bags this gorgeous in the world. After my heart rate had lowered the passenger sitting next to me asked me where I’d gotten it from as her niece was into photography… less than two hours later that lady walked off the plane a camera bag expert with a list of things to google.
I was staying with Dani from Hello Owl and asked her as we were driving in-between Op Shops, if she could pull the car over near that super cool spray painted warehouse wall and take some photos of me with my super cool bag. Being as awesome as she is she indulged me and took all the photos with me in them. I didn’t do my make up, I didn’t do my hair and I definitely didn’t plan on wearing those tights but that wall was so awesome and we were living in the moment. Just in case you were wondering my the dress was from Crossroads, cardigan was from Target, leggings were from City Chic and the necklace was from Lovisa.
The Libby Bag comes with a large adjustable shoulder strap or you can wear the two large handles over your shoulder or carry it like a tote. You can see in this photo that the base of the bag is really flat and there are supportive and protective studs to keep the bag stable and upright as it’s important to have a bag that doesn’t tip or bend over. There is so much space in the bag I can fit all my make up, huge wallet, gloves, medications, lip glosses, one-use toothbrushes, torch, umbrella, water bottle, note pad and pen, lots of spare batteries, chargers, cords, business cards, lollies, magazines… you name it and I’ve shoved it in there and that’s on top of all the cameras, flashes and accessories!
I don’t generally wear my bag when I’m shooting unless I absolutely have to. For press events I usually leave my bag in the green room or at the event organisers office on site. I’m sure if I wasn’t having to travel so far from home and didn’t need to use public transport most of the time the bag wouldn’t be as full and I could wear it but that’s not the case for me. When I get more lenses I’ll pack the shootsac in my Libby and wear that with my lenses so they’re not left unattended. The high end professional cameras are a serious investment, $3K alone for the lens I want next so I have to make sure I’m also spending money to protect the gear otherwise what’s the point.
I’ve run through airports, traipsed through fields, gone out drinking with it, been to fashion shows with it, attended cool parties and got compliments on it. I’ve filled it to bursting point, been rough with the zippers, chucked it in the back of the car, had it dragged along the ground (thanks Aidan), had drinks spilt on it, it’s been drawn on (thanks Aidan), ran through rain storms with it, twisted the straps and just been vigorously used on a daily basis. As I said before, I wont promote something I don’t believe in and I’m not under contract to write about my Libby Bag simply because I received one, it’s only after falling head over heels with it that I’m giving you the inside scoop.
I love my Libby!!!
Libby is $249.00 USD and comes in Grey (shown), Sapphire & Caramel. Kelly also just released some brand new colours which will be available late June: Lavender, Black and Orange… I’m lusting after a few more colours now! Libby too big for your needs, why not check out the other ranges she has online such as the Classic, B-Hobo, KellyBoy and the brand spanking new (not even available yet) Mimi, you wont be disappointed.
How do you store your camera?


  1. 1

    Rachele says

    I could buy another one of my cameras for the cost of the bag but it would be worth it if you have a super expensive camera! I love these photos of you, so cute! And you look joyous over the camera bag!

    <3 Rachele

  2. 3

    Leigh says

    Great pics! I do like your bag. But it's a tad big/girlie for me.

    I am a terrible bag shopper, think I might be a tad too picky. Can spend months looking and still not find something I love.

    I have been camera/handbag shopping again this week, and still having no luck.

    • 6


      First, my mom had this same issue in PA when searching for canend pumpkin last season to make pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. She ended up buying some funky gourd that didn’t really look like pumpkin, but tasted exactly like one and made her pies from scratch! You can bet I will be looking for canend pumpkin next time we go to the supermarket in England. I will report back. Second, I am so jealous of your TJ’s, but I have to say I’m having fun in the British supermarkets!

    • 7


      Consider the audience of “the house” The same National Public Radio that was caghut in an anti-conservative smear and forced to apologize?It’s easy to make that kind of mental stretch (analogy) when you’re playing to a house of liberals. Don’t hurt yourself Mr. Lloyd, getting pretty thin up there!

  3. 8

    Kylez...aka...MrsP says

    OMG, I think I just fell in love! Now I just have to convince the husband why I must get this bag when he is already freaking out about how we are going to afford a baby! Surely I could fit some nappies, wipes, creams and a change mat in there along with my camera…surely!

  4. 11

    Terry Bisset says

    Perfect timing for me. I just purchased the Nikon D7000 with an 18-200 lens and was looking for a good quality bag to store it in. I think the lavender will appeal to me. Thank you for sharing.

  5. 12

    Natalie Mulford says

    I don't own a good camera, but when I do, i'm snapping up one of these bags. I've been admiring Kelly Moore bags for ages, they are so gorgeous! I'm such a picky bag buyer but I'd buy one of those babies as an every day use bag juct because they are so pretty! Soe of the colours the bags are available in are so amazing!

  6. 13

    sassy says

    Those bags are gorgeous and in such great colours! I think I might not wait until I get a good camera to get such an awesome bag.

  7. 14

    Angela says

    Aren't those bags the absolute BEST! I bought my Sis one for Chrissy and she is still in complete love six months later…perfection!
    Love the colours in the pics of you with the wall to!

    A x


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