Squeaky Clean Fun

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So last week I shared with you the fact that I was letting the team down and not really pulling my weight around the house. Instead of pointing fingers and sulking Steve and I put our heads together and came up with a few solutions to make life at home a little sweeter. One challenge that stumped us was the bathroom but VIVA sent me a few packets of their new VIVA Shower Fast Wipes for me to try out that would hopefully stop our bathroom from looking like the horrible before photo ever again.
I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this a few times but Steve and Aidan are just like TweedleDum and TweedleDee. They live out of each others pockets, have the same catch phrases, funny facial expressions and by some weird coincidence an almost matching wardrobe. Steve’s a very active father, they’re best mates and they do everything together. Even after a hard, stressful day filled with overtime and office politics Steve always makes time to give Aidan a bath or have a shower together then they read a few books and he tucks Aidan into bed. It’s their nighttime ritual.
Usually whilst Steve’s putting Aidan’s PJs on and reading the same book over and over again, I’m pottering around the house putting away toys, stacking the dishwasher, picking up towels and tidying up the bathroom. After having used the wipes for a week now I’m going to admit that I liked them. It took three wipes to really get the shower gleaming but it was pretty filthy. After the initial clean the shower stayed nice like this for a few days which is impressive since it usually gets covered with a lot of shampoo and fingermarks.
Steve bought Aidan a few foam toys (from Aldi of course) they’re great for entertaining Aidan while Steve washes himself. As entertaining and educational as they are, they do smudge up my glass but one fast wipe and the evidence is gone and my glass is gleaming again. For lazy cleaners like me it’s awesome. I know that I could just continue to buy the bottles and spray it on to a cloth wipe or a scourer but honestly it wouldn’t be the same. The wipes are convenient. One side is textured and you can really scrub into the grime with it. The other side is smooth to remove any residue, it’s like the product, scourer and cloth wipe morphed into one and became the VIVA Fast Shower Wipe.
I did the math and I figure I’ll use two wipes each week, one for the shower and one for the bath and sink. 2 wipes x 52 weeks = 104 wipes / 30 wipes per pack = 3.5 packets per year x $4.99 per packet = $20 a year to keep my bathroom sparkling. No need to buy product, gloves, scourers, cloth wipes, squeegees etc. Even my penny pinching husband is converted and was keen to try them out himself.
VIVA are giving 10 lucky Danimezza readers the chance to win a pack each to take their bathroom from grime to gleam with one fast wipe. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment telling me: 

What do you wish you could do faster?


  1. 1

    Bexstar says

    I am the same as you. I detest cleaning the bathroom. My husband molts like a hairy dog & when I mention it's bathroom cleaning time he usually disappears. There is nothing in this life I would like to fast forward except this mundane chore & maybe my daily workout at the gym. Bx

  2. 2

    Amy says

    Hmmm… what do I wish I could do faster… that is to hard to narrow down. But boringly (it's a word, I''m sure) I would love to be able to clean the whole house faster so I would have more time for other things.

    And I am amazed your husband let you into the bathroom with a camera. My husband would of swatted me away and locked the door.

  3. 3

    Dani says

    I love those wipes. I have them for the kitchen and the bathroom and they make cleaning so much easier.
    Now if only I could find a way to do the gardening faster without paying a heap for a gardener

  4. 4

    Permanently twenty three says

    I wish I were faster at getting out of the house with the kids in tow. Sadly, it feels like it takes about 3 hours and 4 separate trips to the car…

  5. 6

    Melissa says

    Well 3 doesn't sound so bad at all, does it? My husband does the showers for me (my back..) so he's quite interested in giving these a go.

    As for what I wish I could do faster? Get my 3 year old to stay still so I can get some freaking clothes on him!

  6. 9

    Natalie Mulford says

    ALL of the housework! I wish I could click my fingers & everything would be spotless. I think it would be hanging the washing on the line, that is one task that I seem to find takes forrrever.

  7. 10

    Amy xxoo says

    I so want – no NEED – this prize! ( Ok, i'll buy myself some at the supermarket today just in case i dont win.. )
    But what i'd love to do faster is the whole washing process – washing, hanging, bringing in and folding. To be honest its the folding bit that slows everything down – i feel like i live with a constant basket of clean washing needing to be folded!

  8. 11

    Kel says

    Clean the house! I hate that it takes me alllllllll day to clean, and then 10 mins later it's like a cess-pit again. If it only took me 10mins to clean in the first place, I wouldn't be so offended about the trashing of it.

  9. 13

    Barbara says

    Just cleaning in general.. I wish I could just twinkle my nose and it was finished.. Unfortunately I watched far too much Bewitched when I was younger!!

  10. 14

    Emily @ Mum's the word says

    I have been hearing so much about these lately. I think I might have to give them a try!

    Cleaning the bathroom is probably one of my least favourite things to do! I can never seem to get the shower screen as clean as I want it, and with two small boys who like to wash the glass with soap (ahhhhhh), I think they would probably make my life a whole lot easier!

    Hey, I could even get the kids to do it for me! :)

    So, what do I wish I could do faster? ALL my housework, of course!

  11. 15

    Anika says

    I absolutely hate cleaning the kitchen!! I love to cook but the mess left behind drives me crazy!!! I dont mind cleaning the bathroom but despise the shower such a small space I normally get in with a singlet and undies to clean it! So I may have to invest in these wipes!!

  12. 16

    Caitlin of Closet Confessions says

    I wish I was quicker at deciding to get off my butt and actually help clean the house. Mum and dad are busy people, but this sounds like an easy and, weirdly, fun way to clean the bathroom and give my mum a hand!!!


  13. 17

    Em says

    i wish i could cook dinner faster… after cutting vegies, doing whatever needs to be done to the meat & organising everything else it takes at least 1.5hrs to cook dinner AND do the dishes… not a fan :( wish i could just wack it all in the microwave & it's be ready in 2 seconds.. and taste as good as a home cooked meal!!

  14. 18

    Paula says

    I wish the dish washing process was faster. I am a firm believer that nothing beats a great home cooked meal but without a dishwasher its a nightmare. Even just the end of night normal dinner dishes give me a headache. I procrastinate and find every excuse in the book not to do them . I love cleaning my bathroom though – call me odd i find it relaxing

  15. 19

    Polly says

    I hate cleaning the shower/bathroom, but even more than that, i HATE vacuuming. Please let me find a fast (but effective) way to vacuum.

  16. 20

    Mama Tee says

    I MUST try these! Anything to make my life easier!!!

    What do I wish I could do quicker? My HAIR. I am sooo Mumsy and I use to just throw it up in a pony tail, but now I'm working full time in an office and I NEED to do my hair.

    Oh how I'd love to sleep in that extra 30 minutes and get up at 5.30am instead of 5am. But I do it all for my hair.

  17. 21

    Kellie says

    I wish I could get all my housework done faster, but I just can't seem to get into it. It's a love/hate relationship.
    So I either need to a) hire a cleaner; or b) get my hands on these wipes!

  18. 23

    Allison says

    I wish I could go to sleep faster!!

    It takes me forever to fall asleep and my husband is out like a light within 15 minutes of going to bed which is extra annoying! I'm usually lying there for 1-2 hours, sometimes longer :-(

  19. 24

    Tabitha says

    I am a non-domesticated female! Cleaning is the bane of my existence! So would love to try these!

    I wish I could get ready faster! It's such a process every morning – put on my 'face', do my hair, choose my outfit, change my outfit if necessary!


  20. 26

    Melissa *Suger Coat It* says

    I wish my work day went faster. I love my job but I'd REALLY love more time for my hobbies, family etc.

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