Yo Gabba Gabba at Sydney Opera House

Aidan loves music, I’d go so far as to predict that it will play a major part in his life whether it be personal or professional. My little dude can get down like the best of them, he’s got brilliant rhythm and can belt out a tune, even in key most of the time! So when I saw that Yo Gabba Gabba would be in town performing at the Sydney Opera House I contacted the press office and asked if I could get tickets for their biggest fan (Steve) and they said yes! Aidan and I were pretty stoked that they gave us tickets too!
I’m not kidding, Steve and I love Yo Gabba Gabba. Aidan loves it too which is important. Here he is at the beginning of the show when everyone is being seated. We got great seats in a prime location for photos and there were lots of dads so Steve didn’t feel like the odd one out. Aidan still doesn’t really have any idea of what’s going on in this photo, just soaking up his surroundings and then it got dark…
He didn’t really like that much and got a little claustrophobic… until he saw DJ Lance that is!
Then, just like he does on the show, DJ Lance opened up his boom box and all the toys came to life to the magic words… “YO GABBA GABBA!!!”
Toodee, Foofa, DJ Lance, Muno, Brobee, Plex
See that twinkle in his eye and that chubby grin, they stayed there for the entire show. 
The show was so great, not too long and very dynamic. Lots of colours, some of our favourite songs were played and Aidan spent the majority of it up dancing or high up on Steve’s arm. I really liked the seats at the Opera House as they flip up so he had a bit of room to move and shake his nappy-clad booty.
Super Music Friends Show is a vital part of the Yo Gabba Gabba series, that’s how they introduce guest performers, it’s very cool. At the show we attended they brought on Art vs Science.
All the adults in the room burst out laughing when they started playing “Use your flippers to get down” and out came a penguin and a seal. They even taught everyone how to do the flipper dance and Aidan ate it up, he still does the dance and sings.
I warned Steve prior to the show that he probably wont remember much of it because he’ll be too busy watching Aidan’s smile, I found out first hand when I took Aidan to The Wiggles… he told me later that I was right, I mean how could he not look at that face!
One thing I would recommend if taking kids to a show at the Opera House, try not to book tickets within the first 3-4 rows as the stage is raised and makes it difficult to see. I noticed a lot of parents sitting kids on their shoulders or standing up on the seats. I guess as a way of making up for it they had a “kiddy-cam” going around the first few rows showing kids dancing in the audience which was really cool.
The set displays were really fun and the gang never seemed to stop dancing.

Another regular feature on Yo Gabba Gabba is “Dancey Dance Time” and a special guest teaches the gang a new dance move and we got Fitzy. I kid you not… Fitzy!

He taught everyone in the crowd how to do the “Peanut Butter Stomp”, one of my favourites.
Just when we thought we couldn’t have any more fun out came…
… Biz Markie!
I loved that they brought Biz over because he inspires Aidan the most with his regular segment “Biz’s Beat of the Day” where he teaches the kids to beat box and learn rhythm.
It was so cool when this giant of a man stepped down off the stage and got little kids to repeat his beat and their faces were blown up on to the screen. The kids were so great, some even Aidan’s age who did it flawlessly and all the adults said “awwwww” each and every time.
Since the show Aidan’s been making lots of noises with his mouth and Steve’s been beat boxing too… I’ll admit I’m even doing a little while I type this.
We said goodbye to Biz and out came the “Hug Cam”. I love it when audiences are shown on the screen, especially when you get so into it and you’re not paying attention, you see the real joy.
We have all the DVDs and a few of the CDs too. You can find them on all my computers and on my iPhone and in the car. Yo Gabba Gabba, Justine Clarke as well as modern music are on high rotation at our place.
It wouldn’t be a Yo Gabba Gabba concert without this song, it’s like the “Hot Potato” of The Wiggles. “Party in my Tummy” is a cult hit. I still remember the first time I saw it through facebook before I had Aidan and I burst out laughing. Such a good message sent out in a fun and colourful way, it was a great first impression and I still love it to pieces. Haven’t seen it? Watch it below…
… cool hey!
The party had to end eventually so we all waved goodbye to the gang along to a kickass electric guitar solo and DJ Lance packed all his toys away in his magic boom box like a good boy.
After a few special goodbyes and the magic words “YO GABBA GABBA!!!”…
… DJ Lance waved one last farewell and was gone. Aidan clapped his little heart out.
After a mad rush (stampede) everyone went home but we stuck around to check out the view surrounding the Opera House and had a look at a few of the toys they had to sell… well Aidan did.
We’d packed lunch for Aidan in advance and sat outside admiring the view and eating mandarins and vegemite sandwiches. I may have snuck back inside and bought Aidan his very first concert T’shirt. I figured since we didn’t have to pay for the tickets we could afford it. He loves to wear it but likes to look at it more so it has a special hanger in his room against the wall… right next to the newspaper clipping of Yo Gabba Gabba he demanded to keep. I’ve even put the ticket away for safe keeping.
I’d like to thank The Sydney Opera House and Vivid Sydney for granting my little family the best family day out we’ve had in awhile. We never head into the city or get to attend concerts together as it’s cheaper if either Steve or I sit it out as the ticket price mainly applies to adults and we do live way out on the edge of Sydney. Thank you for a very special memory which wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for your generosity… Aidan’s already trying to figure out a way to get to Disney on Ice, any ideas?


  1. 1

    Amy xxoo says

    Thats adorable! My almost 18 mth old is only just getting into " Yo Gabba Gabba " – he's more of a " Sesame Street " kind of guy – but i kind of secretly like it.
    Even if that Muno one kind of does look like a big, orange, one-eyed you-know-what….

  2. 2

    sassy says

    That show sounds amazing. Bummer my kids are too old for it!
    I love Art vs Science and hate Fitzy with a passion. Polarity!

  3. 4

    Danimezza says

    Hi MummyK, We went to the 9am show but hung around the Opera House until the noon show starts, might have walked past each other!

  4. 5

    Chantelle {fat mum slim} says

    That sounds like fun!

    We're off to Disney on Ice. I think Lacey will have a blast. x

  5. 7

    Mama Tee says

    OMG Fitzy?! That would have been hilarious!!

    I wonder if the show is coming to Perth? I have two toddler boys who would loooove to see them live!

  6. 8

    Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song says

    Soooo jealous :P would have loved to take Carter, but it was a little too far away… shame they didn't go to Adelaide on the weekend we were there!

  7. 9

    Bel says

    My sis and I took our girls in Melbourne. I couldn't even find the words to describe how much joy was in my heart as we left. My daughter was in awe and was so excited. And yay for you scoring a family day out.

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