Looking Chic in the City at Blogopolis

For a lot of people Nuffnang’s Blogopolis Conference on July 30th was really short notice, launched only six weeks before the date. A lot of people needed sponsorship to attend or they have purchased tickets/flights/accommodation themselves but stretched the family budget to do so. I watched bloggers cry out on twitter for City Chic to help them out with some threads so I rolled up my sleeves and organised a giveaway ONLY for registered attendees of Blogopolis!
You’ll be meeting some of your favourite bloggers (and your fans will be meeting you) so you want to look your very best. The Blogopolis conference is an all day event so you need an outfit that’s comfortable, that looks stylish and flatters your shape. City Chic dress women from 14-22, some items even to a 24. There are some gorgeous tunics in current collections as well as some really smart cropped jackets. I think you can wear jeans but you have dress them up with awesome shoes, tops in beautiful fabrics and a tailored jacket or blazer… oh and don’t forget a touch of bling.
Sure the conference is exciting but that’s not all that’s on that weekend. Even before the conference begins Hello Blogger Events are hosting Pre Drinks (RSVP now!!!) on Friday 29th and it’s going to be brilliant, definitely an occasion for a dress but because it’ll be freezing to and from the event don’t forget to buy a nice coat too. Tunics or skirts worn with leggings or tights are great during winter. Play around with textures like leather and lace. If you’re bold why not experiment with jewel tones and embellishments. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, how often will you get to dress up and party with your blogging friends?
City Chic have given me 2x $100 online vouchers to giveaway but only to registered attendees of the Blogopolis Conference. To win all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what you would buy from www.citychic.com.au if you won $100 and you must include your blog and email address to validate your entry.
Two winners will be selected winning one $100 online voucher each. Competition closes Sunday 17th July 2011. Prizes are not transferable, cannot be redeemed in-store and expire 06/07/2012.


  1. 1

    Leigh says

    Ohh very noice! I am a big CC fan, and probably will buy a lot of my stuff for the weekend there anyway. But a bit of help with the clothing budget for an expensive weekend would be very welcome.

    Hmmm, but what would I buy.

    I do love the Herringbone coat, and have looked at it instore. But I think I would get too much cat hair stuck on it :P

    But I have had my eye on the So cute dress with sleeves. Was so close to buying the older no sleeve style..but I couldn't bring myself to let my tuck shop arms out in the open ;)

  2. 2

    Melissa *Suger Coat It* says

    Oooooo!! Exciting. I was wondering how to stretch my recently unemployed budget to new clothes.

    I would put it towards the Military Frill Jacket OR just get the bling neck Alexia dress.

    Great comp Dani. xox

    ps. Melissa from Suger Coat It. And my email is linked in my blogger profile. {Just to be sure and cover ALL the bases!}

  3. 3

    Danimezza says

    Please don't forget to share the link to your blog or just the name of it as well as your email address or where to find it. If I can't find it you miss out :(

  4. 4

    Amy xxoo says

    I'm a bit miffed that i have to miss out on such a great comp – cant wear the gorgeous the clothes AND i'm not going to Blogopolis :(

  5. 6

    Caz (The Truth About Mummy) says

    Those Penny Lane Jeans look divine!! And maybe some noise new leggins :) Thanks City Chick – it all looks pretty good to me.


  6. 7

    jenny @ let the children play says

    I was just lying awake in bed last night mentally going through my wardrobe and deciding all my clothes were crap and bemoaning not having anything to wear to the Blogopolois so this is perfect timing! I think I would have to put the money towards the fab Herringbone Coat – perfect for the Melbourne weather.

    My blog is Let the children play http://progressiveearlychildhoodeductation.com.au

    Hope to say hello to you at the Blogopolis.

  7. 9

    sharnee says

    As I have zero disposable income, this would be incredibly welcome right now! Trying not to think about what I am going to wear to the nnb2011 pre-drinks, as… well… I dont have much.

    I like the graphic cobalt tunic! It's lovely! (but also like the tangerine spliced tunic!).

    blog: mannerfesto.com
    email: my first name @gmail.com

  8. 11

    Nat says

    I'm so excited about attending my first ever blogger's conference! I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear. I must say I'm pretty impressed that I can get a whole outfit from City Chic for less than $100! I'm spending my imaginary $100 on the Spliced Uneven Hem Top, a pair of Full Length Leggings and accessorising with the Black Diva Earrings.

    My Blog: http://nats-natterings.blogspot.com
    Email: nats_natterings@optusnet.com.au

    See you all at the Blogopolis!!

  9. 12

    AlyceB says

    Ooh, SWEET!! I love City Chic, as their clothes' cuts are actually designed for women with curves. So their jackets actually cover my breastfeeding boobs, and pants actually can be pulled up over my thighs AND still fit at the waist.

    I'm liking the Pant Rouched Leg Skinny. A bit warmer than leggings for Melbourne!!

    – Alyce –
    blossomheartblog AT gmail DOT com

  10. 13

    Kate says

    Oh god, so not only do I have to get over my fear of meeting new people and humbly calling myself a blogger (after only a few weeks and with fewer than 10 followers!!!), I have to look good?? Ooooooh, the pressure… I'd buy the panelled striped tank… I love stripes and I love black (yep, live in Melbourne!).

    So excited about Blogopolis even if I do feel like a kid at an adult's party!

    ourlittlesins AT gmail DOT com

  11. 14

    Toushka Lee says

    oh I totally need this. I don't have a dress to wear at the Hello event. So I would buy a dress. Or that cute black jacket in look 3 for the daytime. I also need a good belt. omg. I can't decide now! hmm ok. a dress. I would buy a dress.

    toushka @ toushkalee dot com

  12. 19

    katepickle says

    awesome give away from an awesome company!
    If I won I'd be looking at a coat.. something warm. But actually, since I don't think I'll be going to any of the evening events… I think if I won I might buy my very fabulous friend something very fabulous to wear…

    katepickle AT gmail DOT com

  13. 20

    Caitlin Bradley of Closet Confessions says

    Such an awesome competition! I've been worried about what to wear to Blogopolis and it's many parties.
    I am falling in love with the Military stripe dress. Such a flattering cut, with a fitted waist, low cut top and full skirt. Would wear it with stockings, boots and a cute cardi. Don't forget the red lippie!

    Caitlin of Closet Confessions


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