Rhymes Festival

Next Sunday the 17th of July is my 26th birthday and I’ll be spending my day surrounded by children, only one of whom is mine. We’re going to Rhymes Kids Music Festival at Sydney Show Grounds Olympic Park. Aidan and I will stretch out on our gigantic picnic rug with our besties Monica & Brock, eat countless bananas and mandarins and dance the day away to some of Aidan’s favourite tunes… it’s going to be AWESOME!!! This is usually when the sarcasm kicks in but it’s not this time, I’m really excited! Aidan gets right into anything involving music and as any mother knows, when they’re happy, smiling, dancing and laughing you’ll most likely be too. 
Yo Gabba Gabba will be there as will Hi-5, the crew from Lazy Town, The Tweenies, Angelina Ballerina and the Zing Zillas but what I feel the most pumped up about is discovering all Australian talent that will be on show like Electric Lunchbox and Spikey & Friends plus many many more. There will be multiple shows going at once with even more activities on the sidelines for the 7 hours that the festival is open for. Some of the most popular performances will be shown twice incase you can only come for a few hours in the morning or in the afternoon. I’m actually quite blown away by the detail to which the event’s been planned, everything has children and parents in mind.
Even my new favourite baby product line Burts Bees has come on board as a sponsor and if you want to save 10% off your Rhymes Festival ticket price just use the code “BURTSBEES“, discount excludes VIP tickets and 10+ group bookings. Children under 12 months old are free, adults will still need to purchase tickets. Tickets cannot be bought at the gate on the day, they must be bought online up to the day of the event. Printable timetables, maps and detailed information regarding amenities, procedures and what to bring can all be found at www.rhymesfestival.com.au.

What are you doing next Sunday?
Buy your tickets HERE before they sell out!

Please note: Rhymes Festival organisers have not sponsored this post but supplied tickets for me and a friend to attend and experience the event with our sons to gain feedback (good and bad) for future festivals. A passionate husband and wife team have poured their hearts into creating such a wonderful family event from scratch and I’m really looking forward to attending and being apart of the first landmark Sydney music festivals for children.


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    Anonymous says

    It sounds great, pity I am in Canberra.

    I'd definitely go if the real Sportacus was doing the Lazy Town shows, grrrrreooooowww!

    Have a great time!


  2. 3

    Laura says

    Awww, so disappointed to see they're doing the whole east coast but as per usual, no-one comes to WA =o( It's not *that* far away… is it? haha!

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