Target: Toy-Tastic!

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It’s that time of year, the shelves are looming with plastic and packaging, all brightly coloured and musical for our children’s delight. What may seem like a magical time for a child, parents Australia wide have started grinding their teeth in their sleep and breaking out into a sweat at the thought of ducking into a store during all the madness. The sound of someone saying “lay by counter” is like hearing nails on a chalkboard… Aidan’s not even two and this will be my third year and I’m not really looking forward to it.
The first year we bought a few baby things, a rattle here, a chew toy there… it was a breeze, I didn’t know what all the fuss was about. Then last year was like a big old smack in the face. Ladies in my mothers group were forming strategic plans to tackle the crowds and juggle pooey-bums and temper tantrums. We orchestrated midnight shopping sprees whilst the husbands and babies were sleeping soundly. We poured over the catalogues for days umm-ing and ahh-ing over this trike or that trike. I hadn’t even stood in line and I was already tired. Mind you, I made some great choices, none of which I regret so I guess in some ways it was worth it… however this year I have a new plan.
Target has launched the Early Bird Lay By List  which will go live at the same time the other major stores start their sales… yep, TODAY! You can browse the wide selection (over 300 exclusive toys, only available at Target), 50% off some of the most popular brands as well as the option to lay by large scale items like outdoor playhouses… no queues for you! This new method takes away the “possessed-woman-with-a-trolley” look when searching for the toy that was boldly circled in the catalogue for weeks only to find that the ***** in front of you grabbed the last one. This year I think I’ve found the answer, go and check out the site and tell me what you think… worthwhile? I think so.
Grandma & Grandpa and Auntie Steph, take note: I’m just buying Duplo, enough for his birthday in August, Christmas and Easter too. I consider Lego a long term investment. Every time we go to the shops Aidan makes his way to the Lego section and every time he wants this fire truck. I’m also pretty sweet on the huge Lego man head for funky storage. Aidan has an array of trucks and cars and the best ones by far are the Duplo ones. They roll better, can withstand a pretty good whacking and if you don’t mind seeing a few scuffs and scratches they’re great outside too. What are you keen to secure at the toy sales this year?
Target are giving one lucky reader a $100.00 voucher to spend in-store. All you have to do is answer this question:

What was your favourite toy as a child?
Competition is open to Australian residents only. Competition closes 5pm AEST Friday 8th July 2011. This is a competition of skill and creativity. Top ten entries will be shortlisted and the winner will be chosen by a Nuffnang and a Target representative. Competition terms & conditions.


  1. 2

    Em says

    believe it or not my favourite toy was my brothers hot wheels colour change cars!! i was brought up in a family of all boys, 8 grandchildren & i was the only girl… we moved alot, so my brother was my best friend. We loved loved LOVED our hot wheels!! so cool… especially when we put them in the freezer & they changed colour!! ;)

  2. 3

    Polly says

    Mine was a dolls house in the shape of a giant teapot – it had a removable side and lid, and inside there was 2 levels of doll house, complete with furniture.

    I also loved my pound puppy and a clown doll which had buttons, zips and laces on his clothes so I could learn.

  3. 4

    Ames says

    My favourite toy were my Barbies. I still collect them, occasionally.

    My dad also made me a dolls house which I still have. I had all the little animal toys and furniture which you can still buy! So much fun and cute.

  4. 5

    sassy says

    My favourite toy was a red headed doll called 'Baby Chrissie'. She had a hole at the top of her head that you could pull a long ponytail through to transform her look. Then you used a pullstring that went through her back to make her hair short again.
    The designers were obviously on drugs. It was the 70's.

  5. 6

    Kellie says

    My favourite toy was a plastic harmonica. I don't have any idea how to play but I do remember having loads of fun with it!

  6. 7

    Zoe says

    Mum said I loved and HAD to have everything that was a miniature version of something! LOVED the miniature pumpkin patch dolls.. Adorable!

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  7. 10

    Keena says

    My favourite toy was my baby doll that you fed… and she cried and went potty! yep, she was 'born' many times from under my tshirt lol. My friend and I used to put her in my pram and take her for a walk down to the park and have lunch! And we would play 'mums' and have different rooms set up, one as our house, chairs set up in the lounge room like a car, and her mum even let us empty out the pantries and pretend to grocery shop! i still have her :P

    PS. How cool is that giant lego head, i think i too will have to buy it!

  8. 11

    Amy xxoo says

    As a little girl it was my Cabbage Dolls ( one called Agatha and one called Muriel, as written on their adoption certificates ) and as a bigger girl it was my Barbies. I loved my Barbies so much i even cut and sewed little clothes for them!

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  9. 15

    Adalita says

    Mine was Barbie. I owned Peaches and cream Barbie her clothes are now worn, my sister chewed her feet and chopped her hair but she still is one toy I can't part with. I also still have my cabbage patch kid Corrinne Cindy Lou and my sister has her Primm Rose Googie (their real names on their adoption tags) we went everywhere with these dolls.

  10. 16

    Permanently twenty three says

    My fake Cabbage Patch kid called a 'Funny Kid'. It was seriously fug. And I had to share it with my sister. But honestly, I loved that pink woolen haired thing.

  11. 17

    Leesa says

    I always wanted a baby alive. But my parents weren't able to afford one for me. So playing with my friends was the best thing ever. Aside from that I just adored my cabbage patch dolls but my ultimate fave was a doll my Dad bought for me. Her name is Sabina and I still have her today <3

  12. 18

    Paula says

    My favorite childhood toy was my Strawberry Shortcake doll. She arrived sitting atop my 5th birthday cake that my mum had made in the shape of a strawberry and I nearly lost my mind!!
    She smelled like artificial strawberry scent and I truly loved her!

  13. 20

    Suzzie J says

    My Nintendo – you couldn't get my off the thing!! My parents didn't mind, I'm an only child and it made the perfect baby sitter LOL!! Still love my console games today :D


    • 23


      Hi Rob,I love this commercial too, you’re right, it’s funny and memaroble. I’ve always been something of a do-it-yourselfer, my mantra has always been I’ll figure it out. And that has worked, up to a point. But I’ve come to realize how important it is to have people you can turn to for help with the things you’re not as strong at. Once you have those people in your life, you realize how much more you can accomplish with a little help along the way.

    • 24


      Hmm maybe a learned’ bouivaehr? They fought over the toy once and that set the trend? Or the trend is the two to just not get along? I would definitely make that particular toy (if possible) off limits to those two children until they can learn to share or get along in general.

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  14. 27

    MummyK says

    My fave was the clay cooking set I got. We couldn't afford expensive toys so we got smaller ones of the real clay cooking set people used to cook. It was fun cooking with real fire too using the toy set — not really that safe for kids but fun :)

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  15. 29

    Anonymous says

    I use to LOVE polly pockets!! (not the same as they have now) I had the whole set as did my best friend so we spent hours playing with them.Im sure my little girls would have loved them just as much now hmmm if only i had kept them…

  16. 31

    Emma jane says

    My sweet sweet Lion leo. Helped me through my parents fighting and feeling like I wasnt important when my brother was born

  17. 32

    Teer Wayde says

    My Family Tree House – it was so many different kinds of awesome! It loved it so much but my mother and i can't figure out what happened to it! One day I will have it in my life again and it will be a happy day.

  18. 33

    Stephanie says

    Lets see, there was many a race car or remote control car. Lego horses and barbies but the Toys I still have even tho they are stored away nice and safe are my Rumple and Big Dog. Rumple (aka Cocoa) has been with me since I was young but Big Dog I got from Glenn on my third birthday, hes over 1m in length has his original clown suit, has had a new face and lost a shoe but he will never ever be thrown away, only passed down :D (I can remember him being the best dance partner)

  19. 34

    Sian says

    My Humphrey B Bear teddy, I got him for my 1st bday and my gosh he's been around haha My brother used to threaten to chop poor HBB's head off if I didn't get out of his room. He's been put in the bin as a follow through from mum when i wouldn't put my shoes on before primary school. He travelled around Europe with me when I was 10, and then again when I was 19. He soaked up my tears after my first real breakup, and was on the present table at my engagement party. He has moved house with me 3 times. My favourite part of HBB's story is that he was passed down to my daughter Lia on her first bday, and she loves him just as much as i did. He has many adventures ahead of him, and he's lookin' pretty damn sharp for a 26yr old toy that's seen it all :)

  20. 35

    Amanda says

    Barbie, Barbie and more Barbie. I had dozens of them when I was a kid and still have many of them packed away in storage. I could have easily spent all day every day playing with my Barbies and especially loved the TV News Studio set and Barbie Caravan. Truth be told I would still buy barbies for myself today if I could get away with it! I can't wait til my Niece is old enough to play with them!

  21. 36

    Aspiring Millionaire says

    I had a patty o green doll from the rainbow bright dolls and I LOVED her. I would still have her if dad hadn't donated her when I was 15 without my knowledge! lol.

  22. 37

    sharnee says

    Oh gee, I have to pick only one?
    Well, I would say 'Bunny', a rabbit I got when I was born. One arm ripped off, face full of holes (but I still love him). Love looking at those baby photos of me when he's all new and fresh!

  23. 38

    LisyLou says

    My favourite toy was my cupcake doll, her skirt flipped up over her to become the base of the cupcake and then her hat became the top of the cupcake, I loved it so much a played with it all the time

  24. 39

    jessiebelle says

    My roller skates, they allowed my personality to flow. I had my wheels, was off on my skates and have not stopped rolling since.

  25. 41

    A Keeper says

    I sent my husband to do the toysales last year with the express instruction that everything was to be laybyed. He came home with everything. Apparently the layby line was out the door and Daddy doesn't do layby if the line is longer than two people. So thank goodness for online layby! :)

  26. 42


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