Birthday for Brock

Aidan’s bestest buddy in the whole world “Brock” turned 2 last week. They’re exactly 20 days apart in age. Brock’s mum Monica kept the celebrations cool and laid back, opting to hang out at the park than to organise a big shindig. Steve, Aidan and I loaded up the picnic blanket and we were off.
These two are so funny to watch. They get into everything, exploring is what they do.
We’d only been at the park for a few minutes before Brock had learnt to turn the drinking fountain on and Aidan quickly showed him how to make the water squirt out far and fast… a trick his Dadda taught him.
Once they were saturated it was time for more playing on the equipment. Monica and I took the opportunity to kick back, relax and chat whilst the guys chased after the boys. It was a nice change.
This is Monique, she was born the same day as Aidan. We call them “the twins” with their blue eyes and blonde hair. 
We don’t get to see Moni very often but we have lots of fun when we do.
At last it was time for cake!
Aidan gets a little bit excitable when cake is within reach. This is his face after I reminded him yet again that he had to wait. Aidan helped Brock blow out his candles.
Once we’d all sung Happy Birthday out of tune it was time for cake!
“hmm… not bad!”
Brock picked off and ate every single mini marshmallow off his cake.
“Delicious Mum!”
Lots of icky sticky faces…
… covered in sprinkles…
… and frosting!
A little shower spoiled the party but it only lasted a few minutes and then the sun was out again bringing with it a big beautiful rainbow. My husband jumped over the fence into the oval and said “ok, time for me to be a big kid!” and chased the kids around and played soccer, mostly by himself.
I went across the road to the party shop and got the kids a big red balloon each, they went crazy for them. Best $4 I’d ever spent. They had little weights tied to them so the kids would throw the weight into the air and them race and catch the balloon as it fell back down to the ground, in fits of giggles of course.
Monica bought along a heap of toys for the kids to play with. Brock’s chosen sport is golf… he’s crazy good at it, I mean come on, look at his swing!
Aidan, like most kids loves balloons. He loves them even more when they go POP! I’m serious, he’ll purposefully pop them, squeal and run about giggling… weirdo.
Even with the sun showers and soaking wet children it was a lovely day for the park. Richmond is such a lovely area full of heritage.
As Monica’s family had travelled in for Brock’s birthday I offered to take their family photo and in return Monica took ours… I adore it!
What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. 1

    Laura says

    Nawwww what a gorgeous little party full of gorgeous little people. Those will be photos to treasure, for sure.

    Also… i guess that means it's Aidan's birthday in about 20 days time? lol

  2. 2

    Amy xxoo says

    I love sunshiney park days – and theyre even better with birthday cake!
    Also – it doesnt matter how many times i see his photos, i cant believe how blue Aidans eyes are!

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