Designers for Daffodil Day

 When I was 17 I had a pap smear. I felt it was the right thing to do as it had been 2 years since I’d first had sex. I was being responsible. None of my friends had had one but I went ahead and saw my doctor to show them it would be fine, nothing scary. My results came back and suddenly it got scary. I was only 17 when I was told I had CIN3 and with a history of cervical cancer in my family I’m counting my stars at how lucky I was for it to be detected early. I know women who had never had it done, had I been one of them, in blissful ignorance, I could have gotten very sick or at the very worse… died.
 I had to undergo several treatments immediately. Remember… I was 17. The way I thought and felt about my vagina, about sex, about doctors was altered forever more. It took 3 years of treatments involving biopsies and laser treatments (yes, laser beams in my hoo-haa) for it to be under control. I still have to have a pap smear every 12 months, the average woman only needs to have the 10 minute pap test every 2 years. I’m a prime example of how a simple cancer screening test can have the potential to save a life.
There are so many different types of cancer that afflict men and women and for every single person it touches, there is a whole community of people who surround that person who are affected. The result of cancer diagnosis is never just felt by the individual.
Organisations like the Cancer Council work tirelessly to educate, build awareness and raise money. I feel proud wearing my yellow dress today. I feel proud of my neighbour who plants daffodil bulbs every year for his mother. I feel proud of all my friends who purchased flowers and merchandise.
 To show your support and for a chance to win a designer gown worth up to $850 as well as a $1000 Mimco voucher, head over to the Daffodil Day Website and vote for your favourite dress online. My pick is the colourful Camilla gown pictured below. Here’s what she said about being involved in the Designers for Daffodil Day campaign:
“I’m proud to support the Daffodil Day campaign and help create public awareness to raise significant funds for cancer research. Sadly, we will all be affected by cancer at some stage in our lives whether it’s a family member or friend. By buying a piece of Daffodil Day merchandise on August 26th you will be supporting a very worthwhile cause which could one day save your life or that of a loved one.” – Camilla Franks
*Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for this post, the Cancer Council supplied me with the designer dresses image and asked if I’d draw some awareness to their campaign. If you have a charity that is in need of exposure feel free to email me: Please understand not all applicants will be successful, the cause must resonate with me personally.


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    liz says

    Thankyou for telling your story – mine is virtually the same, except I was the woman who put off her first pap smear until I was 25. Came back with Cin3, I'm still on 6 monthly colposcopies, and yes, I've had lasers up my hoo-ha too. For this reason and many, many more, I wore my yellow daffodil proudly today, and can only hope and pray that for my children, and my children's children, there will be a cure for cancer.

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    Amy xxoo says

    Good on you Dani for spreading the word – everyone at my work chipped in today and we bought a few bunches of daffodils to brighten our office ( i brought some home and have them on my dining table right now ).
    And as for Pap smears i've never understood the reluctance to have them done. 30 seconds of discomfort in exchange for peace of mind or the potential to save your life? Seems like a no brainer to me…


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