Gisela Ramirez Runway Show

 Last night I headed to a much anticipated fashion launch and runway show by the very talented Gisela Ramirez held at the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney. I’d made plans to go along to the show with a few of my fashionable blogging friends…
 Hayley from Fashion Hayley & Caitlin from Closet Confessions
 Hayley was nice enough to let me park my car at her place and get changed before the show.
 Caitlin came from Uni, she was wearing a feather skirt during the lecture… AWESOME.
 I made her do it.
 Lots of edgy looking people waiting for the show and drinking a lot of champagne.
 Bumped in Jess from Too Many Sequins, loved her kimono from Sportsgirl.
 We all had our very own seats for the show… the whole time I was wishing I was standing up (photos).
 Corpulent was as bright as a rainbow and her opening speech was accepted with applause.
She always kick ass glossy pink boots.
 I want to wear this outfit. I have no idea where I’d wear it but I just want to put it on.
 I also want disco pants.
 Oh how I love sheer!
 This little ginger cookie made me want to dye my hair copper.
 The sheer crop top is by far my favourite, I want it in rose.
 So very summer.
 You had me at Fedora.
 I love that she didn’t get a spray tan like everyone else.
 Too cool for the pool.
 Tequila Sunrise.
 Bold & Beautiful
 Huzzah! The show is a success!!!
 Gisela’s awesome T’Shirts. I really really wanted one. #f*ckflattering
Heartfelt speech.
 Lucky Door Prize Packs, one was from ORLY who I adore… I didn’t win anything.
 Even more cute shoes.
 After the prizes we were treated to a feather fan dance.
 It was very cool.
 Awww hugs!
 Everyone who attended received a gift bag which contained: “FAT” earrings by MSunflower, Lipstick from AVON, 20% off Payless shoes voucher, 10% off Big Shoe Zam voucher, $10 off a beauty treatment from Classic Beauty, Product samples from RPR and a 10% off Gisela Ramirez voucher.
 Aww so innocent.
We all got photographed with the woman of the hour.
 Then we all posed for outfit photos. I’m wearing:
Jacket / Belt / Boots / Bangle – City Chic
Tights – We Love Colors
Dress – Op Shop “Nanna Skirt” turned into a dress.
Necklace – Lovisa
 Hayley showed off her cute little socks from American Apparel…
 … and then we danced.
After the show the three of us went to Grilled and talked shop for hours but what only felt like minutes. Usually I find myself attending events solo but I have to say: one is fine, two is company but three is a party! Thanks girls for a wonderful evening and congratulations to Gisela on a beautiful collection, I hope to wear some of it soon!


  1. 1

    Natalie Mulford says

    Guh! So very bummed I missed it, it looks like such a fantastic time! I want one of the 'f^%& flattering' shirts!

  2. 2

    Posie Patchwork says

    You all look amazing, i love the colours on the cat walk, what a fantastic designer. Giggles, style & colour can win over flattering anytime, it's how you wear it with confidence. Love Posie

  3. 4

    Sarah says

    Everyone looks fantastic and the clothes, although not my particular aesthetic, are stunning, daring and unbridled fashion.
    The whole thing just kicks ass.

  4. 5

    Anonymous says

    JUst freaking awesome, ..would have been there is i didn't finish work so late…and a big thank you for making us big girls look fab..xoxoxo

  5. 6

    Kate Sins says

    Wowowowowow, where to start? Clothes so gorgeous. Models so amazingly beautiful and your shots are stunning.

    And I so want a f*ck flattering t-shirt. Most horrible saying in the world…

  6. 8

    wait until the sunset says

    awww looks like you guys had a wonderful night! Super jealous! :)
    And the outfits were gorgeous! :)

  7. 12

    Glowless @ Where's My Glow says

    You guys look hawwwt! I saw the floral high heels the other day at the shops, was very tempted to buy them :)

    • 13


      wow, what a nice picture gintata, interesting, The Rhine has never changed – it still almost looks the same. I know that story with saying bad words – that’s what the kids do at work too. They repeat the words more than 10 times so they can get the kick of saying a bad word. Sometimes I get them away with it too especially when I’m taking pictures of them I tell them right before that click to say “Ameisescheidfe!” and i get the best smiles ever :)

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