How to make a Terrarium

The ever lovely Kylie from Capricorn Link (an Australian distributor of awesome wholesale books) sent me a beautiful book on Terrariums called Terrarium Craft (RRP: $24.99) and it’s been sitting on my bookshelf staring back at me, begging me to go to Bunnings and splash some cash on everything I’d need for a teeny tiny indoor garden. The kicker was that I just knew Aidan would love helping me make them but I got busy, it was cold outside, I didn’t feel like getting dirty… the excuses continued until last week.
It was a sunny winters day, we both desperately needed to get out of the house and I was up for getting my hands dirty and stepping away from the computer. We put our hats on and headed to Bunnings. Little plants make me happy.
Check out how tiny those leaves are! I couldn’t blame Aidan for photo-bombing this shot, I wanted to reach out and touch it too!
I finally picked out the plants I wanted which apparently took forever because Aidan started to turn into a little impatient monster. This was also about the time when a Bunnings Lady came over and reprimanded me for taking photos in the store. Apparently it’s not allowed to protect them from competition. Didn’t make much sense to me, if I were a spy I’d take video footage, use a small camera or just take down notes… not carry a big ass camera with all the bells and whistles! I cried “I’m-a-blogger-and-I’m-doing-a-blog-post-about-my-son-and-I-having-fun-doing-gardening” in a panicked tone because I don’t respond well to authority and offered her my card but she said she didn’t care what I was doing it for, I just wasn’t allowed to take photos. Bloggers, consider yourself made aware!
Because I was feeling publicly shamed and just a tad rebelious we pushed our cart inside and I took photos there instead with a great big smirk on my face. Hardcore I tell ya, hardcore!
Usually Aidan’s an angel when we’re out shopping, I give him jobs to do, things to hold etc. This was one of our off days, you wouldn’t know it by his smile but he was being a right little pain in the ass. hanging off the trolley, running up the aisles, touching things… maybe it was the pesticides, maybe it was my deflated persona but whatever it was, he went riot. Next time I take him to Bunnings might have to stop by the duct tape aisle first and strap him to the front of my trolley like a mermaid on a pirate ship. I’d probably only get told off if I tried to take of a photo of him for the blog…
Our Bunnings debacle over we headed to the car. We bought top notch succulent mix ($10), moss ($10) and six different plants ($20). I already had vases, sand, rocks and premium potting mix at home.
When we got home I popped Aidan down for a nap and set up everything we needed outside, ready for when he woke up. I’d bought some jars from the op shop for $3 in total and I also used a few other vessels I had lying about the house.
The first step was to put some rocks down the bottom for drainage. I just grabbed these from my garden. Then I covered the rocks in sand.
Next step was to split up some of the plants and decide placement. I wanted to make two different varieties, wet terrariums for moisture loving plants and dry terrariums for plants harder to kill.
Ok, so I may have just gone ahead and made one without Aidan, the kid did nap forever and I just couldn’t help myself! I felt like I got an inside into why old ladies like gardening… plants don’t whinge, they’re quiet. Creating and tending to my little garden made me happy.
My very first Terrarium was complete but it just needed something a little extra so I dug up a little piece of moss from a crack in my driveway and popped it in. Fuzzy-wuzzy perfection!

As these were all moisture loving plants that would need constant watering, I opted to put the moss on the top for something a bit different… I also stole some of Aidan’s toys.

Please Note: Making terrariums are messy, do it outdoors.
Peekaboo Mr Deer, how are you today?
Are you enjoying your little forrest of wonder?
When Aidan woke up we got right into it and made a few more but by the time the animal ones were done though he’d wandered off to do deeper exploration into the backyard with the dogs and left me in my element. I still have at least two more to make but I need just the right vessels.
This little oval vase was from my wedding. It held all the pens underneath our wishing tree. Finally it has a purpose again housing a beautiful succulent, a pretty pebble, a bit of the tiny leaf plant and a little hippy-hoppy kangaroo.
This vase was $1 from the op shop, I think it used to hold spagetti. I layered rocks, sand, moss, potting mix and popped in two tiny plants and a giraffe. I had to use a chopstick to get everything in there and arrange things nicely. I also used a paintbrush to dust off bits of dirt and grit.
How. Friggin. Adorable.
This one I made just for me. As soon as I saw the plant in Bunnings I fell for it. I already had the best vase for it at home and knew just where I was going to put it, right next to my computer so I could look at it all day (and night) long.
Who doesn’t like a touch of pretty nature indoors?
Are you totally inspired to now go off and create your very own Terrarium (or four) like we did? Terrarium Craft is a beautiful book with stunning photography, outside-the-box ideas and simple, easy-to-understand instructions. I feel like a very artistic earth mother with it on my shelf.

Capricorn Link have given me an extra copy of “Terrarium Craft” to giveaway to one lucky reader, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post to win! 
Terms & Conditions: Winner will be chosen by me using and announced in the comments section after entries have closed at noon on Monday 22nd August. Winner will be notified by email. If your email address is not easily located another winner will be chosen on Tuesday 23rd August and announced the same way. Prize will be shipped directly from Capricorn Link. 

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this post. I have an ongoing friendly relationship with Capricorn Link and from time to time I will be giving away books that relate to content I intend to write about. I figured it was a win-win-win situation. I get to learn something cool, you get to learn something cool and win a book and Capricorn Link get some Google love.


  1. 1

    Adalita says

    Danimezza – You don't know how good this post is – I laughed so hard at the Bunnings Lady for telling you off (I used to work for Bunnings before becoming a Teacher).

    I have been admiring terrariums for so long. I have saved a few photos of ones for inspiration. I have to finish renovating before I make my own. I have the perfect spot outside in the new patio (once it is complete). I love your favourite plant he is a cutie. Aidan looks like he had a blast at Bunnings.

    I know what I'm doing my Wednesday wants on now Terrariums and garden items. Much Love Ada

  2. 2

    Danielle309 says

    Seriously Dani, this is one of the best posts I have seen from you in a long while. Your sarcastic sense of humour shining in all its glory.

    Gorgeous photos too.

    And can I just say that I really dislike Bunnings. I might go there and take some photos just to annoy them. I'm a Home Timber and Hardware kinda girl and love little local nurseries for plants. The last time we bought plants was from 'The Friends of The Botanic Gardens' stall – cheap and excellent quality.

  3. 5

    Laura a.k.a rah says

    I can't get past the thought of Aidan being strapped to the front of the Bunnings trolley – you crack me up xx
    (also, a big UP YOURS to rude Bunnings woman, doesn't she know who you are???)

  4. 8

    Jo - Dusty Plum says

    Dani they are absolutely beautiful, I'm madly in love! You are super clever :) I'll be scouring for small glass vessels now so that I can make my own collection, thanks for a great idea. X

  5. 9

    Caitlin of Closet Confessions says

    This is a project that I could actually do and I could maintain. I think my green-tumb mum would love me for it too!

    Love the animals too! Very sweet!

  6. 11

    Miss C says

    I can already picture one on my desk, some greenery amongst the urban CBD outside my window…. love the plastic animals….even cuter

  7. 12

    Aunty Steph says

    I went all out and now have pot plants everywhere… hopefully when my seedlings get bigger i can separate them and pot some inside… hmm only problem is no sunshine comes into any windows… what do i do then?

  8. 13

    Anonymous says

    Love them! The vases/jars look amazing! I always loved doing arts and craft things when I was younger so I bet Aidan loved it at the time :)


  9. 15

    Lady Fabulous says

    Oh, SO wanna make a terrarium now! I've been aching to get into the garden, but I can't just yet, so this will fix my cravings for the time being :)

  10. 16

    Car says

    Great post, not so great for me, who now wants to buy everything and make my own!!!

    I must admit, I was wondering how you got the giraffe in that tall skinny vase :O mine would have fallen over and stayed like it ;)

  11. 17

    Talitha says

    This is a freaking awesome idea! And I laughed at the bunnings lady and you rebelling in another aisle :)

    But just so you are know, I am now going to use your photos as a basis for creating my own not-bunnings in direct competition as I am a squillionaire.

    I loved that you added little animals to the vases, kind of reminds me of bonsai's when they have a little dude sitting at the base of the tiny tiny tree :)

    Talitha xx

  12. 18

    Sheri Bomb says

    Love this post! They are SO cute, look like lots of fun to make and would be a lovely addition to any house and would make a great gift too!

    Don't get me started on Bunnings! Guess they don't like free publicity? I wouldn't have used their name just to spite them…but then I'm a bitch! lol

    But I totally want to make a terrarium now!

  13. 19

    Becky from says

    How cute are those terrariums! My nan used to have a bigger one in a table, which was weird.

    I take stealth pics with my phone at Bunnings, I have always felt a little nervous about it.

  14. 20

    Vanessa Monaghan says

    God your photos are so gorgeous & so is your small boy :)

    I'm inspired to go buy some plants and stir up some trouble in Bunnings with my camera after reading this :))

  15. 23

    Nat says

    Dani this is the first time i;ve read your blogs, and i must say your are wondrful at writing!

    I love how you've captured each step and shown possible creative ways we can expressess ourselves.

    you're son is gorgeous!
    I'll be waiting for your new posts

  16. 24

    Natalie Mulford says

    Ohh! Super cute! I've been thinking about doing something similar for my room now I'm back home & don't have a garden. I find a little bit of nature inside to be rather soothing!

  17. 25 says

    I have been wanting to make these for ages but I have just a small inner city apartment so not a lot of space to make or display these. Think i am now inspired to make this a friend activity so we can all share the supplies and get a bit of green in our lives. great post!

  18. 26

    Penny-lee-R says

    Hey, they are adorable…I'm going to give it a go…In next few weeks I will be sussing out the op shops for interesting jars…thx

  19. 27

    katepickle says

    stupid Gunning's… don't they know awesome free publicity when they see it!?!?
    Anyway I LOVE these.. reckon they would make ace Christmas present. Pinning this for future reference!

  20. 30

    Danimezza says

    Congratulations Keena, has selected you as the winner!!!

    Expect an email shortly, if you don't reply by noon on Friday 26th August the winner will be redrawn.

  21. 32


    Very cute – did you know they are actually called ‘miniature gardens’ if the jar does not have a lid? I make terrariums too – aren’t they just so magical! xx Rach

  22. 33

    Jen says

    OMG those are the cutest things – and your story made me laugh :)

    Wish I’d found this article a few years ago!!

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