MYER Big is Beautiful Runway Show

 This time last week I was heading into the city to attend the MYER Big is Beautiful runway show at Town Hall, the opening show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2011. I was really excited to be invited, it wasn’t until I was ushered to my spot that I realised I was in prime seats with designers and press, yep I sat behind Damien and even gave him my card but that’s a story for another time. I was there to be a part of a moment and I can honestly say I enjoyed every bit of it.
 The BIB show wasn’t about ground breaking designs or GaGa-inspired fashions, it was a consumer fashion show, things you can find in the stores, hanging on the racks this season. I like to think of it as accessible fashion.
 I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite looks and photos from the show, you can find the rest on the Danimezza facebook page or on my Flickr here. This outfit for example, I would LIVE in this, except I’d trade the heels for thongs because that’s how I roll.
 Tamron were lovely enough to lend me a beautiful 70-200mm 2.8 lens to help me capture a few events I’ve attended recently and it came up trumps. I’ve been a bit of a Nikon snob, I just love what they do but I was equally as mesmerised by what the Tamron was able to achieve. This shot was taken from a pretty far distance, no flash and yet the photo is sharp with no blurring and lots of detail and beautiful bokeh*.
 The beautiful Kate Hislop who is strutting her stuff in this photo has even used my photo for her facebook profile pic which is pretty awesome! When I photographed her at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival back in March she used one of those as her profile pic too and when we caught up after the BIB show she said she looked forward to a new one… I was pretty chuffed. Models have photos taken all the time but she loved mine, was a really nice feeling.
One aspect I loved about the BIB show was that they used “real women”. Now that’s not a term I like to throw around but as every woman is just as real as the next woman, but it’s the term that was used to depict Myer’s everyday consumers and the model search winners.
Myer teamed up with Womans Day to give women who were not models in their everyday life, the chance to be one for a day walking side by side with one of Australia’s Top Plus Size models Robyn Lawley who has featured on the cover of Italian Vogue and the first plus model to feature in Australian Vogue.
 My favourite winner was this model. I watched film footage of the winners announcement and she explained she was a school teacher who taught Physical Education and she entered to be a role model for her girls. The whole time she strutted on the runway I wanted to tackle dive her and give her a big hug.
 There were lots of very pretty pieces. Soft floaty fabrics, silks and sheers, prints and embellishments. There were many comments made that the look overall was quite dowdy but I think the Myer show was created for a demographic and it reached to its target market. I don’t believe that demure fashion will ever be out of style, every piece I’d be happy to wear.
 How chic would you feel wearing this to work! The blouse is so beautiful, the whole look is really classic and sexy without anything being too short or too low. Almost makes me want to work in an office just to wear it… almost.
 My initial reaction to this piece was “what the?” with all those layers but then I realised how light the fabrics were and that the layering worked using similar neutral tones and differing textures. perfect for those days or evenings where you want to be covered up but not sweltering. Not sure I’d roll one leg up higher than the other though.
The show in my mind was a success. All the models looked happy, proud and glamourous and I was glad to be a part of the moment. Remember, to see the rest of the images check out the Danimezza facebook page, I’ve listed the designers also incase you want to consider purchasing from your local Myer.
What did you think of the Myer Big is Beautiful Show?

*The term to describe the blurry background in a photograph.


  1. 1

    Laura says

    Yeh, not a fan of the brown baggy different-pant-lengths outfit. i like the pieces but not the outfit, if that makes sense. I love the rest though!!

  2. 3

    Corrie says

    gorgeous pics! I look at those girls and just see real women, not plus size but just regular women and great clothes! let's hope we see more real shapes on catwalks more often!


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