Danimezza Naked in Cosmopolitan Health Magazine

 There has been something I’ve been meaning to tell you all…
 … you may think it’s ballsy, super cool or just plain stupid…
 … but just know, I did it for me…
 … I recommend running out and buying a copy of Cosmo Health right this minute…
… because I’m so proud of myself!
 Yes, that’s me… butt naked in a national magazine.
Turn the page and I’m all dolled up!
 I can’t even begin to tell you how I’m feeling right now. I was like a sneaky body confidence ninja when I walked into the newsagent to buy my copy of the 3rd Annual Cosmopolitan Health Magazine ($6.95), on stands today. No one knew it was me, nobody has probably even read it yet but I knew and it was all sorts of awesome.
 “I feel most confident when I’m… 
… dressed up for a photoshoot!”
Danimezza, 26, Blogger, 116kgs, 170cm, size 20
“Talking about my body, sex and associated feelings with my mother from a young age meant that they were never taboo subjects, which made me more open-minded and accepting of my body. I love posing in outfits for photos to publish on my blog Danimezza.com. Having the support of my readers and retailers is a great confidence boost. With the help of my doctor, I’m losing the weight at a healthy pace. I’m content with my body, but happy for change.”
As you can imagine, I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I was so excited about the feature that it wasn’t until this morning that I took some time out to read the magazine and I’m so glad I did because I may have missed out on one of the coolest parts by far… a mention, direct quote and final word in the editors letter!!! Thank you Franki oxox


  1. 2

    Teer Wayde says

    Zomg I can nearly see your rude bits :P

    Looks brilliant honey I'll have to pick up a print copy of it tomorrow.

    Hot nudie dani rocks and i love the styled shot – it is PERFECT!

  2. 3

    Janine - Real Women Australia says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to finally tell everyone – that photo of you is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tears in my eyes – hooray and bravo!!!!!!!!! Love your shape! Janine x

  3. 13

    Anne says

    Good for you Dannimezza! Keeping it real for all us 'normal' people. Thank you! You look fabulous!

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  4. 14

    Katie says

    What's with these Danielle's I know always getting their gear off in magazines : )
    Good job hun, you look awesome clothes or not! xx

  5. 20

    Miss Mandy says

    I'm impressed with your ability to be happy with you. You inspire me to work toward feeling the same way about myself. Thank you.

  6. 23

    House of Prowse says

    Visiting from Twitter! You go girl, good for you. Love that you are keeping it real and that you are true to yourself.
    Wow, you have been blogging for a while too! That's great!

  7. 28

    Naomi S says

    WOW!!!!! Im literally checking my purse to see that i have the money to run out and get this! Youre amazing … and beautiful!!! What was it like doing the naked shoot? Tell all!

  8. 30

    wait until the sunset says

    YOU GO GIRL!!! You look amazing!!! I'm going out to get a copy right now!! Superstar in waiting that you are! :) x

  9. 34

    Laura says

    Good on you!!

    I'd be terrified to have my picture in a magazine. I mean *ANY* picture of me. You're so brave!

    How come you chose to have your name as Danimezza instead of Dani/Danielle?

  10. 46

    Peggy Lutz Plus Sizes 12 - 36 says

    You look just terrific and what a great role model for all plus-size women! We need more and more such inspiring images. If you're ever in the Santa Rosa, CA area, I'd love to photograph you (in Peggy Lutz Couture) for http://www.plus-size.com. Thanks for being a vibrant, expressive and beautiful women, xoxoxo Peggy Lutz

  11. 49

    Talitha says

    oh wow, what an achievement. You have guts to do that regardless of size, as most women are so self conscious of their bodies (myself included).

    I think it is a beautiful shoot :)

  12. 50

    Lou says

    GO SISTER!!!!! You look AWESOME.. well done. I wish I had your body confidence, you really are inspirational, I look at you and think if you can so can I (similar sizes, well not the naked in a mag bit, haha)will be picking up a copy today.
    Well done sweet!!!

  13. 55

    Fiona Lumsdaine / Lumsdaine Photography says

    Danni… you are AWESOME! I think you've done a wonderful thing for all of us who are NOT size 12's.

  14. 57

    Anonymous says

    While I think you are a sexy inspiring mummy I find it a huge stretch to believe you are a size 20… no offence intended in any way shape or form. Bravo to you for being such an advocate for positive body image!

  15. 59

    Laura says

    Re: the edit… that quote was something that really stuck with me too.

    You know those "I'm famous on the internet" tshirts? You totes need one that says "I'm famous OUTSIDE of the internet" bwahaha.

    Anon: I think all the ladies look really different clothed and unclothed so maybe it's hard to fathom what a size 20 'looks' like. But if Danimezza says she is a size 20 then she is a size 20, she's practically a professional clothes horse =op LOL so i think she'd know!

  16. 61

    tahlia @ the parenting files says

    AMAZING JOB! Real women!!! I love these issues and I love women like yourself that put it out there for what it is!!! Well done! True inspiration!!! xx I found you through tina Grey … already a fan ;) xx

  17. 67

    Anonymous says

    well done dani! ive pretty much got the exact same body as you and i commend u for being so brave and beautiful flaunting ur stuff in a national magazine!

  18. 68

    Maria Tedeschi (Mum's Word) says

    You are sensational. You look sensational. Love a confident woman. That shines through more than your body shape.

    Well done. You rocked it Danni.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  19. 69

    Plus Style says

    What a great piece. So many women are standing on the sidelines watching life pass them by because they cannot embrace the body they are in. You look fabulous. The world needs more beautiful, inspiring women like you.

  20. 70


    Just having a browse around your site (as I am wont to do) and saw this. SOOOOO proud of you, you look fabulous, and your energy and positivity just shine through. You rock babe, you really do. xxxxxx

  21. 74

    becx says

    What a shame this is extraordinary – not that we should all be running around starkers, but we should feel good enough about our (amazing) bodies to do so if we were so inclined. And if it was legal. As reality is what it is, yes, you are an inspiration. i hope a few of these lovely girls will convert their awe to a lesser cringe at their own mirrors as the sleeves come off for summer. Keep up the great attitude!

  22. 75

    melanie w says

    Wow good on you girl if only we could all be so confident with our bodies as you i think what you have done is amazing and really inspiring!

  23. 77


    wow.. takes a lot of guts to bare all and especially when one isn’t in the typically raved about size. that being said, you looked really good! :)

    it is true.. we shouldn’t be defined by our size… beauty is after all in the eyes of the beholder.

  24. 78


    That took a lot of courage, congratulations!! I also bet it was a lot of fun!! Can I ask you if you have challenges with your bras? I custom make bras and also do repairs and alterations to bras, lingerie and swimwear. I am based in Brisbane, but travel to Melbourne and Sydney 3 times a year doing bra fittings as there is no one in these cities offering this service. I have a facebook page for my business as well as these trips, Personalised Bra Fittings for Custom Made Bras. I would love to hear from you. Have an awesome weekend. Linda

  25. 83


    Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, with so many talents. Every time I see you you have the most engaging smile and a vivacity for life that is catching. xx

  26. 85


    This is fabulous and you have some major balls :P

    ps. if you made this website that is totally impressive. I love your design skills and all of the twitter/social networking pop ups. It’s amazing!

  27. 90


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