High Tea and The Help

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When you get an email inviting you to a private screening of the much anticipated movie “The Help” at Hoyts Cinema in Moore Park followed by a scrumptious High Tea at The Winery with Sarah Oakes and Sarah Wilson… you go. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday in my opinion, especially as I got to sit with one of my favourite ladies, Chantelle from FatMumSlim.
The movie really should have been sponsored by Kleenex because I cried pretty much the entire time. The Help is based on the book of the same name which I’m also told is brilliant. The cast was stellar, the emotions were real and I want to watch it again. Hardly a Margaret & David review but I give it four stars. Got an hour or so to yourself? Then go and see it.
After the movie we took the coach to The Winery. I’d never been there before but it was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to wander around and just photograph everything, all the little details and surprises. Chantelle took this photo of me and I love everything about it.
Not only did I get to hang out with Chantelle but also Corrie from Retro Mummy too! We sipped champagne and discussed the current blogging climate. I felt so grown up and pleased that finally… finally I have found my niche in life, I’ve found a way to make all my passions combine and can now call it my career. Talking with others who are doing the same, I can’t put into words how nice it is to do it in person and not just online.
Everything is better with bubbles!
We nibbled on quiche and gourmet tomato & cheese rolls.
Beautiful cheeses were served with crisp bread, grapes, 
prosciutto and the yummiest sweet chutney I’ve ever had.
Custard & Strawberry tartlets, jam filled lamingtons,
marshmallows and chocolate dipping sauce.
The high tea was hosted by Sunday Life, you know, the cool section out of the Sunday paper.
Sarah Oakes, the editor of Sunday Life, who is an amazing woman having accomplished so much in her field opened the event but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make my way over to say hello before she left. Sarah Wilson (wearing the uber cute orange ensemble) is really nice and absolutely stunning. She directed the crowd through an open discussion about “The Help” which touched on topics such as racism, childcare, politics, history, feminism and fashion. It was a little heavy for a Sunday afternoon but everyone shared their personal stories and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
“Me” Taken by Chantelle
“Me” Taken by… me!
Now I’m going to show you what you really want to see, the furniture and all the little details!
Believe me when I tell you… I’m going back to The Winery!
Before I knew it, it was time to head home. Chantelle and I wandered about and looked into a few retro stores and stopped by the Benefit Paddington Boutique for a bit of a play. Then it was time for me to head on back to the station to catch my train for the long ride home… but not without one last extremely posed outfit photo!
I’m wearing:
Lace Back Tunic w/belt / Leggings / Cami / Boots / Jacket / Bangles – City Chic
Sunglasses – Wittner
Necklace – Alex Perry for Diva

Want to read the book and see the movie?

I have 3x Double Passes to see “The Help” as well as three copies of the book to giveaway! To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post answering this question: “What is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?”

Please Note: Open to Australian Residents Only. Be sure your email address is included or easy enough for me to find. Entries close Friday 9th September. Three (3) winners in total will be chosen, each receiving 1x Double Pass & a Book which will be shipped from Nuffnang Australia. Tickets are valid at numerous cinema complexes across Australia. Please read here for the full terms & conditions.

Disclaimer: I was paid for my time and skill to write this post in my own way, using my own voice as a reflection of my experience. I was also a guest at the private screening of The Help and High Tea, expenses were covered by the post sponsors. The Lace Back Tunic was a gift from City Chic which I saved for just the right occasion.


  1. 3

    Sheri Bomb says

    OMG I LOVE those chairs!!

    My favourite thing to do on a Sunday is to go for a walk along the waterfront in the sunshine eating ice cream with my boyfriend :)

  2. 4

    Ms Styling You says

    Oh, Dani, you know I almost cry when looking at your photos? I've been to The Winery once for a meeting and LOVED it. So difficult to describe to anyone who hasn't been. You've captured it beautifully. x
    PS. There's a missing photo … the toilet ;)

  3. 6

    Anonymous says

    I usually have to work on Sundays sadly but otherwise it is doing something with the family; a bike ride, a walk or a trip to the coffee shop. The film looks fantastic, I can't wait to see it.

  4. 7

    Kellie says

    Sundays are the only day we get to spend as a family, this Sunday being Fathers Day and all we plan on doing nothing but that. Maybe cook the hard working hubby some bacon and eggs for breakfast ;)

    And I agree, love the hair!

  5. 8

    Lizzie says

    Sunday is my hubby's only day off so I like to spend it together with him and our daughter. Sundays are a family day, whatever we might be doing.

  6. 9

    Lauren says

    My favourite things to do on Sundays include- wandering around car boot sales looking for bargains, visiting the Farmers Market for yummy fresh food, enjoying a relaxing afternoon drink with friends and blissfully sitting about not having to do anything…now if only those things could actually happen :)
    x Lauren

  7. 10

    a field of dreams says

    Everything in this post was absolutely beautiful! I would love to win this prize – my Sundays are spent sleeping in, a fruit/yoghurt to start the day, and depending on the weather – the day filled entertaining my soon to be 2 year old.

  8. 11

    Sarah says

    I like to go for bike ride and then spend time with my family having a bbq. Plastic plates are required so washing dishes is not!

  9. 12

    Polly says

    Go for a long lazy bike ride around the lake with my fiance – with the all important lunch break for some tasty treats (and to rest my burning legs)

  10. 13

    Amanda Fuller says

    I SO want to see this movie! To answer your question, on Sundays I love to start the day off by going to church and seeing all my friends. Having a good chat afterwards and catching up with everyone is fun. Then I like to go home, have a yummy lunch and have a lazy afternoon reading the paper, taking a nap!

  11. 14

    Birds Above Sharks Below says

    I usually spend Sundays hanging out with my Mum and luckily we love doing the same kind of thing, that been Sleeping in, then Lunch or afternoon tea at our favorite cafe and have a look at some local second hand places if we have time, then head home cook dinner (or be naughty and get fish and chips) and watch DVDs.

  12. 15

    Teer Wayde says

    Mum and I so want to see this and read the book!!

    My favorite way to spend a Sunday is pretty simple.

    Lazy about in the sun on a picnic rug in the park and read my book. Then head back home for a big weekly dinner with the extended local family.

  13. 16

    Toushka Lee says

    oh my gosh I must have high tea immediately.
    Um, Sunday, favourite thing, family time. Sounds lame but anything we do as our little family on a Sunday is always lovely. It usually starts with pancakes…

  14. 18

    Liz says

    My favourite thing to do on Sunday is just to sit on the couch with a piece of avo toast and a cup of hot chocolate and just read! (Perhaps 'The Help' would be a good Sunday read ;)?)

    Email is in profile if you need it!

  15. 19

    Michelle says

    For me it's about waking up snuggling with the gentleman or skyping if he is in that other city. Read blogs get up have brioche french toast enjoy the sun and enjoy the day, lazing reading and enjoy….

  16. 20

    Bev C says

    Sunday is spent with my husband and family working in the garden,stitching reading and enjoying a meal together. Thank you for the chance to see this great Movie and read the book.
    Happy days.

  17. 22

    Diana says

    I´m glad I´ve discovered your blog. You know I read The Help about a year ago and thought wow this could be made into a really good movie and here we are a year later with the film version out ! I haven´t had a chance to read it yet but looking forward to it when I get a break from uni. Enjoy your week ;) . Oh and my fave thing to do on a sunday is to try and relax from the week´s stresses and recharge my batteries for the week ahead.

  18. 23

    Melnough says

    Well, apart from what you got up to ….. I would say a late sleep in, a big brekkie and then out for a movie or walk down at the beach, followed by a nap on the hammock with the paper

  19. 24

    Talia says

    Looks like you had a fantastic day, and I REALLY want to go see that movie now!!

    My favourite thing to do on a Sunday is go to church, and then have lunch with my mum, dad, and brothers. It's nice to have a weekly time to see them!

    talia.carbis (@) gmail.com

  20. 25

    Kate Sins says

    Pre-kids it was going out for breakfast – always raisin toast and at least two coffees while reading the paper. Now it's getting up early enough that I can drink my coffee before the littlies wake up, a walk, perhaps a play in the park, a nice lunch and no tantrums!

    This movie looks great.

    • 27


      Oh my young niece is expecting her first bubba this year. I have paessd on all my baby things to her and she is just so grateful. She will be single parenting and she doesnt have a lot. It would be lovely to gift her this? It certainly is one special blankie.

  21. 28

    Rebekah says

    Awesome post. I'm drooling over that place, stunning!
    My perfect Sunday is spent with a morning snuggle in bed with my boys. Breakfast and reading the newspapers before heading out for a bike ride or a trip to the beach and then home for a Sunday afternoon snooze.

    • 29


      POPELINE WARS Koitaksete xarti na ditai poy einai oi polemoi . Oi Tourkoi thueoln agogos na perna apo tourkia..Amerikanoi then thueoln na perna apo Iran kai Syria me rossia epiroi

  22. 30

    Keena says

    Definitely a sleep in and lazy Sunday brunch with the boyfriend, then some me time/baking/cleaning/reading etc, and then we do a 'family roast dinner' with a bunch of my friends at one of our places (as we all live far away from our actual families).

  23. 31

    Miss Mandy says

    I love to relax with my family,sometimes relaxing with a little advenuture.
    I'm busting to see this movie.

  24. 32

    Anonymous says

    Sundays I sleep in, (sounds to be a popular way to start!) before dolling myself up – glamour, glamour, ALWAYS :) Once I'm all prettified I cook breakfast for my lovely man and myself, and from there its seasonal – walks and gardening in the warm weather, snuggles and movies from bed in the cold weather, and a good book and a cup of tea while the boy does uni work in wet weather – or whenever we feel like a lazy day :)

    <3 Emma


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