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I have weak nails. They’re the kind that flake and break for no particular reason at all so when ORLY emailed me about their new nail polish, essentially a treatment for nails just like mine I was game to try it and thought you might be too. Nailtrition by ORLY is applied daily for two weeks. At the end of each week you peel off the layers of nail polish and re apply. The polish leaves your nails a pearly pink shade, I’d be happy to wear it without the added benefits, it’s a bonus they’re included.

Nailtrition is infused with strength-promoting collagen, bamboo extract, protein and keratin, which ORLY Australia Creative Director, Fiona Hay, describes as, “essential ingredients for stimulating healthier stronger nails.” So, would you like to try it for yourself? I’m giving away two chances to win a bottle of Nailtrition to get your nails up to scratch. All you have to do to enter is answer this question:

What’s your favourite colour nail polish?

Competition open to Australian Residents only. Two winners will be chosen based on creativity and originality. Each winner will receive a bottle of Nailtrition worth $19.95 AUD. Entries close Friday 30th September 2011 at noon AEST. Winners will be notified by email and in the comments section of this post. Please note I was not paid for this post, I received my own bottle of Nailtrition as a gift.



  1. 1


    My favourite colour nail polish is big, bold, bright red!

    It’s perfect for the ‘pin up’ and retro look but I really enjoy wearing it in my daily life as well. It makes me feel bold and bright and is a lovely injection of colour, especially on days when I feel down and dull. A little glimpse of my nails in bright red reminds me who I really am and puts a smile back on my face.

    Plus it looks kinda sassy and sexy, and I’m all for that!

  2. 2


    Pick a favourite colour?! Oh gosh no! I could never pick just one!! I’m in love with every one of my nail polish colours, so 9 times out of ten I have a different colour on every nail!!

    Pink, blue, yellow, purple, green – this is my fave combination! But shades of blue on each nail starting with white and gradually darkening to black is another at the top of my list!!

    Why limit yourself to just one colour!!! :-P

  3. 3

    Cassie says

    I love love love the bright colours and you can’t go wrong with hot pink!!
    Love the way it looks on my toes in summer with thongs on!

  4. 4

    Danni Wise says

    At the moment im loving any of the OPI Shatter colours, u can mix and match the top and under colours to match ur outfit!!!! :)

  5. 5

    Keena says

    Pink! I try not to buy pink, but I look through the collection and im always drawn to the pinks, especially hot pinks and baby pinks. And then I get home and realise how close the shades are to shades I already have! But it’s my fave colour for nails cause it’s fun.

    On another note – Is there a secret to making your polish not chip and go all feral from housework? I usually stick to my toes these days, cause my nailpolish on my fingers usually only lasts one day, if that, before it’s all chipped and not so pretty.

    • 6

      Stephanie says

      I agree with the quest for nail polish that doesn’t chip. I have always had strong healthy nails and I’m finally in a job where I can wear nail polish but before I even get in the car to go to work after painnting them the night before they look like I’ve filed the tips of the paint off. :( Any tips from ORLY???

  6. 9


    Believe it or not I have two polar opposite colours I love; Black Nail polish and the other extreme clear or nude. I look forward to the holidays where I can experiment with brights and colours.

    • 11


      Akeed I will refer Its how I first saw it You deserve the link for sure Thanks for dnoppirg by ee wallah I am tempted to try, but the problem is Im more of a classic when it comes to nails and colors

  7. 12

    Katherine says

    I love ‘I Got The Blues for Red’ – great dark red colour….and great name.

    I would so love to try this product as the only time I have ever had strong nails was when I was pregnant, then as soon as my bub was born back to my horrible peeling weak nails – boo hoo. Fingers Crossed!

  8. 15


    I’ve got crappy nails so don’t wear nailpolish very often :( when I do I often wear bright red, black or purple and most of the time it’s glittery ;)

  9. 16


    Having worked in food for my entire teen years, and then having children where nailpolish is not noticed nor appreciated, I rarely painted my nails, and when I did it was always a pale, almost natural pink.

    A friend bought over some bright blue polish the other day and for some crazy reason I put it on- and now I’m a little addicted to bright crazy colours. The more it clashes with my outfit, the better!

  10. 18

    Liz. says

    I love nailpolish, my favourites at the moment are the darker shades.. while they probably do nothing for me apart from make my nails look like little smarties (my nails are so brittle i can’t grow them without them breaking) i think there’s something classic and different about them. Deep purple is always one i go back to.

  11. 19


    I like glitter nailpolishes, I suppose it’s the 12 year old girl in me trying to get out! However, I also like that when it chips (as it inevitably does), that you can touch up without it being noticeable like it would be with a plain colour.

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  12. 22


    Congratulations to Sheri Bomb & Katherine! Please keep an eye on your inboxes and get your addresses to me as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who entered x

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