Spray Tan

Stephanie and I ventured into the unknown and experimented by getting spray tans for our upcoming swimwear photoshoot. It was a lot of fun to do share the experience with my sister who was travelling interstate. Check out what we got up to…



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    Danielle, I love your tan. you looked absolutely gorgeous as usual. You and your sister are too cute! Being a pale person would you do it again? I’ll only do a spray tan for a special occasion.

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    Hey Danni, Ive been a silent follower for ages but just had to comment on this post. Thanks for sharing your spray tan experience, I’ve had one many years ago and always umm and ahh about whether or not to get one for a special occasion. Now I think I will! Thanks for being so lovely and honest in your blog. Xx

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    Thanks for the beautiful sunset pics:) Your colour looks very nice and natural. No orange in sight which is great to see.

    I’ll definitely be checking back for the photoshoot pictures.

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    Great vid Danni. I am in love with spray tans after having my first one back in March this year. You looked very glam on the boat.

    And have I said nice work on the blog makeover!

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