Danimezza ProBlogger Weekend Video #pbevent

The last few days have been completely epic. I made a short video of my time away so I hope you enjoy it. I’m not going to go into what I personally learnt from the event but I highly recommend watching the filmed sessions when they’re released in the next week or so, I know I’ll be watching the sessions I missed out on. Prepare to be inspired and don’t forget to take notes, even check out the twitter feed for tips at “#pbevent“. I’ll be back with more detailed outfit photos thanks to the lovely ladies from TS14+ and Virtu later in the week. Right now I’m off to clean the house and quite possibly have a nap… zzz

Danielle Melnyczenko (Danimezza) & Darren Rowse (ProBlogger)


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      I went into this focused, I had to keep pepping myself up, reminding myself I could do it, to not be afraid. I hate the moment after I’ve walked away and realised I’d forgotten to take a photo. Most people are more than happy to but it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and forget or become shy.

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    Thanks Nikki, I was a little bummed when you disappeared. Really need some one on one time, let me know when you’re in Sydney again, even if it’s just a fly in x

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    Hello Danielle

    wonderful – you did an awesome post production wrap up for us – thank you for that.

    at one stage I went to say hi and introduce myself to you and we had to go to another seminar straight away as the one I was in went a little over :(
    and then I went to say hi at the after drinks and you were a busy little bee networking that booty – so unfortunatley this time round I didn’t get to meet the lovely @danimezza that I have heard so much about.

    Keep on doing your great work – you are well spoken about :)

    next time please.

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


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      aww I feel terrible! I got quite overwhelmed and had to disappear up to my room a couple of times for a breather. Events like these (despite what people may think) put me right out of my comfort zone, so much to take in and a lot of it ends up a blur which is why I did my vlog that night. Next time for sure :) x

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    jenny@atasteoftravel says

    What a fabulous video Danielle. Missed meeting you this time but maybe at the next one! Looking forward to more Danimezza TV

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    Michelle says

    I don’t really see the point to blogging if all you’re trying to do is increase your readship and therefore making money! I’m not saying that is what you’re doing but boy oh boy is it a BOOM industry!

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      whoops, yeah well try being there :P We were across the road form Lindt, Haiges Chocolates was downstairs and we were surrounded by eateries and cafes… I’m going to be covered in pimples for a week!!!

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    Fantastic video – I loved seeing Liz’s face so much and it looked like a great time :) I can’t believe I missed out on the PB event though… next time…


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