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It was the day after the big storm hit Melbourne when bloggers from across Australia flew into the soggy city to test drive the i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle). I had to get up at 3:30am just to make it to the airport in time only to find the flight delayed. Eventually we make it to Melbourne and a driver awaits our arrival, ready to whisk us over to Albert Park for a day of driving and dining.

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What’s so cool about this car that it warrants so much attention? Well, it runs on electricity and doesn’t require a drop of fuel, if that’s not cause for acclaim I don’t know what is. Steve was quite miffed that he couldn’t go and armed me with a few questions he wanted answered. My main concern was whether or not I could actually get in the thing, from the photos it looked utterly tiny… I mean it only requires one windscreen wiper!

The i-MiEV plugs straight into a 15amp power point in the home or garage and takes about seven hours to charge from empty to full and you get up to 150kms to the tank… err I mean, to the lithium-ion battery. Charging stations are slowly being introduced and the numbers will increase as more vehicles are sold. It comes in six sexy colours, my favourites being Ocean Blue (pictured) and Raspberry Red which is actually more of a blackberry if you ask me.
It has driver and front air bags, side and curtain airbags, two rear child anchors, keyless entry, Brake Assist, Navigation System, CD Player, iPod/iPhone/UBS integration in the dashboard, central locking, 15″ alloy wheels, front and rear powered windows and most importantly… cup holders. There are plenty of features crammed into the tiny car so you don’t feel like you’re missing out even though you’re downsizing.

As much as I love the concept and agree that this is the way motoring will be advancing, for my life right now it just doesn’t suit. For starters it’s too small for me, I felt a little like I was driving a Go-Kart. I also do a lot of long distance driving and plugging in the car to recharge isn’t a huge problem, it’s just a hurdle I could do without. If I was single, lived right near the city and didn’t have children I’d buy it. I really applaud Mitsubishi for taking such a giant leap forward and believe in their project.

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To enter all you have to do is leave a comment answering the following question:

Would you buy an electric car?

Open to Australian residents only. Competition closes Tuesday 25th October at 5pm AEST.  Be sure to include your email address in your comment. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more information.


  1. 1

    Hannah Stewart says

    I’d buy an electric car if there were plenty of recharging stations…but if it takes seven hours, a three-hour road trip could potentially be an all-nighter, unless you can stop every hour or so and top up the battery (is it like normal batteries, where topping up shortens the charge? If so, I forsee a problem…). I’d have to agree with you – if I didn’t need to drive long distance and didn’t have kids, this would be a great little car! (considering there are a LOT of people who are single and live in the city, I see this as a pretty big market).

  2. 2


    I dont think i would buy an electric car – just yet. They just arent suited to the Australian motorist at the moment. I mean if they take 7 hrs to charge, how would we ever go on holidays? My 4.5 hrs drive to Sydney would now take 2 days!

  3. 4


    I think if I lived in a major city I totally would. It’s would be a great economical 2nd car. But that being said I live in a small city and don’t have charging facilities other than home. I am shopping for my next car and it will be a small car. I would like to see government incentives for councils/businesses to install charging stations. If this could be done then yes the i-MiEV would be very realistic for me

  4. 5

    Mary M says

    I love the idea and I would love to buy one, but I think they are still only a big city, small commute car. Charging stations are not really the answer, because in this modern world we can’t be stopping off all the time to wait for several hours to charge enough to drive home. The battery’s need more technology to make them last longer and/or charge much quicker.

  5. 9


    I would buy one as a second car for sure. I still like the instant top up the petrol station gives me though.. Would always be a little worried I was going to run out of battery power!

  6. 10

    Kellie - Good, Bad & Unnecessary says

    I might, if they develop a longer lasting and quicker charging battery. Otherwise, this would be perfect as a get around car for quick trips, there obviously wouldn’t be any roadtrips in the iMiev ;)

  7. 11


    I currently drive a prius, so yes, an electric car is something I would consider purchasing. However like you, I have children and do a lot of long haul driving so it simply wouldn’t be practical. If there was a larger option, and a strong infrastructure of charging stations… and a lower price point then an electric car is something I would definitely consider.

  8. 12


    I think I would buy an electric car. Certainly for the price! I think it would probably be a good run-around car (correct me if I’m wrong?)… probably more so when those charging stations start popping up places!

  9. 13


    I think it’s cute. We mainly use my car as a running around vehicle so it would be great for that (with the zero fuel costs!) but with the price tag, probably too expensive to start with.

    I also love the numberplate :)

  10. 14


    Yes, would definitely buy one… My trips are only ever short so wouldn’t have to worry about going too far.. I think I want the raspberry colour though!

  11. 15


    I would consider it as a second car – I was just saying to my husband that I’d love a little car to zip around in! I’d only be worried about the rising costs of electricity – whether that’s a saving over the rising costs of petrol. The i-MiEV looks so cute :)

  12. 17


    If I had the money, yes I would as I mostly only drive from home to school and around our local suburb.

    Not so sure my 6foot3′ husband would like it so much though, but for me it would be perfect.

  13. 19

    Keena says

    I think it would make a great second car for my boyfriend and I, (we live in Melbourne). The charging time is a big barrier to rely on it as our only car, because we have to travel interstate to see family, but for everyday life in Melbourne it’s perfect and nice and little for parking. I think it’d be great to see them used for inner city taxi’s or something similar too!

    Karina (mcchupachup@gmail.com)

  14. 20


    I totally would, if I had my license and the money. Getting my license is on my things to do, but I think this kind of car would be perfect for me. I don’t plan to do lots of driving, I just want to be able to duck up the shops or take my Mum to the doctors when need be.

    email – natatree(@)gmail(.)com

  15. 21

    Brigitte says

    I absolutely would! It would be perfect for getting me to and from work, and taking my son to school… and I could dave my diesel for the longer trips!

  16. 22

    natasha andrews says

    I think at this stage we could only concider electric as a second car. I travel a bit with the kids each day so I can see that being a problem but it would work for hubby just commuting to work and back.

  17. 24


    At this point, I’d probably hold off – almost everything has teething problems when first released and I’d rather spend my money when they’ve worked them out :) However, I really like the idea of an electric car, I think innovations like this are what will enable us to continue developing technology without destroying the environment. I’d definitely be excited about it if I knew there were plenty of charging stations and I’d seen good feedback from people who already owned one. I’d certainly consider it as an option if I were buying a new car, particularly if they were cost-effective to run.

  18. 25

    bubble936 says

    yes i would love to buy an electric car if it fits in my budget. I love it and all of its feature and by having an electric car i would love to help environment.

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