MOR Handcream Giveaway

The lovely team at MOR Cosmetics gifted me with five luscious hand creams from their MOR Essentials range so I’m giving five lucky readers the chance to win one each! If you’re looking for gifts for Christmas be sure to check out their gorgeous catalogue for ideas. MOR were kind enough to send me one and my Mum has already circled a few gift packs she has her eye on, cheeky thing!

There are five different fragrances in the MOR Essentials range and each scent comes in a candle, soap, body butter, hand & body wash,  hand & body lotion and of course the hand cream.

To win all you have to do is tell me which one you would choose and why.

Competition open to Australian Residents only. Five winners will be chosen based on creativity and originality. Each winner will receive one tube of MOR Essentials hand cream worth $14.95 AUD each. Entries close Sunday 23rd October 2011 at 5pm AEST. Winners will be notified by email and in the comments section of this post. Please note I was not paid for this post, I received a MOR Essentials Neroli Clementine Candle worth $19.95 as a gift.


  1. 1

    claire says

    Basil and Grape………sounds so intriguing and not what you would normally associate with a beauty product. might actually make you hungry…….

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  2. 6


    I’d choose Neroli Clementine, because Clementine is what I would have loved to have named my baby girl! Instead, I was blessed with 3 gorgeous boys ;)

  3. 7

    Paula says

    I think I would choose Basil and Grape because it sounds like a luscious fresh scent and would be lovely for the summer :-)

  4. 8


    ohhh i used up by MOR marshmallow scented body butter a little while ago and miss it so!
    Id probably go with Suger Rose Tiger Lily – it sounds so sweet and fun and makes me think of summer dresses and bbqs at dusk on the beach :)

  5. 9

    Emily says

    Ooh, what a delicious giveaway!

    I’d choose Honey Nectar. It sounds like a gorgeous everyday indulgence, and almost like a comforting hug, which is exactly what I need right now!

  6. 10


    I would have to go with the Blackcurrant iris to me it sounds like a winning combination. Black currants are choc full of vitamins and have a lucious tangy scent, whilst the Iris also a healing plant has a soft smell which will compliment and not over power

  7. 11


    Oooh I just bought the Marshmallow gift pack they had going last month it was the marshmallow soap, perfume roll on, hand cream and tote bag when you spent $39.95 or more so of course I bought the big pot of marshmallow sugar body scrub – Dee-lish! In which case I think I’d have to choose the Sugar Rose Tiger Lily as I think it would go best with all the other sugary sweet scents. I love these products because they smell amazing and give me a sugar hit without the guilt ;)

  8. 12


    Neroli clementine definitely – I love citrus. And the word clementine is just so pretty. I’m with Allison on the naming too; such a gorgeous name but I, too, have only boys!

    • 13


      my latest happy prcuhase is a pendleton mills motor robe blanket from room and board in a fabulous color mix of browns, tans, rusts, and TEAL. the plaid is so fun and funky, the wool amazingly cozy, that i almost don’t want spring to happen!

  9. 15

    Polly says

    I would choose honey nectar – sweet honey/vanilla type scents are my fave, plus, how delectable is the word nectar ………. it just sounds indulgent.

  10. 16

    Michelle says

    Yum!!!!! Honey nectar for me; it sounds heavenly!! I’m currently using Mor Belladonna range and loving it!!!

  11. 17

    Michelle Vamvas says

    Sugar Rose Tiger Lily, simply because I’m convinced that a celebrity is bound to name their baby daughter that soon!!! :)

    • 20


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  12. 21


    MOR is my religion. I can’t choose one because I love them all. It means I can wear one for each day of the working week. Decisions decisions? Don’t make me choose

  13. 23


    I’d choose Neroli Clementine, not only does it sound as though it smell divine, it also sounds like a plausible baby name for a celebrity.

    kate1485 at

  14. 27


    Basil and Grape all the way. Add some blue cheese, cherry tomatoes and artichoke and you have the start of a tasty mid-afternoon cheese plate. Oh and some peppered wafers! And preserved lemon!

    Can you tell I haven’t eaten lunch yet?

  15. 28

    Caitlin Frates says

    I’d go for basil grape. It sounds like one that both my boyfriend and I could use. Yes, he likes to sneak my fancy non-girly smelling products :) Sharing is caring!

  16. 30

    Michelle Hamer says

    Id choose Sugar Rose Tiger Lilly as the name sounds exotic and it sounds as if it captures the essence of summer, The scent of Rose and Lilly along with tropical fruits captures the essence of femininity and beauty!

  17. 32

    Carmel Corry says

    Basil & Grape – As I walk through my vegetable garden every day, i always grab a handful of basil and crush it in my hands! The smell is exhilarating! If I had it handy in a tube on my desk I could access that wonderful smell and emotion anytime I chose!

  18. 34


    Hi lovely, if I could choose one it would have to be Sugar Rose Tiger Lilly, Having a Lilly who loves Sugar skulls, pink roses and can be a tiger and if I don’t win I will have to go buys me one LOL!

  19. 35

    Sarah Garvey says

    Honey and nectar, Im a real sweet tooth and love to use products which smell sweet enough to eat, this sounds yummy!!! :-)

  20. 36

    jasmine eastwood says

    I’d love to win the Neroli Clementine one for my little sister, it contains coconut oils which is her favourite product (and food!) she would absolutely love this for her upcoming birthday and i’d love to see the smile on her face when i give it to her!

  21. 41

    Christine williams says

    Basil and Grape.
    Reminding me of lazy summer evenings having Bruschetta and Red Wine as the Sun sets..

  22. 42

    Nelle says

    I would choose Suger Rose Tiger Litly for my beautiful and selfless mother who loves the mor hand lotion, Mum deserves as all Mums do

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  23. 44

    Penne Ann says

    Basil and Grape – I love eating basil, it’s an antiseptic, calmative, an over all great tonic. It relieves fatigue, is restorative and clearing. The aromatic of basil is just so uplifting and grapes are full of antioxidants. It’s a winner in my eyes. Oh, and I throw in lots of basil in my spag bog!

  24. 45

    Gemma Goldsmith says

    the basil and grape would be great
    as i have the candle of the same scent,
    the delicious aroma of the cream
    would make my hands feel like a dream.
    heavenly scent, that i can smell all day.

  25. 46

    Bron says

    Neroli Clementine …
    Fresh Neroli, Sweet Clementine – a citrus combination with fragrance divine
    Candied Orange and Bright Yuzu, an exotic and heady MOR brew!

  26. 47


    I would go for SUGAR ROSE TIGER LILY….what more can you ask for! You got all the best fragrance in one!!! Sugary Rose, exotic Tiger Lily & ripe Tropical Fruits … yumm cant ask for more:)

  27. 48

    Akshay joseph says

    It would be basil and grape for me as these 2 are my favorite food! I love my food and having a cream to remind me of the smelly basil and sweet grapes will be just awesome…. If i have a craving for these food i just need to use the cream and i will be satisfied plus get my hands pampered in these luxurious cream!

  28. 49

    Janice quayle says

    It would have to be sugar rose tiger lily, I love all things sweet, roses for romance, I’m a bit of a tiger however pure like a white lily!

  29. 51


    The Neroli Clementine hand cream I’d choose, particularly as its name sounds so exotic, plus I’m intrigued as to its fragrance, so am anxious to use.

  30. 52

    Gabi says

    Suger Rose Tiger Lily sounds divine,
    Gorgeous aroma one of a kind,
    With this tropical scent I’ll step into summer,
    Missing out on this indulgence will sure be a bummer!

  31. 53


    I would have to choose Sugar Rose Tiger Lily myself.
    It seems so decadent, and even the packaging has a royal Victorian kind of vibe. I’ve only recently begun to reinvent myself; I’ve discovered that there is absolutely no point in not spoiling yourself rotten each and every day, and if that means splashing out on pretty clothes and luxuriating in fancy hand creams, then sign me up because, to quote a cheesy cosmetics ad that everyone seems to know; you’re worth it ;)
    Anyway, I’m pretty sure my lovely man would approve of the sweet scents,(and my not having sandpaper mittens anymore) and when he’s happy, I’m happy :)
    (Also, oh my gosh, how pretty would it look on my vanity dresser?? So gorgeous and bright!)

  32. 54

    Wendy _c says

    I”d chose Basil and gGape because thats an unusual combination of scents which I think would work really well together!

  33. 56


    #19 – Judith Perez – Basil & Grape
    #40 – Bron – Neroli Clementine
    #23 – Caitlin Frates – Blackcurrant & Iris
    #46 – Gabi – Suger Rose Tiger Lilly
    #30 – Sarah Garvey – Honey Nectar

  34. 57


    #39 – Gemma Goldsmith – Basil & Grape
    #08 – Natalie D – Blackcurrant & Iris
    Due to invalid international entry and no response to winning email.

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