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 I took this photo of myself just after I’d finished photographing a corporate event. I like the way I look, kind of proud but uncertain. It’s a new client and as “art is in the eye of the beholder“, I wont really know if they like the job I did until they see it. Being a photographer can be nerve wrecking, once the moments gone, it’s gone, no take-backsies and no re-tries. You have to suck it up, straddle the moment, dig your heels in and ride that baby until it’s knock off time. I like this photo because I’d been riding for almost four hours and I was feeling good, I gave it my all and I was proud.

I guess I don’t talk much about my work on here. Blogging about work sometimes feels like work, you know? That said I thought I’d share a few things photography related that might peak your interest. For starters, my bag. Oh, how I love my bag and I still get so many comments about it. Mine is “Libby” in grey and it’s perfect for holding everything I need. As I do a fair bit of interstate travel it’s my carry-on and can fit my gear as well as my little essentials which would normally go in a separate bag. I’m thinking of investing in a second, smaller Kelly Moore Bag for small quick trips, quite possibly the B-Hobo or the Classic I’m not sure yet.

As for what’s in my bag I’ve kept it pretty simple:

  • Nikon D700 – Great Full Frame Format camera, perfect for low light conditions and perfect for my every need. Doesn’t have video but I shoot all my videos on my iPhone4 anyway. I’d only recommend buying it if you were serious about photography or you have butt loads of cash. Truth be told I got mine through Flexirent but it’s paying itself off by doing paid jobs.
  • 24-70mm 2.8 Nikkor lens – ahh be still my heart. I bought the D700 body only and used the money I saved by not purchasing a kit towards buying a high quality lens that can’t be beat. This is the lens that is on my camera 24/7 it’s almost like it was made for me. I prefer zoom lenses, everyone has their preferences but I think this is worth every cent.
  • 70-200mm 2.8 Tamron lens – I borrowed this for a few weeks a couple of months back and I missed it dearly so I had to buy it. I really wanted the 70-200 2.8 by Nikkor but I couldn’t afford the $3k+ price tag. The results I got from the Tamron were great so I didn’t hesitate, I needed the lens now not later. It’s perfect for runway shows, getting in amoungst crowds and sneaky documentary photos I love so much but boy it’s heavy.
  • Nikon SB600 – It’s pretty low scale as far as flashes go but it does the job. My camera is so light sensitive anyway I think anything more powerful would be too much. If I do eventually get into more studio set ups I’d invest in higher powered flashes to use as slaves.
  • Gary Fong Lights Sphere – I get asked about it every time I use it. It looks completely odd but it simply works. I’ve shot fashion catalogue images, portraits, party photos, conferences… it’s such a great addition to my kit that I rave about it to anyone who listens.
  • Gary Fong Puffer – In some cases, lugging around a flash gun isn’t nessessary but usually I’m not familiar with the location I’m headed to so I pack my Puffer just in case. Basically it harnesses your built in pop up flash and distributes the light in a more beautiful, balanced way, even getting rid of red eye! For about $30 I think anyone who uses a DSLR pop up flash needs one pronto.
  • Extreme Compact Flash Card 8GB – I have five of these which go in rotation. I prefer to use smaller GB cards so I’m forced to keep my images on multiple cards as a security measure. Every time I import images from my card onto the computer, I burn a disc of the original images before even thinking about editing them. Once that’s done I then eject the card safely and then reformat the card within the camera. It’s like a new card. I do this every single time.
I keep my kit pretty simple as most of my work requires me to lug my bag around the city and as I use zoom lenses the two I have do the job fine. If I only used prime lenses it would be a different story. I also use a small cleaning kit with a cloth, spray and pen. Not only does my camera have to keep clean but I do too. I keep those little disposable toothbrushes on hand as they’re brilliant as well as bandaids, hairpins, lip gloss, perfume, mint lifesavers (tictacs rattle), my inhaler and compact mirror. When I started this business last year I didn’t think this is where I would be but I like it. The more events I attend, the more I see the same photographers being used and I think to myself “You know what, I could really do this, this is right up my alley!” and it seems PR companies are thinking the same thing, it’s a nice feeling.

No matter what you’re shooting be it your kids, your home, your friends wedding or even yourself, there are always new things to learn. Always. I’m forever reading blogs, websites, e-books and even text books for inspiration, to learn new methods or engage different viewpoints and I highly recommend it. Darren (AKA: ProBlogger) from Digital Photography School sent me a copy of “Click! – How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids” (RRP $19.99 USD) and I really enjoyed it, such a beautiful publication full of plenty of tips and inspiration. If you purchase before 19th October you go in the running to win a $1000 camera which is pretty damn awesome and there is a 60 day money back guarantee too. I’m looking forward to meeting the author Rachel and hearing her presentation at the ProBlogger Event next week.

While I’m in Melbourne, footloose and baby free for #pbevent I’ll also be doing photo shoots which will be fun. Just off-the-cuff shoots, soaking up the Melbourne city atmosphere, the people and the sunlight. I’ll be photographing plus size fashion model Teer Wayde, and quite possibly taking a few head shots of those travelling in for the weekend and needing head shots for their blogs and social media sites. You can still enter my competition to win a commercial portrait shoot but if you miss out please email me and I’ll let you know about a special rate.

I’m going to try and make photography a more regular segment here so please, if you have any questions or requests please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let me know. What did you like the most about this post?


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    Hey Danielle,

    Hope you’re well! Wondering how you got into photography – did you do a course/degree? My partner has always been quite interested and would like to perhaps pursue it.


  2. 4


    I used to want to be a photographer but realised i’m was too shy for the job. It’s more just a hobby now, though i’m about to buy my first digital SLR (I generally use my Mums).

    I loved reading about what’s in your bag and what you think of it. As i’m new to the DSLR world, it’s a good read.

    • 5


      More tech talk coming this way. I get asked a lot which entry levels cameras I recommend so I’ll talk about that too. I’ve definitely had to push myself out of my comfort zone whilst on the job, I’m pretty timid.

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    Claire says

    Loved reading about what you use and when…. As a very, very amateur photographer is interesting to hear what people use.

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    Hannah Stewart says

    I take terrible photos. It sucks, because I’ve got a little girl, and I can never get the photos of her that I want. On a different note: being a spelling nerd, I have to mention that you “pique” interest, not peak. No offence intended, just thought you might like to know!

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