Polly Dolly V.2 WK 30

Welcome back for this weeks Polly Dolly Polyvore challenge!

Every Thursday (usually lol) I’ll post a new Polly Dolly Theme Challenge, then you toddle off and get creative. You can credit the items if you want and add a bit of an explanation of why you chose the pieces or you can just share your clipboard… it’s up to you. When you’re done maxing out your imaginary credit cards, simply add your link below using your blogs name as the “title” and a direct link to the specific blog post. Polyvore publishes your outfit straight to your blog with a simple click of the “publish” button… too easy!

What would your Dolly wear?



  1. 5


    I love this theme! I like to think of myself as arty…I’m so not, but I can dream :-D And I’ll live vicariously through Polly this week!!

  2. 7


    EMZ, you are my one and only, you know that…besides, half the time I don’t even understand Quinton with all his Celsius and keimolters mumbo jumbo.

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