Releasing my inner Rockstar

I mentioned on facebook a few weeks ago now that I had an impromptu fashion photoshoot just for myself. I wanted some snazzy new images for the blog, my media kit and head shots for writing jobs on other publications. As a photographer myself it pained me to fork over money for something I could essentially do myself but a tripod and remote trigger does nothing to evoke emotion and frivolity in an image the way a real person behind the lens can. I trundled into the city with a suitcase full of clothes and overflowing with jewellery. The photography assistant didn’t know where to put it all! I joked with the photographer that at least I didn’t come in jeans and a white shirt, he knew from then on I was up for some fun. I’d never seen a grown man stroke a metallic skirt (on the hanger lol) and see eyes widen with enthusiasm before. It’s pretty “out there” as far as my wardrobe goes but it was so. much. fun!

My Outfit: SKIRT: Damn You Alexis ~ JACKET/CAMI/SHOES/RING: City Chic TIGHTS: We Love Colors ~ NECKLACE: Peeptoe Shoes ~ BRACELET: Lovisa ~ HAIR: Stevie English Hair

This is my favourite photo. I love how long my legs look, how my foot curls around and even my smile. As you can imagine I have a lot of photos of myself but this one confirms that a result like this couldn’t have been achieved without seeking help from another photographer. The glimmer of my sequin jacket, the gloss of my heels, the sheen from my skirt and the bling from my necklace makes me very happy. I was tempted to go dark with black tights but I’m glad I didn’t… how awesome do the magenta tights look with my kick arse hairdo by Stevie English Hair! Sure, the outfit might not be to everyone’s taste and even I was unsure of it but in the end I’m super proud.

Did you know?

I offer portrait packages for commercial use? Well, I do! Are you in need of photographs for your media kit? Maybe you’d like a new profile photo or avatar for all your social networking platforms? Does the photo you use now really reflect who you are or who you want people to see? Seeking sponsorship and want to include some gloriously glossy images in your pitch to get you ahead of the competition? Email me for a quote, prices start from $50.00.

Oh you just knew there would be a giveaway!

I’m really excited about this!!! Can you tell??? It’s been one year since I launched my photography business and it’s been a lot of fun and a heck of a lot of learning. It hasn’t happened in the traditional manner that I thought it would but I’m so very excited about where it’s taking me. To celebrate I’m giving away a Platinum Commercial Portrait Session (worth over $650) and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment and say “Capture Me”. The winner will receive:

  • One Hour Portrait Session.
  • Two Outfit Changes (optional)
  • Professional Image Editing.
  • Five Low Res. Images (discretely watermarked).
  • Two High and Low Res. Images (not watermarked).
  • All images supplied on a DVD.
  • Written permission for you to use and display images online and/or in print.
Entrants Please Note: Winner must be available for the session any date before Sunday, 20th November and live within the surrounding suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Only one individual may be photographed during the session. If you live interstate and will be traveling to Melbourne for #PBEvent feel free to enter but be sure to mention the hashtag in your comment (example: “Capture Me #PBEvent”) as I’ll be in Melbourne from Thurs 20th October -Sun 23rd October 2011. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another person. If the prize isn’t claimed by Sunday 20th November the offer is void. Competition closes Sunday 16th October 2011. Winner must respond to email notification (phone or email) by 12:00pm Tuesday 18th October or the winner will be redrawn.

Good Luck!


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    Ok. So, you know that I’m your biggest fan. Also, you know that since I’m a photographer, I’m rarely in front of the lens and DESPERATE for some kick-ass shots of myself which I know you can do! Miss Danimezza, please Capture Me! xx #pbevent

  2. 5


    Oh, I’d travel interstate just to have you capture me!

    I’d love a photoshoot that would be fun and funky and glam and luxe, just like you are :)

  3. 6


    Ooh Ooh Capture me please!
    I am always the one behind the camera, never infront, especially after my makeover! Any time I am infront it’s with Mr black holding the camera, and well…he doesn’t seem to understand what a “full body shot” means i.e. he does one that maybe has part of my chest in it. Also he uses the flash when we’re outside in the sun making me look transluscent. FAIL.

  4. 7


    wow! Damn girl you look friggen hot :-) Awesome loveing that outfit!
    Anyway enough sucking but really what a fabulous giveaway and if i win i shall fly up to sydney so you can take buetiful shots of me and then we can have coffee n chat etc… sound cool!!!

    • 8


      Matt and Joey – Wow, Ash, this stuff is gorgeous! Do you take the potohs in B&W or convert them later? Do you play with the levels in your photo software or leave them exactly as you took them? This reminds me so much of the photography classes I took in high school, but your work is AMAZINGly better than anything I ever did. Keep up the good work!

    • 9


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  5. 10


    Worst Giveaway EVER! Hahaha. Naaah. I’m just jealous. Loving the pics hun. I hope you’ll let me check out any others you got, one day, when I’m finally free to get back on Skype. :D

    Good luck to the entrants!

  6. 13

    Kellie - Good, Bad & Unnecessary says

    Babe you look gorgeous! Not entering the comp as Im in Adelaide, but I just wanted to tell you how how you are! Not that you don’t already know ;)

  7. 15



    xxx (CAPTURE ME)

  8. 17


    Oh honey these shots rock!!! You look oh so deeeelish! The outfit is YOU I’m so glad you went with your gut instinct.

    Loves!!! and more loves!!!


  9. 21


    I would LOVE some new photos! Our wedding was in June, but I was disappointed when our photographer didn’t take ANY bridal shots/close up shots of me or hubs. I love some of the pics we got, but they’re certainly not what I was hoping for.

    You DO look like a rockstar!

  10. 25


    Oh I desperately need some new head shots. I’d love you to CAPTURE ME! Not only would the photos be awesome, but it would be so fun to catch up with you at the same time! CAPTURE ME, CAPTURE ME, CAPTURE ME!!

  11. 26


    The photos are glorious, and I love your styling. I like that you have a strong style identity. Magenta is fabulous.

    Capture me and enrapture me!

  12. 29

    Kelly says

    Gosh how I would love this I have recently lost 55kg and it’s been 2 years since I really had any photo’s taken so please Capture Me #PBEvent ( not going to be there but I am a Melbourneite) xx

  13. 32

    Jaimie earl says

    Danielle, please capture me. I would love the chance for some professional photos. I don’t like the way I look in phots and would love the chance to have photos done that show me what others tell me they see in me.

  14. 33

    Emma says

    Totally rocking that look! You look hot!

    If you ever get up to Darwin, I am so very very interested in you capturing me! I love your photography.

    • 34


      – I seriously gapsed when I saw this card the first time, i would die to have a picture of my kids that adorable. I sure hope you are blowing it up big and beautiful soon, if so you will have to show us next month when we come visit!!!

  15. 38


    I love the pics and how cool do the tights look.. Statement tights for sure.. They make the shot so funky.. I love statement shoes so maybe if I had the chance I could showcase then like you have done your cool rockstar look.. Got big exciting things happening in the land of RhiCreate so would be awesome to have some shots to help… Sooooooo CAPTURE ME!!!! PLEASE!!! :-)

  16. 40


    You look fantastic! Id love to enter this fantastic giveway. If i do win id have to travel to sydney (i would love to have an excuse to get away!) Oh and i have zero decent photos of me :(

  17. 43


    Holy dooley you look HOT in these pictures! I pretty much hate all pictures of me, so something like this could be an awesome boost for me / my online presence, so pretty please CAPTURE ME! x

  18. 50


    Love your work. Definitely need some professional shots of me (wearing some sexy size 11 heels from my collection of course) for my website and promo work. Capture Me #PBEvent.

  19. 53

    MicP says

    *to the music of the the yellow pages ad with the little man in different colours*…. capture me, capture me, capture me….please :) hehehe

  20. 54

    charlotte webber says

    capture me ? Ive been covered in baby puke for god knows how long, sure he looks adorable in photos and u see the odd arm or neck roll of mine in the background, id love some photos of me on my own, i also need a makeover AND a stylist lol


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