Swim Sisters

This is my sister, my only sibling, Stephanie. She’s in her early 20’s, lives in Townsville with her boyfriend, is super tall and utterly gorgeous… some people say we look alike and I always take that as a compliment. When I told her I was planning a swimwear photoshoot and wanted to do it whilst she was down for our Dad’s 50th birthday she was just as excited as I was. The lovely ladies from TS14+ and SARA sent us some beautiful pieces to shoot which was perfect as Stephanie fits a size 14-16 and I wear a size 20. I thought it would be cool to show two different plus sized bodies, with the same genetics but different essences of style.

Dad was kind enough to take us out on his pride and joy “Rouge Wave” a beautiful yacht and we skipped across the bay on a beautiful sun-drenched Friday afternoon. We had  a lovely time and I hope you enjoy the photos, Stephanie took the photos of me and I took the photos of her. We didn’t use fancy lighting, just capturing what happened naturally in front of the lens. We used my Nikon D700 and just one lens, my Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8. None of the images have been photoshopped… this is just us, as we are, enjoying the sun and the sea.

TS14+ ~ Turridae Tankini ~ size 14 ~ $109.95

Stephanie ~ “I had so much fun with Danielle on the yacht, we laughed, we nearly fell overboard, we attempted to change suits many times while below deck. Hard. The Turridae Tankini was very comfortable. It doesn’t have any underwire but does have sewn in moulded cups with an elastic band and control mesh in the front. Usually I’m a bare all in a bikini as I figure my body is mine to do with whatever I like. In this case I liked the idea that I could pull off a tankini as I’m not a big fan of fabric stretching across my tummy, the print on the middle panel framed by the black sides gives a slimming  illusion while the bottoms didn’t cut into my legs and also came high enough to hold in my winter wobbles.

TS14+ ~ Turridae Mesh Poncho ~ size XS ~ $99.95

Stephanie ~ ” I loved this piece! I wore it most of the time while on the yacht after the shoot. The busy print on the slinky mesh fabric allows a bit of freedom, being covered up, yet the sun can still shine through. I think the detail of the metal hoops sewn onto the sides just gives it and extra touch of bling. Who doesn’t like a bit of bling? We were on a yacht after all…

SARA ~ Skirted One Piece ~ size 20 ~ $99.00

Danielle ~ “I should have ordered a size 22, my girls pounced out of it and my thighs made the dress creep up a bit. There is no underwire but my boobs felt supported, even if they were overflowing a little. The bust has support mesh as well as moulded cups sewn in, everything is reenforced. The belly doesn’t have control mesh but instead has two layers of spandex, one for the suit underneath and one for the dress over the top. The straps are large and soft but aren’t adjustable. The back of the dress has a seam that runs right down the middle which is a bit unfortunate but not a big deal. The size felt perfect around my back, waist and belly though. I love the style, the way the fabric feels and think it would be a fabulous piece for anyones collection. I’ll be re-ordering it in a larger size.”

SARA ~ Black Twist Tankini Top ~ size 16 ~ $79.95

worn with: TS14+ ~ Turridae Tankini Bottoms

Stephanie ~ “I’m happy to say that I actually wore the Black Twist Tankini Top swimming the other day. I would be more than happy for some of my legs to move up to my chest, or hey, even steal some of Danielle’s ample bosom (hehe) so the underwire with this piece was not such a big feature for me but I can definitely see the advantage. In saying that I liked the ‘twist’ at the bust because in my case it added some definition and draws the eye away from any shy parts.

SARA ~ Scoopneck Tankini Top ~ size 20 ~ $79.95

SARA ~ Skirted Swim Brief ~ size 20 ~ $59.95

Danielle ~ “I think this set is so much fun, you can buy it in different combination of navy, black and polka dots, you don’t have to go entirely dotty as I’ve done. The bust doesn’t feel as supported in this as they did in the dress, it’s more of a natural hold, like a hammock as there is no underwire. The top has control mesh lining and sewn in pads over the nipples, I liked that you can’t see any indentation to show that they’re there. The sides of the top are rouched which I think would look fantastic with a plain colour but it gets lost a bit with the busy polka dot print. The skirt has control mesh at the front only and is a nice flattering length. Perfect for if you want full coverage with the convenience  of a two piece suit.”

Gisela Ramirez ~ Rose Reversible Chiton ~ size M ~ $200.00

SARA ~ Espresso One Piece ~ size 16 ~ $89.95

Stephanie ~ “Rose Reversible Chiton, I recommend not putting this on while standing on the side of a yacht trying to maintain a steady hold with a strong breeze. But you have to agree the final product is stunning. So light and drapes perfectly. Perfect if you want to catch some rays but like the security of a bit of coverage. The Espresso one piece was very supportive, I actually gave this as a gift to my mother as apparently while I was napping she tried it on and fell in love with it. Not a fan of how my tummy seems to be bulging a teeny tiny bit but I was mostly concentrating on not falling.

TS14+ ~ Adonis Convertible Bather ~ size 20 ~ $109.95

Danielle ~ “One of my favourite suits, I can see myself wearing this a lot. I hadn’t seen anything like it before, I loved the concept of the mesh top overly and skirt completely built into the suit. The bust doesn’t have underwire but I don’t mind, the straps are adjustable and the back comes up quite high so feel supported. The bottom part of the suit holds my bum and lifts it a little, who doesn’t love that! To turn it into a top all you do is use the button and loop sewn onto the ends, really simple. I like that it creates a long V line framing my face and décolletage whilst hiding my chubby underarms. As a skirt I like the sexy split and that my thighs are slightly covered. No sarong or bulky beach towel needed.”

Crossroads ~ Cap Sleeve Lace Poncho Top ~ size XXL ~ $34.95

SARA ~ Animal Print One Piece ~ size 16 ~ $89.95

Stephanie ~ “This is my favourite, how much fun is it?! I possibly felt a little sexy while washing my car the other day in it paired with some shorts.  It’s the same as the Espresso but the animal print just gives it something extra I’ve never been one for leopard print and the like but this piece has made me reconsider. I wore it the rest of the day as it was so comfy and when the wind chilled a little everything remained covered with the moulded cups and control mesh in the front. I like how the one piece was fairly easy to put on and wasn’t much wedgie pulling at all as they sit at the perfect spot on my legs, not too low to roll up and not high enough to be Baywatch. ( Meaning it actually holds in my butt.)

TS14+ ~ White Ambigua Dress ~ size 20 ~ $119.95

SARA ~ Sea Green Scoopneck One Piece ~ size 20 ~ $89.95

Danielle ~ “With a higher neckline and wide straps I feel more support for my bust and I can feel the control mesh working on my tummy. I don’t like that you can see the nipple pad indentation through the fabric but I do like the rouching. The bottom of the suit holds up my bum and doesn’t give my a wedgie. I think this is a great supportive one piece which is pretty basic in it’s design but very practical. I’ll be wearing this to swimming lessons at my local pool with Aidan this summer. Oh and the colour is to die for, am I right!? The Ambigua dress is divine, it’s soft like silk, totally sheer and you feel so luxurious when you wear it. I requested it for the shoot because I wanted to know how they could justify the price and know after trying it I know they can, a completely designer addition to any wardrobe. Even my grandmother complimented me when I wore it!”

TS14+ ~ Gelati Pink Pacifica Crushed Dress ~ size 20 ~ $109.95

Danielle ~ “I heart this dress, it’s so soft, a piece you can really just chuck on in the morning and go. It has pockets, a detailed neckline and I think it would look fabulous even in winter with a long sleeve top, scarf, tights and boots. I ended up wearing this for the rest of the day and evening. It’s a lot baggier than the dresses I usually go for but in summer i think you can get away with less structure in your outfits to keep your look casual and carefree.”

 I hope you enjoyed the photos and you’re looking forward to summer as much as we are! If you have any questions at all about the pieces feel free to leave a comment below or email me. I’m hoping to showcase more swimwear pieces in late November/early December so if you’re interested in being involved with supplying garments or accessories, being a model or filming the shoot please let me know. A big thank you goes out to my Dad for being an awesome sailor, to Mum for putting up with two divas and to my sister for being a fabulous model. TS14+ and SARA, thank you for believing in me and letting us two girls have some fashion filled fun.

Stephanie ~ “I didn’t want my butt to be my last comment so… thanks for having me! If you have the opportunity to be involved DO IT! Shy or not it’s so much fun. Note the above weird leg angle. Seriously though. No IF’s but lots of Butts … tehehe. Bye Bye!”

Have a terrific summer ladies and don’t limit yourself to bathers from Millers as I have in the past, the plus size options have increased and there are more and more beautiful quality pieces for you to look glamorous in… embrace your curves x


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    I love them all on you! Personally I love the Gisela Ramirez Rose Reversible Chiton, it is to die for and looks so chic on your sister Stephanie. Danielle I love the Adonis Convertible Bather on you it looked sublime. Loving the beauty you girls ooze. You are both an inspiration.

  2. 5


    Dani – This is an amazing post. I think both you and your sister look wonderful and I feel jealous I can’t do things like this with my sisters (what with living in Europe!).

    I really love this post Dani. x.

  3. 12


    I love the navy polka dot swimsuit – that is soooo me! I seriously need to invest in a decent pair of bathers. The tankini I have now is the one I had before I breastfed 4 kids and it rides up constantly and threatens to expose my boobs most times I wear it and the bottoms, well the elastic is nearly gone in these and they threaten to expose my bits when I wear them! Time for an upgrade I think :) p.s. loved the photos, it looks like such a fun day. I live on the other side of the country from my sisters and am missing them heaps.

  4. 16


    Yowza! How hot are you two girls!!!

    Stunning shots honey I was oh so excited to see what this set was going to be like and you’ve blow it out of the water!


  5. 21


    I am so going to get the Sara Animal Print one piece. If your interested i would love to be part of your next shoot, as a model, no good with a camera. Let me know if you want me to take part.

  6. 25


    i had to do a double take when i looked at the first pic – you and your sister really do look alike – both gorgeous!

    *love* the first suit your sister is wearing, it’s divine! and i love the seagreen one piece you’re wearing, the colour is just beautiful!

    i am not one that has much confidence when it comes to summer and swimwear, i cover up as much as possible but can’t actually remember the last time i got swimmers on and went for a swim – i’m determined to change that this summer!

    thanks for sharing Dani, definitely some great suits here and food for thought….


  7. 31


    Oh wow, you two look freaking amazing.

    I just want you to know that you have achieved the impossible and I now swim in just swimmers…I even own two bikinis…I don’t hide anything under boardies or rashies like the old days. (This is the first time EVER, like since I was 5yo).

    My belly and thighs are a bit wobbly, my boobs are non-existant…but what the hell, flaunt it. If you feel like a holiday to Darwin, it is always summer and you can bring me lots of swimmers to model. :-P

    • 32


      WooHoo! It’s so much nicer to swim without shorts, no one really needs to. I wish we could all hang out at the splash park although I don’t miss the build up season :P Next year when I come to Darwin I’ll plan a shoot and bring lots of togs ok :)

    • 34


      SARA have great deals in Ezibuy catalogues, watch and wait ;)
      I’ll also (hopefully) be featuring more brands in a wider price bracket in the next shoot.

  8. 35

    Anika says

    I wish this was posted yesterday as I went to City Chic today and bought a nice one piece but would’ve loved the imput from this!!! I am in love with the SARA sea green one piece!!! Danielle you would not know you were a size 20 at all!! The swimwear looks great on you!!! Oh and you sister is stunning too :)!!!

  9. 37

    Charmaine says

    Love all the swimwear and tops. My fav would be Dani wearing the Sea Green one piece. Both of you look fantastic. Natural.

  10. 39

    Emily says

    What beautiful and glamorous photos! You both look amazing. You always look absolutely gorgeous, but we obviously don’t see your sister so often, and she is just stunning – an absolute pin up!

    Lovely, lovely photos. Just gorgeous x

  11. 43


    This is beyond AMAZING!

    I still don’t know why one I’m going to buy (I’m thinking the Sara one that Steph is wearing).

    You’re so so so clever! And lucky to have a dad with a yacht. x

  12. 45

    Jess says

    You two are both as equally stunning! I love all of these swimsuits, they’re extremely flattering, and that Gelati dress is to die for!

  13. 47


    Oh Dani! You and Stephanie look so beautiful and glamorous! These are such fantastic photos! Your body confidence continues to inspire me everyday and it truly looks like you ladies had a wonderful day! Cant wait to see your December shoots

    (and how totally fab are those Gisela pieces! swooooonn!)

  14. 49


    You girls are both so gorgeous! I think the Adonis convertible may be my fave of the lot, and of course, the pink crushed dress.

    Also, so in love with this post! Thank you for taking the time to showcase the pieces so amazingly!

  15. 50



    I loved this post so, so, so, so much!!!!


    I always feel a bit suspicious of professional shots of swimsuits etc because even when they use plus-size models, they’re barely plus-size and are still the most genetically-perfect flat-stomached 7ft-something girls air-brushed to perfection.

    Or some fat girls against an unflattering white backdrop in a token magazine spread.

    But this is brilliant. It is honest but not confronting if that makes sense. Everything is shot and framed perfectly, it’s glamourous without that over the top fake glamour. It’s joyous without being saccharine. There are bumps and wobbles available to see, as a true representation of how the bathers look… but they’re really not the first or second or even twentieth thing you see.

    The pictures are gorgeous too, i hope you frame some as a reminder of a lovely day with your family.

  16. 51


    Oh wow, how gorgeous you both are!

    It is always so refreshing to see clothes, especially swimsuits modelled by people who don’t happen to have “supermodel” proportions. Even though I only just bought a swimsuit that I am really happy with, you’re making me want to dash out and pick up a couple more!

  17. 52

    Deb says

    i wish i had seen this before i bought a $120 suit that i am not entirely happy with. I just bought the first one that actually fit, but i dont feel my boobs are supported in it sufficiently.

    oh well…

  18. 54


    Absolutely stunning!
    My sister and I are the same sizes as you and your sister. We recently went shopping in Brisbane looking for clothes for her to wear to her son’s upcoming graduation dinner. We found it so difficult to find anything in size 20 that didn’t look old and frumpy. She is a little on the height challenged side too (5’2″) which didn’t help either. These swimsuit shots are fabulous inspiration for us to now go shopping for summer. Love, love, love them.

  19. 55

    Renee says

    The two of you are stunning. Thanks so much for this post and your detailed recommendations. I really appreciate how much body confidence you have and it inspires me to have more.


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