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The spirit of giving is what makes Christmas special to me, I love it, what I don’t love however is the weeks leading up to it. It’s really important to me to chose heartfelt, personal, price and age appropriate gifts and sometimes this can leave me standing in Myer staring blankly at sheet sets and hand towel wondering how I got so far off track. This year I’m shopping online, from the comfort of my couch. For the most part, my gift list is filled with beauty items so I thought I’d share some things I recommend you put on your list because I love them.

Sister’s can be difficult to buy for, thankfully I just have one although she appreciates the finer things in life which can make buying gifts for her impossible. She’s in her early twenties but I think both these gifts would appeal to a sister of any age. When I find something I love I want to share it with her and They’re Real Mascara ($38.00) is right on the top of my list, it’s amazing and I go on and on about it on here because I love it. Next on my list is brushes and whilst I love the ones from Benefit, I wish you could buy them in a kit. Napoleon brings out quality brush sets every year at Christmas and I think my sister (who is still building her make up kit) would really appreciate this Luxe Ultimate Brush Collection ($99.00) as they are usually pretty expensive.

Mum’s are pretty easy, after all you’ve been buying them lavender soaps and hand creams for years but how about educating Mum and buying her those luxe items she’s never bought for herself. My Mum loves The Body Shop products and I know this Coconut Book of Bliss ($48.95) would thrill her to bits and she wouldn’t get embarrassed about how much it is either. An educational gift however would have to be the Clarins Super Skin Firmers Gift Set ($110.00) perfect for skin over 50 that needs more than what Olay can offer… but you can tell her that because she’s your Mum. Plus the gold vanity case that comes with it will put you back in the good books if she starts pouting.

Sister-In-Law gifts can be tricky and I’ve found the simplest ones are always best, like giving them a product you’ve recommend they try but they haven’t bought yet like Frizzy Logic ($31.95) for their crazy, dry, unmanageable hair. It comes in a gorgeous little gold box so you could also give her a box of chocolates and cute hair ties like these ones from Dusty Jo for a personalised gift. No idea what she likes? Well everyone seems to love the Mor Cosmetics Marshmallow fragrance and this little You Had Me At Marshmallow Panettone ($29.95) with perfume and lipgloss is perfect. Mor tweeted yesterday that they have free shipping for all online e-boutique orders over $30 using the code “SHIP12″… brilliant!

Mother-In-Law gifts are something I’ve never had to buy as Steve’s mum passed before I got to meet her but a lot of my friends have them and I’m guessing you do too so I’m going to take a stab at it. When I get my nails done there are LOTS of older ladies there so why not treat them to something they already love like the OPI Best Of The Best Mini Polish Collection ($44.95). Even if she doesn’t like her nails done, every woman appreciates soft, sweet smelling hands and the OPI Sweet Sensations Set ($19.95) with 6 different quenching flavours is sure to make her smile.

Grandmas in my experience, are pretty happy with just a hug, a smile and a recent photo of you but if you really want to treat her do it in style. Vintage patterns that remind her of her past always go down treat which is why I fell for this beautiful Lollia by Margot Elena Hand Cream ($34.95). Want something even more delicious for the one you treasure? Why not spoil her with the luxurious Mor Cosmetics Marshmallow Bathing Elixir ($49.95) it’ll make her long hours spent in the tub a dream.

Teenagers can be a fussy bunch but I find them most fun to shop for. When selecting gifts I try to pick things that have a range of choices like this brilliant Benefit Cosmetics Ticket To Glossy Town Lip Shine Set ($49.00) so they can’t really complain and it should last the entire year if not longer. Teenagers also think they know it all but they have a lot to learn about about make up, especially the proper application of eyeliner but that’s another post altogether. What we should be teaching teens is the importance of sun protection as well as investing in quality products and the Invisible Zinc Environmental Shield ($44.95) is my new “soap box” item, I want everyone to own one and you should too. You can still go in the chance to win an Invisible Zinc beauty pack entries close on Saturday.

Tweens are the awkward inbetweeners at social occasions left to look after the little kids whilst the mums hit the wine. Treat them to something special like this delicious Bloom Boost Lip Balm Trio ($14.95) made of nourishing ingredients and presented in a quaint gift box. Otherwise if you’d like to keep little hands busy why not give your favourite little lady a Bloom Candle Making Kit ($19.95). I got one when I was younger and I thought it was so cool, glad to see they’re still “in”.

Girls are so sweet and we’re in no rush for them to grow up but that doesn’t mean they can’t have beauty products too. Because they’re little darlings most of the time they deserve sweet treats like these Bloom Organic Mini Scented Soaps ($4.95 each) great for bath time and best paired with a lovely soft towel in their favourite colour. Needing something a little more glamorous? Why not spoil them with Original Mineral No Knott Conditioning Detangler ($28.95) they’ll smell like sweet little pears and they’ll beg you to brush their hair, I know this because even Aidan loves getting his hair done everyday.

Babies are the best to buy for aren’t they, all those tiny socks and soft knitted cardigans but trust me, that baby has enough clothes and from my experience they hardly wear them anyway! So why not put your funds towards something gorgeously good for them like this Burts Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit ($24.95) each piece is the perfect size of the diaper bag too. I love Burts Bees for babies so much it’s all Aidan uses now and he smells like a dreamboat and it’s all because of the Baby Bee Dusting Powder ($19.95). At first I thought it was quite expensive for baby powder but after using it and using it and using it and it still hasn’t run out, I’m completely sold and the baby’s mumma will be too.

I hope you liked this little gift guide and that it’s sparked a few ideas for all the lovely ladies in your life. It’s not a sponsored post, I didn’t get sent any products and the PR companies don’t even know I’m writing about their stuff. I just wanted to give you a little insight into what I love and I want it to be helpful in this often stressful gift buying time of year.

What beauty buy would you like this Christmas?


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    Hannah Stewart says

    Great ideas – the candle making kit definitely fills the gaps in what to buy the family members who are too cool for kid presents, and too young to appreciate the stuff their older siblings will! I got a candle making kit as a kid too, and I think I spent an entire rainy day using the entire kit (I bet my mum was pleased not to have to entertain me!).

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      “the candle making kit definitely fills the gaps in what to buy the family members who are too cool for kid presents, and too young to appreciate the stuff their older siblings will!” – so true!

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