Danimezza Skorch Covergirl Nov 2011

Some of you might have seen this already by now but for those who haven’t, here’s the scoop… I was a covergirl!!! Skorch Magazine contacted me  a few months ago and asked if I would do them the honour and after a bit of squealing I calmed down and said “Yes Please!”. The publication is based in the US so I couldn’t just pop into the studio for a photoshoot and I wanted fresh new images. After a quick call out on twitter (oh how I love thee) I arranged for my own photos to be taken with none other than the very talented Xiaohan Shen. Please check out her glorious photos, she even works for Vogue.com.au as one of their street photographers, so amazing!

I wanted to share with you the photos from the shoot. We headed down to CarriageWorks, just Xiaohan and I. When we got there there was already a photoshoot taking place at one end of the main hall so it was a bit intimidating but I was ready to get dressed up and have some fun. I took along a big rolling suitcase filled with several outfits to mash together, just bits and pieces I loved. You can find all the information about my outfits in the November Skorch Issue.

I loved the whole session with Xiaohan, I recommend you check out her street style blog and follow her on twitter like I do. My covergirl story could never have happened without her. Feel free to view the very special issue of Skorch, read my interview questions and let me know what you think. As always, thank you for your continuing support x


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    You looking skorching hot ! ( No? Bad pun? Ok. )
    But seriously, you look fabulous and as a petite curvy girl rather than a so-called ” plus size ” may i say that you are one of my biggest style inspirations. I love that you try a bit of everything, you arent afraid of colour, and you know to accentuate the positives instead of just wearing the newest fad. Job well done chicky!

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    Love that pic of you on the cover! They are some seriously killer shoes! Love!
    P.S. Michael told me I need to pick up my game and get into serious blogging so I can be on a cover of a magazine ; )

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    Michelle says

    Congratulations! To be honest, I don’t think that these photos do you justice. You are so pretty and yet your expression looks flat.


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