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Summer is upon us and my pasty white skin is trembling at the thought. I burn, badly and it doesn’t take much for pimples to start popping up from greasy lotion or my nose to start peeling from being too dry. So when Invisible Zinc offered to send me two products from their range I jumped at the chance. Invisible Zinc is an Australian made skin protection product range that’s not tested on animals… just Elle Macpherson.

I was sent The ESP Environmental Skin Protector SPF 30+, a beautiful moisturising sunscreen perfect for your face that doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. It’s definitely not just for the beach, it’s something to wear everyday. I really liked how soft it was on my skin and it didn’t leave me with a shiny face, I could easily put make up on over the top of it. The second product was the UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF 30+ and I’m in LOVE, I mean I’m really really in love. I’m using Light but it’s also available in Medium and Tan. I kind of want to kiss them for showing me how awesome this product is! See for yourself…



See what I mean! It’s so simple to use, excellent coverage and great for my skin. Thanks to Invisible Zinc I’m giving away a beautiful prize pack (valued at over $120.00) full of products to keep you sitting pretty this summer…

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Be sure to leave your email address so I can get in contact with you if you win. The competition closes on the 25th December at 5pm and the winner will be chosen by Nuffnang. Click the link for full terms and conditions.

What extra steps are you taking this summer to stay beautifully protected?


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    It looked so amazing on you in person too, it looked so natural I was kind of surprised when you showed us what you were using. Definitely will be saving my pennies to pick one up.

    I burn so easily too, I generally use a spray on sunscreen and try to stay covered.

    • 5


      Thanks Nat, I really love the cream to powder finish, I think thats what sealed the deal for me. It’s pretty no-fuss, just rub it on and off you go. I’d recommend buying online or at priceline x

  2. 10


    What a great product. Looks so easy to apply and no shiny skin.
    I’m like you and burn so quickly. Something like this should be apart of everyone’s daily routine

  3. 12


    I have a sample of theirs and am really impressed with the quality :)
    It’s great to have such a fab Aussie product (which is also animal friendly).

  4. 14


    I am so passionate about sunscreen! So many have nasty ingredients like oxybenzone that suck the chemicals off your skin into your body. Moogoo recently posted a study on their Facebook page That said 2 days after applying oxybenzone you are still weeing it out- and they put this in KIDS sunscreen! Invisible Zinc has no absorbers, it sits on your skin instead of under it and gives you a shield to effectively protect your skin. I sell a few natural sunscreens at work but IZ is my fave. Just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive :)

    Love your blog by the way!

  5. 16

    claire says

    Fellow burner here………I spend the entire year looking like a vampire extra from a twilight movie as I cover up to avoid the burn (yes – skin does come this white). I am always on the look out for coverage that provides the SPF I need and one that isn’t too greasy…. so very interested in this one.
    p.s. Love your blog as well

  6. 20


    It is really easy for me to burn as I am quite pale, Husband has used this before to lather up his driving arm in the car and it always gave great coverage. I really hate applying sunscreen, but it just has to be a part of life these days. Would love to give these a go. thanks :)

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    Ooh it looks fab! Now that we’ve moved back to the coast I find were going through sunscreen at an alarming rate, mostly because it gets chucked over the side of the boat or buried in the sand. I’m trying really hard to keep some in my bathroom draw to put it on me not just the kids!

  8. 28


    I am so pale I practically glow in the dark (sad, but true) and while I love my porcelain complexion, I do have to be careful in the sun. I burn quite easily and even just the drive to work can leave my skin feeling hot and sore. Day to day I generally use an SPF tinted mousituriser to reap the benefits of sun protection in a quick and easy to apply product that stops my skin from drying out. Unfortunately it seems to leave my skin feeling a tad sticky and looking shiny. I’ve been looking around trying to find a better option – looks like I might have just found it!

  9. 30


    I love this stuff, I love how much it has improved over time to and they keep adding great things. FYI endorse away :-) I love seeing real people use products haters be gone!!!

  10. 32


    That looks seriously awesome and I think I need to pick some up right now. Is it available in stores or just online?

    Sun screen is so important and there is so many nasty ones out there.

  11. 36

    kat says

    I just started a new job which will involve me being outside in the NQ sun a lot more than my old accounting desk job so to have a natural foundation like that would be perfect! Put me in the draw for sure :)

  12. 38

    Allyson Witherden says

    Hello, I’m a redheaded, Scottish girl with whiter than white skin living on the Gold Coast! I need me some of that foundation! It looks great on you!

  13. 40


    Aah I have been wanting to try the foundation! I am already a devotee of Invisible Zinc – love me a good physical sunscreen that can keep the dreaded freckles at bay! Thanks for hosting the competition! x

  14. 41


    I’m a sunscreen devotee – basically I want to be as pale as Dita von Teese. I’ve been wanting to try Invisible Zinc for awhile, actually. At the moment I’m using a face sunscreen sold in Kit, and it’s working quite well. A zinc could be an interesting experiment.

  15. 43

    bryden says

    I’m very impressed with the UV shield foundation stick! It looks great on and fantastic for your skin! I’m a fellow pale woman and try to avoid getting burnt. Thanks for this post- will have to try some of the products!

  16. 45


    WOAH!! That stuff is seriously cool.
    I’m one of those unfortunate people who looks at the sun and gets burnt so my mantra all year round is Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!!

  17. 47


    Hi Dani,
    I was not a fan of Invisible Zinc until I was helping my fiance out on Cockatoo island the other week. I still think its a bit sticky but I am so pale I ‘m almost blue sometimes and I applied it once and was fine for the WHOLE day!The make up looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. xx

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    Michelle says

    In order to protect my skin during Summer I become a vampire! Sports are played at night, shopping is done at night, walking the dog is done at night – ya see where I am going!!! I have a work Christmas function that is during the sunlight hours (don’t even call it daylight anymore) and I will need to be shellacked from head to toe in order not to burn – sounds like the best option for me!! lol

  19. 57


    Oh my goodness Dani, not only are you looking more gorgeous everytime I see you (and not trying to score brownie points here but if it helps ;) ) But that foundation is fantastic!! I initially read your post via Rss feed and then had to save it and come over here and look at it in person because it was that fantastic! Wow!
    Living in the hot qld climate we need high spf protection all year round, but I also tend to wear makeup most days so this will be a purchase for me as usually only moisturiser as spf in it so by using both this is awesome!

    Can you tell I am excited by your post?

    Btw I don’t care about your product endorsements… I do it. I don’t get paid for it however but I do it. But like you I still blog about my life. When we have the time! Time changes, blogs evolve, you are still the same Dani that we all fell in love with :)

  20. 61

    Danni says

    That looks amazing, no shine or plastic sheen!!! Im a new mum and i think this would be great for me, i use to always wear foundation etc with spf in it but dont really have the time now, this product looks super quick and easy and the end result looks flawless!!!!

    • 62


      The cream to powder finish is what does that, it’s awesome. I rarely wear my Dior liquid and powder duo now I have this and the Dior stuff is WAY more expensive! It’s so easy I have my bestie hooked on it too.

  21. 63


    Darn, I forgot to pinch this when I was leaving. That and the Benefit mascara!! A beautiful product that will be joining my very basic makeup supply in my bathroom. Winning it would be EVEN better. Fingers crossed. :D

  22. 64

    Hannah Stewart says

    Looks great Dani! Don’t let people’s negative comments affect you, I’m sure they are just jealous that you’re living a life you love, and paying the bills with your craft! I’m hoping one day I can say the same of my writing!

    This summer, I’m all about the rashie! Swimming is my favourite summer pastime, and I hate those pesky cossie tan lines!

    • 65


      Thank Hannah, it is nice to turn something I love into my career, especially as it’s still so new. Autograph have a really nice rashie for plus sizes too ladies.

  23. 66

    Keena says

    hi Dani,

    i think you’ve sold me on this one too! my face has been quite cloggy, so ive been thinking i need to change foundations but had no idea where to start, plus being vampire-esque i need SPF protection too! the only problem is its a little pricey for my one-month-before-christmas budget!

    • 67


      Yeah I was a bit shocked when I saw instore how much it was, it’s a little cheaper online but then you may have to add shipping. That said it’s going great guns, I use hardly any at all and get great coverage from a small amount. Plus you dont want to keep products too long or they get “cloggy” and need to be replaced anyway. Maybe ask Santa for one?

  24. 69


    I am going to pick up some of this tomorrow! I unfortunately didnt get my mothers lovely olive dark skin and instead ended up with my dads lovely red head skin (just without the red hair) Living where we are I find I get burnt more than when I lived in the city (maybe its due to living on top of a mountain :) )
    Such a great prize pack but really hope people dont wait to maybe win before getting some and using it.

  25. 71

    Kim says

    Thank you for trying this stuff – UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF 30+, I’ve been looking for something simple & cheap to put on in the mornings for school/daycare run…think I’ve just found it.
    I’m so excited to have found your blog, loving the Volvo sexy video – LMAO!! Now I just want to sit and read & watch but I have 3 kids & its Christmas week I’m sssoo busy!!! Aaaarrrgghh ;-)

    • 72


      Hi Kim :) there is years and years worth of posts on pretty much every facet of my life so when you need to escape the kids come and find me! You can also subscribe if it’s easier, I’ve blogged almost everyday since 2006.

      The IZ shield is the bomb, love love love it, so easy and safer for my skin. Thanks for the video love too x

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