Sexy and I know it

Lately a few cars have been gracing my driveway and it’s been pretty exciting. Those following me on instagram or twitter (both @danimezza) might have seen them, the latest being a shiny “Caspian Blue” Volvo S60 which has what seems like a million safety features and an interior that feels like you’re sitting in a very expensive handbag. I’m not kidding, I may have even stroked it.

Whilst I’m not “into cars” in the way of remembering stats, cylinders or milage, what I am into is how I feel when I drive. I love driving, must be the control freak in me but I embrace it, furthermore I like to get from A to B in style and comfort. I grew up driving 4WD’s, the rugged sort not SUV’s so I appreciate the finer details and the Volvo S60 is packed full of them. If you want to know more information about the car I suggest you head to the website but if you want to know how it made me feel, just watch the video…

A special thank you to Melissa from Suger Coat It for being my partner in crime, she’s an awesome sport who loves a laugh, even if it’s at her own expense like me. Thank you to Volvo for letting me borrow the beautiful car, it was so lovely of you, feel free to drop more off for me to borrow in the future. Steve’s keen to try one of the Crossovers, he’s still a bit hurt that I put Suger down as my second driver on the insurance form and not him, in all honesty you’d be doing me a favour!

Please note: I wasn’t paid for this post, I just took it on as an experience as it was perfect timing for Suger’s visit and the video was just a lot of fun to make. I didn’t pay Suger for being in the video, in all honesty at the time of publishing this she still hasn’t seen it yet, I wish I could see her face!


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    ha ha ha i love it!! you girls both crack me up :-)

    i have a secret confession to make – ever since driving one a lot as a nanny in London many years ago, i’ve always had a bit of a thing for volvos, they are great to drive, handle brilliantly and as you’ve just shown, can be downright sexy!


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      We laughed so hard I had to have a Nurofen for my headache when we got home! Volvo’s do have a bit of a bad rap “Bloody Volvo Drivers” but you really can’t be a bad driver in this car… all the safety features don’t let you!

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    I just needed a minute to catch my breathe. HAHA. Love it. I’m not sure I could have fit more head nodding and gangsta face in this if I tried. I look ridiculous. Makes me so happy. Thanks Volvo for our shmick ride. Now I want one. BAD.

    You, my dear, are fabulous as always. Well done on the mash up. xox

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      Gangsta face… lol no there’s plenty of that. I’m glad you love it, I was nervous :P I’m happy look like a sexy tool but always a bit wary of dragging others down with me. Can’t wait to see what Volvo thinks!

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    You two crack me up! Also, you have the endorsement of my almost 2yr old, who is sitting on my lap saying ” funny ladies mummy “. Also,when you guys started dancing so did he and he almost hit me in the head with his elbow… your video almost did me an injury!

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    OMFG that is HILARIOUS!! Suger in those glasses and that hat! HAH! You guys are a riot…I think this should be the next tv ad for Volvo. It sure makes me wanna go out and get one!

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    Mrs Woog says

    You two are hilarious! I bet Richmond has never seen a couple of hot chicks in a hit car like that for some time.

    Love it x

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    I LOVE the video! You guys were rockin’ it :-D

    If Volvo decided to stop putting that awful faux woodgrain finish in their cars, I might consider test driving one. But the granny-ness of the finish gives me hives and makes me want to run screaming in the opposite direction!

    On the up-side, the seats look super comfy! And I love the leather too – don’t you just love that new car smell? Especially with leather seats!!

    Great job girls – you’re both FABULOUS! x


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