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I’d never shopped at TS14+ before, the clothes seemed to be designed for a much older demographic and having worn “old ladies clothes” as a bigger child growing up I wanted to steer clear. Over the years I’ve learnt not to judge a book completely by it’s cover and when TS14+ invited me to come in store and check out their range I couldn’t be more excited.

From what I could tell on their website, the clothes were all pieces that could be layered in a multitude of ways. As a lover of any outfits based around leggings and tights I was bound to find at least one tunic top, dress or cardigan that I could inject a youthful twist into. Once I saw the clothes I was glad I opened up my mind because the fabrics and colours were gorgeous. After a quick spin around the racks it was time to hit the change rooms.

I don’t know about you but I’m very fussy when it comes to the change room. I like multiple mirrors, bright clear lighting, lots of hooks or rails and room to move. I like having somewhere to sit down and appreciate lovely fabrics and special touches like the hooks on the outside of the changeroom when you can chuck the clothes you no longer want without having to fling them about at an assistant or sort through a pile of clothes at the counter… I know, I’m weird but I know what I like.

 As soon as I saw this I wanted it. The top is the perfect length and the textured, lace detail is so beautiful. This is probably one of the highest necklines I own but it works because the sheer fabric still opens up my face, no need for any statement necklaces either. I wore this to #pbevent last month, you might remember it from the video. This is going to be a well worn favourite!

 I first saw this dress on the website and knew I had to give it a try and put it on. I’m so glad I did because I feel like a goddess in it. If it came in magenta pink I would have gotten both. The textured detailing, the soft flowing fabric and flattering lines made me fall head over heels. It would work well in summer just with sandals and a cocktail in my hand or in winter with a leather jacket, tights and boots. It comes in three different colours but they didn’t suit my skin tone unfortunately so I got the classic black.

 I love this dress so much I got it in two different colours. Now normally I wouldn’t go for a dress with this much fabric draping around my thighs but when I put it on the center line of the dress took the focus, softening my curves and removed any evidence of bigger belly. The colour is so dramatic and fun. The fabric is light and soft too so it’s great for travelling. The shoes are funky elastic strap wedges that are ultra comfy, I wear them all the time. The layered necklace is getting a bit of a work out too.

 So here is the other colour I mentioned but this time I teamed it with a gorgeous, super soft jacket. It has rouching at the elbow which I just love and whilst it has a very fitted shape it’s extremely comfortable. It has a little hook & eye just under the bust so you can do it up slightly, it’s very relaxed but more dressed up than a cardigan. Personally I think it would be great for work.

 You know when you have an event that requires you to get a little dressed up and you just want something to put over your shoulders without having to pull out the always pilling, slightly faded black “emergency” cardigan that devalues your entire outfit… you need one of these. I’ve worn it with jeans and a white singlet, over strapless dresses and to meetings. It looks and feels expensive and the shape is really nice.

 This one is a little different for me, it’s a long line vest with no real detail in the fabric besides a few folds but you know what, I really like it for work. It’s perfect for when I’m out doing photo jobs that require me to dress “casual but dressy” and I’d wear it with my leather or knit jacket.

 This dress is really cute and perfect for summer, I really like the extra detail on just one shoulder. The fabric is light and is one of those dresses you could chuck in a suitcase and just throw on when you arrive at your destination. I thought it looked better tied in with a belt and this one is stunning. The bag is big and strong enough to cart around all my stuff including my heavy camera. It has lovely little rope details and goes with pretty much everything I own which is a win in my book considering I wasn’t even looking for one.

What I didn’t know was that TS14+ has a large range of shoes but from now on I’ll be paying close attention. All are designed with comfort in mind with thick heels, soft soles and adjustable or elasticated straps. Now for someone with weird in-between-sizes feet it was like heaven.

As you can see I tried on quite a few!

Statement jewellery is another thing TS14+ has in droves, I honestly could have walked out with the entire collection but I chose these three as they were my favourites and could see them becoming high rotation pieces. They all came in their own little pouches to keep them safe which was really nice.

This is the lovely Claire doing what she does best. I want to thank her for all her help and for taking all the photos for me with my “big heavy scary camera”. You can make free appointments for styling sessions with the ladies in store where you get the full VIP treatment and assistance with no obligation to buy and just for participating you receive a free gift! You can even bring in pieces you love like a favourite jacket and they can help you build an outfit or two around it.

I had a truly amazing time at TS14+ that day and was treated like a rockstar. The team were extremely generous and insisted that I took home almost everything I touched. I’d go to put something back, feeling uneasy about the ever growing pile of garments on the counter and Claire would snatch it out of my hands playfully and say that I need it, that I’d regret it if it didn’t come home with me and besides, it was a gift to help me keep doing what I do. The support and trust that TS14+ and Virtu have shown me these last few months has been incredible and our journey together is only just beginning!

 You can find your nearest store here or you can do like I did and hot foot it to their Mid City store. It’s well worth the trip as the store is huge, fully stocked and you wouldn’t believe it but their sister label Virtu is in the same store, just on the other side! I got so swept up trying things on that I never got the chance to have a look at the range as I lost track of time, that always happens when I’m having fun but that’s ok… there is always next time!

Which outfit is your favourite?


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    I always thought it was for old ladies as well! There are a few items from that range that are def going on my list. Thanks for sharing darling. Fantastic post! xx

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        Deb says

        i tried on those shoes last weekend, and regret not getting them. i cant wear heels but those made me feel like i was without feeling like i was going to fall over.

        I’ve loved TS for ages, but only selected pieces. they do a great pant…super comfy. i have some TS pants that have lasted for well over 6 years, longer than any others. I never really liked their tops with ragged and uneven edges. it just never seemed to suit me. plus some of their colours were a bit lairy. Their range now is a lot more “young” and modern and now i have several items.

        but i am definitely going back for those shoes.

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        Hi, I googled bnnegier camera classes Billings, MT and your previous class showed up. So I am emailing to inquire about if you might have another class coming up or if you are up for some private hire/tutoring!??!I’m desperate! I think I love photography, but as soon as I try and take a photo I get incredibly discouraged and walk away pouting. I don’t want to be the girl that forever uses her fancy DSLR camera in auto mode. I’d love any help!Thanks so much. Happy Holidays!-Sarah Barkie

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    Also, I just looked at the website at the pebble dress, and although the model is stunning, I wouldn’t have thought twice about buying the dress, but after seeing it on you, you seriously rock all these dresses, and the pebble definitely looks amazing on you!

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    Donna says

    Excellent – it’s a shop for all ages – 99% of my wardrobe is now TS – everything mixes and matches – o always feel elegant and well dresses for every occasion – I luv TS

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      I actually rtehar loved the little moment, when Jimmy was leaving Babette’s, and you could hear a voice say he’s alive’. Jimmy kind of pauses and closes his eyes for a second and i choose to believe it was in relief. I also think Richard is not impressed with Eli saying to kill his brother, not after he asked Jimmy last week if he would fight for him, and Jimmy was totally on his side. I am just loving this show. I hope Lucy has a good run at the theatre. Such fun!

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      georges solo was awessssommmeee in long tail sally. i watch all these 1965nme coecnrt vids and beatles outclass everyone its not even close. no wonder they were so popular.

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    The blue dress outfit is my favourite! I’m so in love with the colbalt blue that is in fashion at the moment. I am also super in love with those leggings!

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    I have been a LONG time TS fan! I’ve had my 20% discount card forever!
    I love how you get email notifications of sales and they are usually really good sales. The staff are all gorgeous and helpful. Since they added the accessories I have spent way too much, but I am still wearing items from years before I had babies. They are great quality and so adaptable.

    I adore the first tunic – I must have it!

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    I love that you are willing to experiment – having been a bigger girl previously it’s nice to see the stores now doing more younger styles and not just the “granny” look that I had to work around.

    I wanted to ask if you know of anywhere that does style sessions – I am almost 60kg down and have no idea what I should be wearing – I still go for things 3 sizes too big and look like I am wearing a sheet :(

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    Oooh, love both the purple and the black eyelet dress. I had a similar experience with Millers recently. I shop there for my Nana sometimes and I had thought it was all daggy older women’s clothes, but I’ve managed to find one or two tops there that are very nice and definitely not aging at all, and they’ve integrated nicely into my casual summer wardrobe. Off to check out the TS14+ site :)

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    Melissa @ Suger Coat It says

    Great job hun. The clothes look wonderful and now I know where you got that FAB necklace from. Haha. Yup, totally said fab. ;)

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    JacquiB says

    I was always a jeans and sneakers kinda gal until I stumbled across TS14 when looking for something special to wear to a wedding. Now I have a basic wardrobe of their clothing and I just looooove it. I get compliments every single day thanks to my change of wardrobe and I feel feminine. I recommend this brand to everyone and I was so happy to stumble across your blog. Thanks for the little style tips too. I love the purple pebblestone dress but cant seem to find it on the website.

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      I couldn’t find the purple one online either but I’m sure they’re in stores. You could always call customer service and see if they can find one for you. Loved reading your story, thank you for sharing, makes m heart sing x

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    Dani you look amazing in these outfits. I love the cobalt blue dress on you it looks fantastic and it really makes you look “wow”. I have friend who I am not going to send her your link because I know that she would love this label as well. Thanks for sharing. Jo

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    You look wonderful in those clothes Dani! Like you (and I’m certainly older than you even!) I had always thought TS14 was a little ‘old’ in their styles but I recently went in to have a browse and walked out much poorer. I love their basics and while not a fan of all the prints they have, I love alot of their clothes now. I own the pebble dress in pink and it’s beautiful.

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